Tuesday November 20, 2018
Mounted Games


Discipline Managers

Senior Team

Alison Williams, 07507 837433, alisonjwilliams12@gmail.com

Junior Team

Jodi Faulkner, 07921 909803, jodi.faulkner@pearson-rowe.co.uk Astwood Cottage Bournes Green Chaddesley Corbett Kidderminster DY10 4NY


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Worcestershire Hunt Branch of the Pony Club



This guide sets out the basics you will need to know if you are interested in taking part in Mounted Games.  Full details can be found in the Mounted Games Rule Book priced £3 from the Pony Club Website.


Please remember that good behaviour is expected at all times whilst representing the Pony Club and the Worcestershire Hunt Branch. The following is taken from the Mounted Games Rule Book) :-

“As a Member of The Pony Club, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship. I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in my stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being. I shall endeavour to treat my horse with consideration”

The Pony Club expects very high standards of sportsmanship and self-discipline. This will be especially so at high profile, public events and whilst we will do whatever we can to support members with problems, we demand high standards of behaviour from team members.

We expect riders to be supportive of the other riders in their team and not to criticize them when mistakes happen. This applies equally to parents.


 At competition members must wear:

  • cream/beige jodhpurs,
  • White long sleeve shirt – sleeves not rolled up
  • PC tie,
  • Girls must wear a hairnet.
  • Standard Jodhpur boots with a SMOOTH, fairly thin sole and well-defined square cut heel.
  • A Pony Club ‘tagged’ riding hat
  • A white sweatshirt is recommended in cold weather
  • Pale blue and black quarters skull cap – provided by Ed Lewis on friendly competition days
  • Black hat silk at Area and Zone competitons

 The following are NOT ALLOWED:

  • Jewellery and watches, earrings of any kind
  • Whips & spurs
  • Mobile phones or other electrical equipment
  • Hoodies



At practice Navy/Black jodhpurs are acceptable together with a branch sweatshirt or a long sleeved navy polo shirt which are available from the Branch.

Please do not come in short sleeved tops.


  • Only these bits are allowed; Egg-butt snaffle, unjointed snaffle, rubber, plain or plastic

         snaffle, D ring snaffle, unjointed Wavy plastic or rubber snaffle, Snaffle with jointed

         mouthpiece, hanging cheek snaffle. They must not be too thin.

  • Correctly fitting saddle with adequate clearance over the withers (otherwise you risk disqualification)
  • Your pony should be sound and have feet that are well shod or trimmed
  • Martingales allowed; Irish, Standing, Bib or Running
  • Nosebands allowed; only one noseband is allowed. Cavesson, Drop, Grackle or Flash.
  • Standing martingale may only be attached to the Cavesson portion of a ‘flash’ noseband

         and must be correctly fitted.

  • Coloured boots are not allowed
  • For practices you can wear plain Navy, Brown or Black saddle cloths with no embroidery
  • For competitions you must ride with a Sky blue Saddle cloth with the Worcestershire Hunt Logo on each side. These are £15 each and can be ordered via Kim Davies.

 If you are unsure about any of the above, we are here to help you so please do ask.


Please note that rules are in place for the welfare of the pony and which are designed to ensure that ponies are not required to carry excessive weight. It means that riders should ride an appropriately sized pony. The rule book is a bit complicated so here is an explanation.

Firstly, ponies must be aged 4 and over and must not exceed 148cm/14.2hh

 Rider weight                                                           Pony Height                                         

 Up to 54kg (8st 5lb)                                               no limit

54.1 kg to 60 kg (8st 8lb to 9st 5lb)                        129 cm or more (12.3 hh or more)

60.1 kg to 66 kg( 9st 6lb to 10st 5lb)                      134 cm or more (13.1 hh or more)

66.1 kg and above                                                   139 cm or more (13.3 hh or more)



As you can imagine, training takes a lot of organisation. We will endeavour to arrange regular practices.

At first things may seem a bit hectic because we have to get children and ponies sorted so that they riding with other riders of generally the same standard. As we may not know every child beforehand it will be difficult to know which group to put you in. Please bear with us.


  • Practise regularly
  • Keep coming if you’re keen, competition is stiff but keep at it – don’t be put off if you don’t get into the Senior, Junior, Junior Novice or Lead Rein straight away.


After a few weeks you may get shuffled around. Don’t expect to get in to the competition team straight away. It is much better to learn in a Novice team without the pressure and ‘get it right’ and of course have fun!

Most riders will start in one of the less experienced teams. Some get there quicker than others.

In picking teams, Lauren will be looking for

  • Athletic/competitive riders
  • Athletic/controllable ponies
  • Ponies which are good with handovers and run straight
  • How riders/ponies fit into the team
  • Riders who can work within a team
  • Riders who are available for the important competitions & qualifiers.

Membership of a team which wins a qualifying competition does not guarantee selection for the next competition – if it is felt necessary, a team member may be substituted for a more suitable member after qualifying at the Area, Zone or Pony Club Championships.


Anyone can come to Mounted Games Rallies, but if you are not looking to compete you need to let the trainer know. Riders putting themselves forward for selection should attend practices; listen to what is said to them by their trainer and be prepared to take training seriously – that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. They should then go home and practise particular skills so as to improve their performance.


Members wishing to compete at Area level or above must be “ active Members of the Branch ..” and “have attended a minimum of three working rallies of this or their previous Branch, since 1st July in the previous year, excluding team practices and coaching and have been Members of the Pony Club since 31st January in the current year. Attendance at camp counts as one working

rally. They must not have attained their 15th Birthday by the 1st February” .