Sunday May 31, 2020
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Hello and welcome to the website of Wokingham Branch of the Pony Club!

What’s New?

For the latest news on our competitions, success and fun times, you can find us on FaceBook – search for @wokinghamPC

Its a tough time at the moment will all our face to face activities cancelled for the foreseeable future!  However, it doesn’t mean we can have some fun during this time of social distancing!!

Here are a few great photos from the last 12 months!

Lockdown Achievement Badges

We will be running virtual achievement badge sessions for our members!!  We will aim to release one per week over the next few weeks!

You can do these with your horse, on foot or with your family!   Alex will be judging your information and badges will be sent to you in the post!!


Badge 7 – Wildlife


This badge is open to everyone to take part!

To prepare:

All you need to do is identify 12 types of wild animal.
1. Look at the photos on the worksheet and write how you would recognise them, where they live and any other useful information to identify them.
2. Answer the questions on wildlife at the bottom of the sheet
Once you are done, please send this to Julie and Alex via email –

Badge 6 – Yard Safety


This badge is open to everyone to take part!

To prepare:

You have 3 tasks – firstly answer the questions in Task 1, draw a plan of your yard in Task 2 and mark where you can find the safety equipment mentioned.  Finally in Task 3, identify the 10 safety issues and explain why on the last sheet


You can find lots of answers in your Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship

Worksheet: Yard Safety Achievement Badge Worksheet

Once you have completed this, please can you send the sheets to Julie and Alex at


Badge 5 – Tree Achievement Badge

This is open to everyone to take part!
To prepare:
To get this badge you need to identify 12 types of trees or hedgerow bushes.
Firstly find your tree and work out what it is.  Then you can either take photos and insert them in the worksheet or draw a pictures in the boxes of 3 distinguishing features for each Tree
Once you are done, send the completed worksheet back to Julie at to achieve the badge.


Worksheet:  Trees Achievement Badge (1)


Badge 4 – Points of the Horse Achievement Badge

Available for all ages!!

To Prepare:
  • Print off the worksheet
  • Answer the questions at the top
  • complete the word search
  • for the last sections you will need to find pictures of horses to match the colours and markings and cut them out to fit on the sheet in the correct boxes
Once you are done, please send your completed worksheets to Julie at


Badge 3 – Dressage Arena Achievement Badge
Available for all ages!!
To Prepare:
  • Make up dressage letter markers including all the letters for both a 20×40 and 20×60 Arena
  • Using all the letters (including the ones that wouldn’t have markers like X) mark out both a 20×40 and 20×60 dressage arena
  • You can do this in the garden, in your living room or in a box. It doesn’t have to be to scale, but all letters need to be there.
Answer the questions in the attached sheet and take photos of your arena’s correctly laid out to gain your badge. Some of these questions will require research so you may need to ask to use a computer.
Please send your completed sheet and photos to Julie at

Badge 2 – Plaiting Badge 

Mini Achievement Badge – for those 9 years and younger
Achievement Badge – for those 10 years and older
To prepare:
  • Alex has done a demo of plaiting, which you can see on YouTube – see the link below in the resources!
  • Make sure you have a read of your manual of horsemanship on the plaiting section so you understand all that you need to consider when plaiting.    
  • Then lastly download the word document attached to this post, complete the worksheet, get a short video of you plaiting.  Please send both back to 
All those who complete this successfully will be sent their plaiting badge and your plaiting will also be judged by Lorna as part of your tack and turn out marks!!   GOOD LUCK!!
Badge 1 – Pet Sense Achievement Badge
This is open to everyone of all ages and is one that you can do along with your family at home!  To get this badge you need to keep a diary of how you look after your pet for a month!

To Prepare:

  • Get your self a notebook, or set up a document (word or powerpoint document) on your computer where you record all the details of looking after your pet. 
  • This can be for any pets – your horse, dog, cat, guinea pigs, gerbils, fish or gekko’s!
  • Please take photos of you and your pet during the month
  • Please ask if you can borrow a computer to research what their life would be like in the wild so you can o compare what you do to make their lives more natural


Worksheet with samples – Pet Sense Achivement Badge Worksheet

Good Luck with this new badge!!



CANCELLED – Area 13 Winter Series Show Jumping Qualifiers – Debut, Winter League and Open Grand Prix  – Sunday 22 March

Update on refunds – these are being worked on at the moment and we hope to have all refunds completed by 12 April.  Thank you so much f


Looking to join The Pony Club?

Wokingham Branch of the Pony Club is a small, friendly , busy club, which aims to cater for a wide range of young people from our wonderful mini-gang of beginners on the lead rein right through to experienced competitive riders, competing at Pony Club Open level!

We meet regularly throughout the year for Working Rallies and Training Rallies in Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing and Mounted Games.  From Easter school holidays until October half-term these are held at our Pony Club field in Coombes Lane, off Bearwood Road, Barkham, Wokingham and during the winter months we use various indoor venues in the Wokingham area.  Our working rallies at the field are free of charge to our members.

If you are interested in joining, please go to the Joining Wokingham tab, on the left, for more details!





Wokingham Branch Contacts


Julie Browne

District Commissioner

0118 973 5224  /  07740 874004

Suzy Turner

Branch & Membership Secretary