Wednesday June 19, 2019
Whats New!


PC Dengie Winter League Show Jumping Championships at Attington – 13-14 April 2019

We had 3 of our members who qualified for the Dengie Championship at Addington on 13-14 April 2019!

In the Open Grand Prix, we had Ele Sparkes with her horse, Austin and sister Sophie Sparkes with her pony Marno jumping on Saturday. Then we had Ciara O’Brien and her pony Louis jumping in the Dengie Debut class on Sunday!

The classes were big and the courses built to provide a Championship challenge, which all the girls took on!

In the Grand Prix Warm up class, both the Sparkes sisters gained a double clear with Sophie & Marno coming 2nd in a very fast time, with Ele & Austin in 8th place!

In the Championship class Ele & Austin went on to jump double clear again and after a fast jump off were placed 5th overall!!

Ciara had a clear in her first round, but a tight turn in the jump off cost her a pole, but she had a great first go at the Championships!!

So very proud of you all for getting there and very well done to you all!!!




B&SC Tetrathlon at Dunstall Green – 13-14 April 2019

A Brilliant day at the Bisley and Sandown Chase pony club tetrathlon over this weekend

Our tadpole team of Jess Ingham, Olivia Turner, and Emma Donaldson won Team 1st helped by Jess & Jay having one of only three XC clears in her class around the tricky B&SC course, and Emma & Olivia both having a great swim, shoot and run. Jess won an individual 3rd place, Emma 4th and Olivia 7th, so great team effort.

Our Beanies Sam Ingham and Evie Turner also had good results, both riding lovely clear SJ rounds, and Sam only missed off having the ‘Best Swim’ by 1m, which was so close. Sam won 2nd place overall and Evie 6th. They were also both in a mixed team which came 2nd.

Becky Storer also competed today as a triathlete and won the best swim gaining a new PB and best run in her class. However, she definitely won best supporting athlete today as she must have run the course several times over whilst shouting encouragement for the rest of Team Woko.

Very well done to you all!!!


Area 13 Horse & Pony Care Competition – Lower Peake – 10 April 2019

The Area 13 Horse & Pony Care qualifier took place today, run by HH North at Lower Peake and we were represented by 3 teams – one in the Senior, Junior and Mini sections.

Our teams were:
Seniors – Mollie Moore, Alice Lamburn and Ciara O’Brien
Juniors – Lily Hamble, Jodi Carter and Freya Weekes
Minis – Daisy Hamble, Jess Ingham and Olivia Turner

Our competitors had trained really hard over the last 4 weeks and they all had a super day, with out Seniors in 3rd place, Juniors in 2nd place and the Minis (on their first try) winning their section and qualifying for the Championships at Cholmomdeley Castle in August!!

Congratulations to our competitors who were beautifully turned out, thanks to HHN for a well run event, and to Alex van Randwyck for her fantastic training!!!!


Chiddingfold Farmer Pony Club Annual Dressage Competition – Eashing Farm – 7 April 2019

The WPC dressage riders were out in force today at Chiddingfold Farmers PC annual team dressage competition! All our riders were beautifully turned out and I was very proud to watch you all represent the branch!

In the Walk Trot class we had Tilly W (Robin) taking part in her first Dressage competition.

In the Grassroots class we had 2 teams:
Wokingham Lions – Jodi Carter (Caspian), Rupert Eaton (Goldie), Olivia O’Brien (Sam), Isabel Wilson (Allie)
Wokingham Tigers – Jodi Carter (Sparky), Lola Dance (Pip), Ruby Giles (Annie), Charlotte Kirkham (Danny).

There were individual placings across the arenas for Olivia who came 1st, Jodi (Sparky) were 2nd, Charlotte came 3rd, Lola came 4th and Rupert 8th!!
The Tigers team also were placed coming 2nd!!

For the PC90 dressage Test, we had one team who were Grace Cooper (Alice), Katie Eaton (Harry), Charlotte Kirkham (Danny), and Ciara O’Brien (Louie)!
Again, there were several individual placings with Grace coming 1st, Charlotte 3rd, Ciara 6th and Katie 7th and those scores gave the team 3rd place!!


Finally we had Alice Lamburn with Leona who came individually 5th in the Intermediate Dressage class and 3rd in the PC100 Dressage Class!!

What a great day for you all!! Very well done!!


