Thursday October 23, 2014

North Down Pony Club


Needs You!

2014 marks the 75th Anniversary of North Down Pony Club and the current committee are hoping to organise a series of events over the year to celebrate this special year. We are trying to contact as many past members, friends, parents, coaches, trainers as we can to join with us at these events.

 We have the 75th Anniversary Afternoon tea at Lady Clarks on 20th Sept at 2pm. Names of past members are coming in fast at the minute along with fascinating photos etc dating as far back as to 1950’s!! Some changes but lots of similarities.
As this is for present members as well I was hoping that some of you might be considering attending. As always there is a request to those of you who went away to C’ships – Could you come in your pony club sweatshirt, jodhpurs etc and help with the serving of tea and buns?? A lot of the past members would appreciate seeing you and chatting about all the things you have done this summer. If you can help please confirm with me so as I know whether to expect 2 or 22.
If you have any good photos of c’ships or camp activities – if you could photocopy them and bring them along – they would make a good display of PC now to compere with the 50’s or 70’s!
I have attached a copy of the ticket which you can print and give to anyone with links to ND you know who might like to go along on 20th. Just ask them to make sure they let me know so as we have enough buns, scones and sandwiches for all. 
Thanks in the meantime

 Contact has been made with some past members but there are hundreds of others who have not even heard about this special year of events. If you have been a member, parent of a member, friend, trainer or have had any connection to the branch over the years please get in touch with any others you are still in contact with and spread the word. You can find the present committee members names and phone numbers on the North Down Pony Club website. You can also ring Angela Fynn, present DC on 07718080244 or Helen Rea, ADC on 07842776543. We would love to hear from as many as possible. If you can let others know please do and help us to achieve our goal.  











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