Sunday January 16, 2022
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What constitutes a good score in a triathlon?

This is very hard to generalise but, in the more competitive classes, the following is a very rough guide:

2,000 points – good, steady performance; an important barrier to break through

2,250 points – good performance

2,500 points – very good performance, likely to be amongst the rosettes

2,750 points – excellent performance, challenging for a top 3 individual placing

3,000 points – outstanding result, likely to win, or be very close to winning the competition

In biathlons, anything approaching 1,500 points represents a really strong performance. Anything over than 1,500 is likely to result in a place.

Finally, how does this translate into tetrathlon scores?

With 1,400 points available for the riding phases, anything over 4,000 points represents an excellent performance, with the very best tetrathletes being capable of scoring close to 4,500 points. At the championships, scores of well over 4,500 points are achieved but it illustrates just how important it is for us to continue to improve our riding. Miles


Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Triathlon

20th October 2019

14 Wylye tetrathletes descended on Hazlegrove School on Sunday morning. We had 3 teams in the Beanies, two Tadpoles, two Junior girls and Katie Duffy as our lone Intermediate.

Our Tadpoles opened for Wylye with their run at Oh My Goodness, How Early-o’clock!?! Both Emilia and Lola posted solid times for that hour and moved onto the pool. Meanwhile over in the pool the Beanies were steaming up and down, with Daisy leading the way. Newbies Lucy and Mollie acquitted themselves admirably in the front end of the Wylye pack. Super job to Evie M and Amelia who both turned at 50m – always good to get the turn in. The beanbags offered up the ‘sling and slide’ technique, which is exhilarating and heart-breaking in back to back breaths for spectators. Daisy led the way, with Bonnie hot on her heels. Shout out here to Poppy for her super technique. Over in the running, Matt, Lola and Mollie set the track on fire, with Henry smoking his way around the course.

Back with the Tadpoles, at the pool, both girls swam brilliantly to get the touch at the end of their lengths, with Lola on 4 lengths and Emilia on 3 lengths. Super job girls! Both girls are young on range miles and were looking brave and bold as they stepped up to the range. Consistent shooting gave them solid scores in an intimidating environment and much learning took place – this is an absolute success for these two and gives them a solid base to build from.

The Juniors opened with their running immediately after the Beanies – there were some quick runners in their groups, but they dug deep to fly down the home straight with super sprint finishes. Onto the pool where they are both strong competitors – Tegan aiming to get as far down her 7th length as possible, and Megan aiming for the turn at 8. Over in the range, a disaster loomed – no gas for one gun and just 30 pellets between them… their nerves of steel meant they nonchalantly stepped up to the range and both posted pb’s.. their mothers, not so nonchalantly chewed their nails with anxiety and frustration at the apparent lack of prep.

Finally it was Katie’s turn with the Intermediates – she ran her usual excellently paced race and came home in the lead. Katie kept this lead all day, posting a length further than her rivals in the pool. On the range, her usual tactics were not playing well, so back at training on Monday night afterwards, we plotted a new strategy… luckily, her excellent swim/run meant she took home the blue rosette.

Our Beanies teams came home 4th, 11th and 12th, with Daisy winning the swim in a class of over 70 competitors. Lola and Emilia joined up with another club to come home 2nd in the Tadpoles event. Megan and Tegan won the Junior girls team event, joining up with the New Forest and finished 3rd and 7th individually. Katie was our winner in the Intermediate girls.

Well done everyone – the next round of the Winter Triathlon League is our competition at Southfield – looking forward to receiving many entries from you all. Kate