Area 13 Dengie Show Jumping Second Round Qualifier at BCA – 24 March 2019

We had several of our own members taking part in the Dengie Second round qualifier, which was great as we were organising the show!

Our riders were:

Class 1 – 80cm – Jodi Carter (Sparky & Caspian), Daisy Hamble (Honey), Lily Hamble (Jazz) & Catherine Voss (Jupiter)

Well done to Lily and Jazz who came 3rd and Jodi with Sparky who were placed in 5th!

Class 2 – 85cm – Dengie Debut Qualifier – Jodi Carter (Sparky & Caspian), Lola Dance (Pip), Cruz Furnell Brennan (Bobby), and Ciara O’Brien (Louie)

Congratulations to Ciara and Louie who had a wonderful double clear to take 2nd Place and they have qualified for the championships!

Class 3 – 90cm – Grace Cooper (Alice), Lola Dance (Pip), Cruz Furnell-Brennan (Bobby), Lily Hamble (Jazz) and Charlotte Hardman (Luna)

Great round by Lola, Charlotte and Lily who came 2nd, 5th & 6th respectively! 

Class 4 – 95cm – Dengie Winter League Qualifier – Cruz Furnell-Brennan (Bobby) and Ciara O’Brien (Louie)

Class 5 – 1m – Izzy Hopkinson (Hollie), Ele Sparkes (Austin), Sophie Sparkes (Marno) and Holly Woodford (Tina)

Congratulations to Izzy for her first place on Hollie and to Ele for her 2nd place!

Class 6 – 1.1m – Dengie Open Qualifer – Izzy Hopkinson (Animo), Ele Sparkes (Austin) and Sophie Sparkes (Marno) 

This was a busy class and congratulations go to all 3 of our members as they were all place!  Sophie in 1st place, Ele in 5th Place and Izzy in 6th place!  Congratulations to both Sparkes sisters who qualify for the championships!


We would like to say a huge thank you to all our members who volunteered to help us deliver this area event!  We could not do it without you.  Thanks also to our committee who went above and beyond and to Niki for her brilliant organisation!!

Good Luck to Ciara, Sophie and Ele at the Championships in April!!!


Area 13 Dengie Dressage Second Round – 17 March 2019

The Dengie second round Dressage qualifier took place at Priory Equestrian and we had two of our members competing.

Our riders were:

Phoebe Murray on Sligo dot com in the Novice

Alice Lamburn on Leona, competing in both the Novice and Intermediate classes

Both combinations did a great job, with Phoebe attaining 4th place and Alice 7th in the Novice, and Alice had a lovely ride in the Intermediate class, coming 5th!

Very well done to both of you!!!



Area 13 – Winter Triathlon Qualifier – 24 February 2019

At the end of a very busy half term our Triathletes were out on this beautiful day, taking part in the South Berks PC run Area 13 Winter Triathlon qualifier!

Evie Turner came 4th individually and was part of a tadpole mixed team who came 1st!
Emma Donaldson and Olivia Turner were both part of a Mini mixed team, coming 7th.
Olivia O’Brien, in her first competition at Junior level, did an amazing job, coming 4th in the competition and part of the winning mixed team. However, as she was the best competitor from Area 13, she qualified and joins Becky Storer (who qualified earlier in the month) at the Winter Tri champs!!

Well done girls!! Fantastic result!


Area 13 Quiz Qualifier – 23 February 2019

Great day at the Area Quiz run by HH on 23 Feb!!  

We had 3 teams competing:
Wokingham Emeralds – Daisy Hamble, Lily Hamble, Alice Lamburn and Freya Weekes
Wokingham Sapphires – Eileen Giles, Ruby Giles, Emma Sparks and Catherine Voss
Wokingham Rubies – Lillie Browne, Lola Dance, Ciara O’Brien and Olivia O’Brien

The quiz was tough and the girls did a great job with Sapphires places in 5th, Sapphires in 4th and the Rubies came 2nd!!

They all worked hard, had great fun training for the quiz and had a fabulous camaraderie today!! So proud of you all!!!


GHPC – Indoor Show Jumping at BCA – 22 February 2019

Lots of our members took part in the GHPC competition at BCA and had a fantastic day!!

Our Minis teams were out bright and early for the 50cm Class! They got off to a great start with the Wokingham Orange Team – Alice A on Breeze, Freddie D on Pete, Emma D on Rodney, and Evie T on Pinkie got Team 3rd!

