Wednesday September 18, 2019
Tack and Turnout Guidelines



Correct cross country turnout

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Correct turnout for show jumping


a) Competitions with Branch:

See hat rules 2019 here. Hats should be plain with a navy or black cover. This should then be tagged with the turquoise Pony Club tag. Fixed peak not permitted for Cross Country.

Boots should be black or brown with or without matching chaps or long black boots. Clean and polished. 

Beige, white or cream jodhpurs – with clips if jodhpur boots are worn. Long sleeved white, blue or pale blue shirt with Pony Club tie or PC stock.

Tweed / hacking or black / navy show. If in doubt prior to an area event, please check with a committee member. It is always nice to have a team in matching colour jackets.  It is essential that the Pony Club badge and felt is clearly displayed on the left lapel at all times.

Gloves need to be dark or preferably for dressage white. No chipped nail varnish.

Members with longer hair must wear it securely tied back and in a hairnet, or have secure plaits.

For cross country you may wear cross country colours, a soft peak hat cover is compulsory as is a jockey skull.

Please wear a back protector for jumping. You can see Hat & Body Protector Rules 2019 here

No jewellery, piercings or chipped nail varnish allowed.

At some competitions team turnout may be compulsory – please check.

b) Rallies, training, stable management and clinics

  • Pony Club polo shirt or plain navy one. Sleeveless tops may now be worn but shoulders must be covered.
  • Pony Club sweatshirts or Pony Club jacket or other suitable plain waterproof jacket as needed.
  • For cross country schooling, xc colours may be worn, a soft-peak hat cover is compulsory and jockey skull plus back protector. Dark coloured plain jodhpurs may be worn. Longer hair should be tied back or plaited securely.
  • Plain dark gloves and black/brown boots and chaps. Remember no jewellery, piercings or chipped nail varnish.


  • Leather or synthetic saddle suitable for pony and rider, with appropriate stirrup leathers, irons and girth (Humane girths not permitted)
  • White square for dressage competitions – although smaller ponies look better with a white numnah, brown, navy or black numnah/saddlecloth (optional) – plain preferred. WPC Team numnahs available for SJ competitions. If you require your own embroidered numnah, Sew Equestrian can help you – details on their website
  • Black or brown snaffle bridle, plain leather – with suitable non slip reins. Minimal bling for competitions although a few sparkles on the brow band or white trim on a bridle are no longer frowned on. (Stronger bits may be used where they are necessary and appropriate for that pony). No coloured Happy Mouth bits. Please check with the Committee about bits that are discipline legal. All available in the Rules on the website Protective boots, neck strap, saddle balance strap, martingale, breastplate or crupper as needed for that pony /rider. For dressage competitions boots/bandages are not permitted nor martingales.
  • All polished and gleaming! Including manes, tails, properly shod as appropriate. Remember most PC competitions at Area are on grass – you may need studs, think about that when shoeing.
  • Manes and tails should be plaited for competition and C+ and above tests, but a tidy mane and tail is sufficient for rallies, clinics, schooling etc.
  • Whips may be carried as appropriate for that pony/rider and discipline, spurs may be worn only with signed permission from the DC unless rider has full B test. You must carry your Membership card as it may be required for inspection at the tack check point at competitions. 


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