Saturday January 25, 2020
Quiz 2020

What is the National Quiz?

The National Quiz is a chance for members to test their equestrian knowledge in a fun and friendly team environment.

Branch and Centre teams compete at their Area Competition to qualify for the Championships.

Teams are to be made up of:

  • 1 Member 12 years & under
  • 1 Member 14 years & under
  • 1 Member 16 years & under
  • 1 Member of any age

All ages will be taken from the 1st January of the competition year. 

N.B. A Team may consist of four Members under the age of 12 if you wish. In this instance, the Team will be asked to nominate which Member will answer the more advanced questions. One AH Test holder in each Team is allowed to take part in each National Quiz Team.

What to wear

We recommend Teams wear their Pony Club branded sweatshirts and or T-shirts (shirt and tie are not compulsory), with smart, comfy trousers (no ripped jeans) and suitable indoor footwear.


Quiz Rounds for 2020

In no particular order: 

  1. The Pony Club
  2. The Systems – Respiratory
  3. Learning Theory & it’s Application in Horse Training
  4. Grooming & Clipping
  5. Birdwatching
  6. Pony Club Competition Rules – Mounted Games & Show Jumping
  7. Around the UK – Wales
  8. Practical Round – Shoes & Farrier Tools
  9. Pairs Round – Equine First Aid
  10. Picture Round – Native & Rare Breeds