Wokingham Purple Team – Emma Donaldson on Jojo, Seb Naish on Polly, Lola Nessling on Magnet and Olivia Turner on Blackjack WON the class, with individual placings for Lola in 5, Olivia 6th and Emma 7th!!

In Class 2, (60-65cm), the Wokingham Yellow Team of Lola Dance on Pip, Dillon Flew on Clint, Daisy Hamble on Honey and Olivia Turner on Blackjack WON the Team competition with Individual placings for Lola in 1st, Daisy 2nd, Dillon 9th and Olivia 10th!!

Class 3 was also busy with 2 team – the Wokingham Green team were Jodi Carter on Sparky, Charlotte Kirkham on Danny, Olivia O’Brien on Sam and Holly Woodford on Jupes and the Wokingham Black team were Jodi Carter on Caspian, Lola Dance on Pip, Lily Hamble on Jazz and Phoebe Murray on Mabel.

The Black team did really well coming 2nd and individual placings for Lola in 2nd, Phoebe 3rd and Jodi (sparky) 4th!!

And last but by no means least, congratulations to Holly Woodford and her lovely horse Tina who won Class 6 (1.05m) with a splendid super fast clear round!!

The team spirit was fantastic to hear about and so lovely to hear you were all supporting each other so well!! Thanks also to the lovely Niki Robins for all her help and support too!!   Fabulous results!!! Very Well Done!!



Dengie Dressage Qualifier – 27 January 2019

Very well done to Alice Lamburn and her lovely Leona, who came 4th to qualify for the Dengie Winter League Intermediate Area Dressage Finals in March.  This adds to Alice’s qualified status for the Dengie Novice Class too!



Area 11 Winter Triathlon Qualifier – 27 January 2019

Congratulations to Becky Storer who qualified for the Pony Club Winter Championship, Milton Keynes, to be held in March having won the Open Girls Area 11 Winter Triathlon today for Wokingham. 

SC&SH Eventers Challenge – 19 Jan 2019

Today saw our members taking part in the SC&SH Eventers Challenge at Merrist Wood! This competition is a tough one with challenges at every turn!

In the 60-65cm the Wokingham Blue team of Lola Dance on Joey, Nancy Gittus on Chyna, and Jess Ingham on Jay came team 4th with Jess placed 7th individually and 4th in the style section and Lola placed 3rd, with a 5th in the style section! Great support from Emma D for the team!

Class 2 – 70-75cm – also went well with Wokingham Yellow team of Lola Dance on Pip, Emma Kavanagh-Gibbs on Daisy, Charlotte Kirkham on Danny and Olivia O’Brien on Sam who finished on zero to get Team 1st!!! Olivia also got 6th place and Charlotte 10th place individually.

Class 3 – 80-85cm – saw the Wokingham Green Team of Lola Dance on Pip, Charlotte Kirkham on Danny, Ciara O’Brien on Louie & Catherine Voss on Jupiter finishing on zero for 2nd place! Ciara came 2nd with a super fast round and Lola was 6th and won the style section! Congratulations also to Emma Sparks on Finn for her lovely double clear which gained her 4th place in the style section!

It was fabulous to see all the support for each other and well done to all who took part!

HH Dengie Dressage Competition – 13 Jan 2019

Well done to Alice Lamburn and Leona, who qualified for the Novice Dengie Dressage Qualifier today at the HHPC Dressage Competition at Priory Equestrian in Frensham today. A good ride in the PC Novice Test for just shy of 71% gave them 4th place and a qualification for the Dengie Area Second Round. She came 8th in the PC Intermediate Test! Congratulations Alice!

B&SC Indoor Show Jumping – 30 December 2018

Well done to all our members who competed at the B&SC Pony Club show jumping competition yesterday!

The results were:
50cm – Olivia Turner & Blackjack placed 1st and Sam Ingham & Mouse were 7th!

60cm – Wokingham Yellow Team of Lucia Bartle-Jones & Milton, Daisy Hamble on Honey, Jess Ingham on Jay and Olivia Turner on Blackjack were placed 2nd with Daisy placed individually 1st in the class!


70cm – Wokingham Green team of Lola Dance on Pip, Cruz Furnell-Brennan on Bobby, Daisy  Hamble on Honey and Olivia O’Brien on Sam were placed 1st. There were individual placings of 2nd for Lola on Joey and 4th place for Lola and Pip, and a 7th place for Olivia.


