Wednesday February 26, 2020
Joining Wokingham

Joining Wokingham

Below is the New Member’s application form which has all the joining details you need and where to send it.

In order to be correctly dressed for working rallies, it would be helpful if all children have a Pony Club tie and badge which are listed.  You can order this and the Manual of Horsemanship directly from the main Pony Club Website shop  All our branded clothing can be order via the link on our clothing tab on left hand side of this page.

2020 Renewals

The renewal form for 2019 is below and is due in by 31 January 2019.  The form will be available soon!


Area competition eligibility

If you think you want to take part in any of the major championship qualifier competitions over the summer and autumn, or the Southern Novice or Mini Champs, there are a few rules that apply as below.  Please make sure you adhere to them or you may find you cannot compete at your chosen event. Further rules apply in terms of age and jumping height for the Mini Champs:

– you must be an active member of the branch and renewed before the cut off point – 28th February 2019 – unless you are entirely new to the Pony Club in which case you will still be eligible if you join before 31st March 2016

– you and your pony must have attended at least 3 working rallies between 1st July 2018 and the date of the competition (camp attendance counts as one rally), one of which must be in the current year

– for those that are working or at University, the DC has discretion on rally attendance.


Gift Aid

The membership form has a Gift Aid slip at the bottom and it makes a huge difference to both the Pony Club and Wokingham if members can fill it out.  With it the Pony Club can claim 25% of the membership fee from the Government and the Branch gets to keep up to £25 of each family’s joining fees.  Without, both lose out.  There are just a few points that are really important to ensure Gift Aid can be collected on your behalf. If any of these are missing, the form will be destroyed by HQ and we cannot claim.

1. The amount that is being Gift Aided is just the membership fee (£74 in 2018).  Please do not add anything to this as we cannot claim for it

2. Make sure that all the form is filled in with your name, your address, your child’s name(s) and the Branch.  If you don’t we have to or the form will not be accepted

3. Make the form is dated

4. The form must be signed by the SAME person that signs the cheque! If only one parent is a tax payer, please can they fill the form in.


Membership Forms

Renewal Form  – Branch_Renewal_Form_2018

New Member Form – Branch_Membership_Form_2019

Confidential Information Form – Member – Confidential Personal Information 2018

Team Interest Form – Team Interest form 2018