Monday February 26, 2024
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All branches of the Pony Club are run by a committee of volunteers.

We run competitions to raise funds in order to subsidise the training we provide.

Whenever we organise an event, we need lots of helpers.

We are dependent on our parents, friends and connections to provide that help as without it the events simply cannot happen.

We ask that each member’s family/friends volunteer to help at a minimum of one event each year.  Places at camps are limited and if oversubscribed, will be allocated to those who have helped at fundraising events – we do keep a list of those who have helped!!

The more people who volunteer as helpers, the less the onus falls on the faithful few, so please put your name forward to help in some capacity.  Don’t underestimate yourself– we desperately need people to do a wide range of jobs and you don’t need to be an expert – you just need to be willing!

We will give you any instruction/training you may need so don’t worry if you think you haven’t a clue – we can help!  Quite apart from anything else, helping at events is good fun, sociable and gets you away from the daily humdrum for a while!

The following gives you an idea of the sort of help we need:-


Fence Judging


Tack checking

Lorry park stewards

Score collectors


Show-jumping arena party

Putting up show-jumps and taking them down at the end of the day

Flagging cross-country course

Maintenance of equipment

Storage and transport of equipment

Dressage writers

Taking round refreshments         etc. etc. etc.

We often need some professional help at our events, i.e. doctor, vet, farrier, paramedic, etc. so again, please let us know if you would be prepared to help in a professional capacity.

We know you are all busy, but these events are being organised for your children and WE REALLY DO NEED YOU so PLEASE find a bit of time to give the faithful few some help.