Sunday January 16, 2022
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NEW!! Badges and Tests

Achievement Badges

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Current members only, so need to have renewed membership for 2021/2022.





MANAGER E to C Tests – Kim George

Address:        Lindum House North Brewham Bruton Soms BA10 0JF

Phone:           07912629700


MANAGER C+ and B Tests – Miles Toulson-Clarke

Phone:          07768216557


Please scroll down for information about the different Pony Club Tests.




Test training rallies are held throughout the year with tests being taken approximately twice a year.
These rallies are open to anyone who wishes to study towards one of the tests. The more rallies you can come to the better as the instructor will work through the test syllabus.  If you miss a rally you will need to find out which parts you missed so that you can catch up!

When a member passes a test they will receive a certificate and a round circle of felt which is to be proudly worn under their pony club badge for all to see which test level they have attained.

All rally dates are accessible from the main Rally page with a list which may easily be printed.  



Progressive Test System



Bronze to Platinum Awards

Please click here to go to the Progressive Tests Page, from Bronze to Platinum, of the main PC website


E Test to A Test(including Road Rider)


E TEST pale yellow felt
The E test is for young members and may be taken on or off the lead rein.  It is not necessary to either take or pass the test before attempting the D test. It has no recommended age.  For further information please click here


D TEST yellow felt
This test is a compulsory test that must be taken before the D+ Test or those that follow.  The road rider mini achievement badge MUST be taken before the D Test can be taken. The recommended minimum age for the D Test is 8 years.  For further information please click here


D+ TEST white felt
This test is halfway between D and C standards.  It is a compulsory test which must be taken prior to the next standard test which is the C test. Recommended age is 10 years.  For further information please click here


C TEST green felt
The recommended minimum age is 11. The PC Road Rider Achievement Badge or the BHS Riding & Road Safety Test must be attained before taking the C test.  For further information please click here


Please click here for details about the Road Rider Test


C+ TEST pink felt
This test is now a compulsory test before taking the B Test. You must have passed the C Test in order to take this test. Recommended minimum age is 13 years.  For further information please click here


B TEST red felt both parts, beige felt riding only, brown felt horse & pony care only

The recommended age is 15, the minimum specified age is 14.  The C+ Test must be taken first. 

The B Test is split in to two parts, RIDING & HORSE & PONY CARE. 

It may be taken as a whole or in two separate parts and in any order

RIDING – for more details please click here

HORSE & PONY CARE – for more details please click here


Please note to take any of the tests below you must be at least 16yrs old

LUNGING TEST – please click here

COACHING CERTIFICATE – please click here

B+ TEST –please click here

AH TEST – please click here

A TEST please click here


You can get more details about test and achievement badges, from the main Pony Club website, click here.