Monday February 26, 2024
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Achievement Badges
The achievement badges are tested at D+ to C level.  It is recommended that once you have decided which badges you would like to obtain, you source information from your manual of horsemanship and the PC Web Site to back up the training you receive at the horse and pony care session which are held at Hillside Farm.
Blue Cross information about Equine Travel useful for the Travelling Badge can be found here (Equine Travel Update from Blue Cross )



  • To know when and how to plait
  • Recognise a well plaited mane and tail
  • Know how many plaits to use along the mane
  • Be able to plait a well pulled mane using bands or thread (3 Plaits required)
  • It is strongly recommended that you practice beforehand

Bandaging and Rugs

  • To be able to ‘correctly’ put on travel bandages, a tail bandage, a stable rug, a roller and turn out rug.
  • To know the importance of correct tension of bandages and problems caused by uneven pressure or fitting the bandage too tight or loosely.
  • To have an understanding of the correct fitting of rugs
  • To carry out these tasks safely
  • To have some knowledge as to when to use the different rugs and bandages.

Handling and grooming

  • To correctly identify the items in a grooming kit
  • To know the uses of the items in a grooming kit and the reasons for grooming
  • Demonstrate the correct use of a grooming kit
  • To be able to correctly and safely tie up a pony
  • Know how and where it is safe to tie up a pony
  • To be able to lead a quiet pony in hand, be able to correctly turn the pony
  • To be able to ‘trot up’ a quiet pony in hand

Bird watching

  • To be able to identify 12 species of bird.  These may include birds such as pigeon, pheasant, magie, robin, chaffinch, wren, red kite, mallard, swan

Mini achievement badges for the younger members – tested at E to D level

Horse clothing

  • Recognise at least two types of rug (stable, turnout, summer sheet, fleece, fly)
  • Recognise at least two types of exercise boot (tendon, overreach, travel, brushing)
  • Recognise a tail bandage
  • Know how to fasten a rug
  • be aware of the correct way to measure a pony to fit a rug

Points of the pony 

  • Show and name six points of the pony eg ears, nostrils, hoof, mane, tail & withers


  • Recognise and use a hoof pick (with assistance), dandy brush, rubber curry comb, mane comb, sponges, waterbrush

For more information on the achievement badges please contact Lucie or Katherine