85cm – Wokingham Orange Team of Lily Hamble on Jazz, Charlotte Kirkham and Danny and Ciara O’Brien and Louie and Sophie Sparkes with Jeep were placed 1st with Lily individually winning the class and Charlotte placed 8th!  Just outside the ribbons but both with double clears were Sophie in 9th place and Emma Sparks on Finn in 10th place

90cm – final placing of the day went to Ciara O, who was placed 2nd in a very tough class and came, qualifying for the Dengie Winter League 2nd Round!


Congratulations and well done to you all!!!


C+ Test Passes – 27 December 2018

Congratulations to Phoebe Murray and Ele Sparkes who both passed their C+ Test on 27 December!




Annual Prize-Giving 2018 – 1 Dec 2018

What a wonderful night!!  It was amazing to see nearly the whole branch there enjoying the evening!!  Thank you to all the committee who helped to make the night so special, to Joanna Ruddock for the fabulous Camp video and to Debbie Storer and all those who contributed prizes to the raffle and silent auction – we raised an amazing sum for the branch and will be sharing some of this good fortune with the Thames Air Ambulance!

Please see below the list of winners and the photos are all up on our Facebook Page!!!

Attendance & Turnout

Senior   1st Emma Sparks   2nd Mollie Moore               3rd Lillie Browne

Junior   1st Dillon Flew    2nd Jodi Carter   3rd Lily Hamble

Mini – 1st Jess Ingham    2nd Olivia Turner  3rd Connie Wall

Small Mini – 1st Sam Ingham       2nd Evie Turner               3rd Freddie Dance



Senior   1st Mollie Moore    2nd Eve Trainor               3rd Emma Sparks

Junior   1st Eileen Giles   2nd Emma Kavanagh-Gibbs    3rd Charlotte Kirkham

Mini      1st Jess Ingham  2nd Daisy Hamble               3rd Emma Donaldson

Small Mini          1st Freddie Dance             2nd Sam Ingham    3rd Ruby Royall


Efficiency Tests

E – Alice Anderson

D – Jess Ingham

D+ – Lucia Bartle-Jones, Lola Dance, Cruz Furnell-Brennan, Ruby Giles, Charlotte Hardman, Emma Kavanagh-Gibbs, Josh Kennedy, Charlotte Kirkham,  Alice Lamburn, Emma Sparks

Road Rider – Lucia Bartle-Jones, Avel De Bank, Cruz Furnell-Brennan, Ruby Giles, Lily Hamble, Charlotte Hardman, Josh Kennedy, Emma Kavanagh-Gibbs,  Alice Lamburn, Phoebe Murray, Olivia O’Brien, Emma Sparkes, Catherine Voss and Freya Weekes

C – Jodi Carter, Lily Hamble, Charlotte Hardman, Emma Kavanagh-Gibbs, Josh Kennedy, Alice Lamburn, Phoebe Murray, Sophie Sparkes, Emma Sparks   (Passed C Test but still to do Road Rider – Grace Cooper, Dillon Flew, Charlotte Kirkham)

B – Mollie Moore

Horse and Pony Care Award – Jodi Carter, Ciara O’Brien & Olivia O’Brien


Annual Awards

Superstars          Group A – Evie Turner   B – Lola Dance   C – Catherine Voss

Combined Training          45cm – Sam Ingham  60-70cm – Olivia Turner  80cm – Lily Hamble

Fun SJ – Group A – Emma Donaldson  B – Olivia O’Brien  C – Ciara O’Brien  D -Roslyn Trainor

Show Jumping Cup – Holly Woodford

Junior Show Jumping Cup – Lily Hamble

Dressage Cup – Alice Lamburn

Junior Dressage Cup – Ruby Giles

Dutchy Award for eventing – Holly Woodford

Polo Cup for eventing – Phoebe Murray

Tetrathlon & Triathlon Cup  – Becky Storer

Junior Tetrathlon & Triathlon Cup – Olivia O’Brien

The Show Cup – Turner Family

Residential Camp Trophy – Eileen Giles

Mini Camp Trophy – Molly Clark

Tinnakilly Trophy – Jodi Carter

All Rounder Awards

Small Mini – Freddie Dance

Mini – Daisy Hamble

Junior – Josh Kennedy

Senior – Emma Sparks

Senior of the Year Award – Mollie Moore

Horse of the Year Award – Sam I Am

Member of the Year – Lola Dance

DC’s Award – Grace Cooper



Garth Hunt Indoor Show Jumping Team & Indv competition – 1 Dec 2018

Despite the weather and closed roads, the Wokingham shoe Jumpers made it to the GH team show jumping at BCA.

