Sunday January 16, 2022
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What to Wear

As a member of the PC you must comply with its rules.  Please click here to go to the Rule page of the main PC website where you will find the PC Hat rule and the Bodyprotector Rule.

General Guidelines For Rallies/Training Sessions:  


Hats must comply with current PC rule book, which is updated regularly. Please see main PC website.

The hat cover must be black or dark blue.  Tags should be fitted by a branch official – please ask .

For all XC riding, including Tetrathlon, Horse Trials, tests and training over fences 0.80m high and above a jockey skull must be worn. It is strongly recommended that a jockey skull be worn for XC riding even over lower fences.

Body Protectors are compulsory for all cross-country riding including tests, training and competitions.

Jodhpurs – should ideally be cream/beige, navy or black.  Other colours accepted if unavoidable but MUST be smart.

Footwear – black or brown jodhpur boots or leather or rubber riding boots with smooth soles and matching chaps/gaiters – or jod. clips.

Shirts/Jackets – plain and preferably white or pale blue with Pony Club tie or PC stock.  Riding jacket or Pony Club sweatshirt.  NO HOODS.  Coats may be worn but MUST be done up and again NO hoods.

Hair – Long hair MUST be worn in a hairnet NOT just tied back.

Gloves MUST be worn.

Badge – The official membership badge should be worn at all PC activities when a jacket is worn.   Test felts to be worn underneath badge.

Spurs may not be worn unless you have passed your B Test or are carrying your membership card signed by your DC to say that you may wear them.

ABSOLUTELY NO jewellery may be worn, this includes body piercings.

Different dress codes can apply to competitions; if in doubt please ask a committee member or your instructor but otherwise, the PC rules shall apply.


Anyone swimming at Southfield House who has medium to long length hair MUST wear a swimming hat when using the pool.  Please note this applies at all times.


Please ensure your pony is clean and presentable.

Make sure your tack fits correctly, is clean and is appropriate for the activity you are doing.

Remember to check your stirrups, there should be 14mm clearance either side of your boots.