Sunday October 21, 2018
Efficiency Tests

Test Training 



C & C+ Training


Road Rider Achievement Badge (age 12 and over)

Please note that in order to take your C Test, you must have passed your Road Rider Achievement Badge.



Level     Recommended Age   Co-ordinator


E              under 8           Jodi Faulkner 07921 909803 / Jayne Whitbread 07929 504668

D                       8          Karina Sprigg

D+                    10         Karina Sprigg

C                      11+        Karen Bishop

C+                    13+        Karen Bishop

B and over         15+       Laura Newland 07812 000454



Test Training

We will organise some test training to help new members catch up with their age group so I will be calling you soon!!

Tests E to D+  – See dates above.

C test 2017 –  See dates above. 

C+ and above – See dates above. 

B /B+Test Training – 

Lunge Training

Hunting Badge /Certificate – Eve Wood


Look at the main Pony Club website under members activities/ Tests and achievements for all the details and syllabuses. We recommend you buy the appropriate test booklets from Tish Adams.