The days started well with the Wokingham team of Jodi C, Cruz F-B, Lily H and Charlotte K who won the team competition in class 2 (80cm) with Lily individual 7th!  Well done also to Jemima S-R for her clear in this class too!!

Class 3 (85cm) went well too, with Jodi C, Cruz F-B, Lily H and Ciara O, who also won the team competition with Lily winning the class, closely followed by Ciara in 2nd place!

Class 4 (90cm) continued the theme!! With Phoebe M, Ciara O, Ele S and Sophie S winning the team competition and Sophie individual 2nd!

So for the Class 5 (1m) team of Phoebe M, Ele S, Sophie S and Holly W, the pressure was on – well, they rose to the challenge and also won the 1m class and Sophie was individually 1st!!

Very well done! So pleased for you all!!

Dengie Winter League and Debut Qualifiers

Winter season is upon us and the Pony Club & Dengie Winter League Show Jumping (95cm) and Dengie Debut Show Jumping (85cm) qualifers taking place throughout the winter, culminating in the Area Dengie Second Round Qualifer, that Wokingham are running on 24 March next year!!

Additionally, we have the Dengie Winter League Dressage qualifers also taking place with the Area second round taking place at Priory Farm in Frensham on 17 March.

Please let us know if you qualify at any of the competitions over the winter!  Our qualifers so fare are:

Dengie Debut SJ – Ciara O’Brien and Culmore Berti

Dengie Dressage – Phoebe Murray on Sligo dot com


GH PC Dressage – 17 November 2018

We had a great turn out from Wokingham PC members across the classes on Saturday 17 November at the Garth Hunt Dressage competition at BCA with many successes!

Jess Ingham riding Jay came 5th in the BD Intro A Test.

Holly Woodford and Priory Juniper came 4th in the PC Prelim 18.

In the PC Novice 2018 Test, we had Phoebe Murray riding Sligo Dot Com who achieved 3rd place, which qualified her for the Dengie Novice Dressage Winter League second round competition in the new year! Very well done!!

Also competing in this class were Holly Woodford and Jupiter in 9th place, Alice Lamburn and Leona in 10th place. Also taking part were Ciara O’Brien with Culmore Berti, followed by sister Olivia with Sam I Am, who was taking part in their first ever PC Novice Test!

Finally, we had Alice Laburn and Leona in the PC Intermediate class and came 10th overall

Congratulations and well done to you all!!



Pentathlon Team GB – Olympic Hopeful – October 2018

Our member, Becky Storer, competed with the Pentathlon GB Team at the Olympic Hopefuls competition in Poland.  The disciplines were Fencing, Swimming, Running and Shooting.  Becca did an amazing job, starting in 3rd place after the fencing, she attained a personal best in the swimming and after the run and shoot sections, she individually came 9th (highest placed GB competitor!) on the world stage.  Team GB overall attained a podium place in the team competition, coming in 3rd place on a world stage event!!

This was a most fabulous result and Wokingham Branch are proud of you!!



B Test Pass – 20 October

Congratulations to Mollie Moore who has taken her B Test today and passed!! This is a great achievement!!




Chiddingfold Tetrathlon & Triathlon – 14 October 2018

Congratulations to Olivia O’Brien and Sam I Am who won the Mini section of the Chiddingfold PC Tetrathlon this weekend and also won the Area 13 Mini Tet Trophy! She finished first in the shoot and run, second in the swim and clear jumping! What a great achievement!!


To add to Libby’s success today at Chiddingfold Triathlon, our Munchkin Team of Jess Ingham, Roxy Giles and Olivia Turner came 2nd with individual placings to Jess 6th and Roxy 8th.  Little Evie Turner was competing as part of a mixed team in the Tadpoles that came 3rd with Evie coming individual 7th.


They had a great day despite the rain and were such great team players, supporting each other, which is what Wokingham is all about. Well done girls – so proud of you all!!