Tuesday March 20, 2018
Area 9 Dates

Area 9 Dates 2016/2017

If you wish to be considered for any of the Area Teams, please bear in mind:

1. Your PC Renewal must have been received by February 28th 2017

2. You must be an active Member of the Branch – regularly attending Rallies

3. You must ensure that you are competing regularly in the discipline and at the level you wish to be considered for

4. Good team spirit is essential

5. We are fortunate to have so many Members to choose from – there will be a selection process!

6. A number of the Junior Competitions at Area level are NON-qualifying – but ARE nonetheless very good experience

If you are interested in entering Area competitions in any discipline or would like to know how to prepare for competitions, please contact the Discipline Co-ordinator.


Area 9 Dates 2016/17 



9th Oct Dengie SJAllen’s Hill 

11th Oct Area 9 meeting Highwayman 12.30pm lunch meeting 2pm 

22nd Oct  ‘B’ Test and Lunge Test 

22nd Oct Dengie DressageAllen’s Hill 

25th Oct Area 9 training Richard Waygood clinic Rectory Farm 90 +      9-4pm 

28th Oct Dengie SJTumpy Green 

30th Oct Dengie SJHartpuryCroome  


2nd Nov Dengie SJGracelands 

2nd Nov Branch Official TrainingStoneleigh Pony Club Office 

3rd Nov Branch Official TrainingStoneleigh Pony Club Office 

3rd Nov First Aid at Work Course – 3 days (9.30 – 4pm)   3/11, 10/11 & 17/11 

Day 1 – Rectory Farm  Cost for 3 days £160 

6th NovDengie SJAllens Hill 

6th Nov Step 2 Coaching Course Old Berks Hunt 

9th Nov Dengie SJGracelands 

10th Nov First Aid at Work –  Day 2 Rectory Farm   9.30 – 4pm 

12th Nov Step 1 Coaching CourseNorth Hereford 

15th Nov Safeguarding of Children Duntisbourne Abbots  6pm 

17th Nov First Aid at Work – Day 3 Rectory Farm    9.30 – 4pm 

19th Nov Dengie DressageAllen’s Hill 

20th Nov Area 9 Dressage Training with Rob Lumb The Unicorn  9 – 4pm 

20th Nov Dengie SJ Tumpy Green  

24th  Nov Branch Official TrainingStoneleigh Pony Club Office 

25th Nov Branch Official TrainingStoneleigh Pony Club Office 


3rd Dec Area 9 Show Jumping Training The Unicorn Trust         Spencer Sturmey 

4th Dec Dengie Dressage Allens Hill  

17th Dec      Area Triathlon Qualifier            Cheltenham   Cotswold Vale FarmersHunt 

18th Dec Dengie DressageAllen’s Hill  

29th Dec ‘A’ Test Riding Training with Carole Broad Rectory Farm10 – 12am  


2nd Jan AH TrainingRectory Farm 

7th Jan Area 9 Training Caroline Moore The Unicorn  9 – 5pm 

8th Jan Dengie SJ  Allen’s Hill  

8th Jan      Dengie SJ Gracelands  

21st Jan Dengie Dressage Allen’s Hill  

22nd Jan Dengie SJGracelands  

24th Jan Area 9 MeetingCheltenham Racecourse2.00 


4th Feb Area 9 Training Caroline Moore The Unicorn   9-5pm 

5th Feb Dengie SJ Gracelands  

7th FebFirst Aid Course Duntisbourne Abbots Village Hall6pm 

8th Feb First Aid Course  Duntisbourne Abbots Village Hall   6pm 

11th Feb Dengie SJHartpuryCotswold Vale Farmers Hunt 

12th Feb Dengie SJ   Kings  

16th Feb Area 9 Training Richard Waygood Rectory Farm 9 – 5pm 

16th Feb Lungeing Demo/CPD with Carole BroadHartpury 6.30pm – 8pm  

19th Feb Dengie SJ Gracelands  

  Feb Regional Instructors Conference HartpuryRussel Guier 

    ?  Feb PPCG Study dayHalf Term date TBC   

27th Feb Safeguarding of Children Course Duntisbourne Abbots 6pm 

26th Feb Area Quiz Minchinhampton Village School 2pm 


5th Mar Dengie SJ HartpuryCroome   

12th Mar Dengie Dressage Area Qualifier Moores FarmRidgeway PC 

13th Mar CPD – D/D+/C  Louise Shepherd and Katie Powell-Jones      The Unicorn – 6.pm 

14th Mar Safeguarding of Children Course Duntisbourne Abbots  6pm 

19th Mar Dengie Area SJ HartpuryOld Berks Hunt 

19th MarTriathlon ChampionshipsMilton Keynes 

26th Mar Area 9 SJ Training  Rectory Farm 9 – 4pmSpencer Sturmey  

27th Mar First Aid Course Duntisbourne Abbots Village Hall 6pm 

28th Mar First Aid Course Duntisbourne Abbotts Village Hall  6pm 

30th Mar Health and Safety        3pm – 5pm followed by Ideas for rallies and camps – TBC 



1st Apr Dengie Dressage Final Addington 

1st Apr Winter Quiz Final Addington 

2nd Apr Dengie Show Jumping Final Addington 

3rd Apr Safe Guarding Course Duntisbourne Abbots 6pm 

8th AprArea Horse and Pony CareHolme Lacy CollegeMalvern 

10th Apr Area 9 XC Training Lyneham Heath   Simon Lawrance &  Mandy Lucey  

11th Apr Step 2 Coaching Course Rectory Farm    10 – 4pm 

12th Apr ‘B’ and Lunge TestsRectory Farm        

14th Apr Pony Racing Cheltenham Race Course 

18th AprFirst Aid Course Duntisbourne Abbots Village Hall6pm   

19th Apr First Aid Course Duntisbourne Abbots Village Hall 6pm 

23rd Apr Area PPCGHanbury, Nr Droitwich               Worcester and SH and RH 

25th Apr Area Meeting Cheltenham Racecourse7pm 


14th May Hickstead Qualifier Sudely CastleCVFH 

 May Junior Reg Tet 


1st June Area Training Richard Waygood Rectory Farm 

2nd June Stonar XC Training Day Lyneham Heath 

8th JuneCubitt AwardSStratford 

12th June CPD Richard Waygood    Rectory Farm 6pm  

      June CPD Show Jumping with Steve Williams Rectory Farm TBC 


3rd /4th July Area 9 – 2 Day clinic 16 – 25Rectory Farm 

8th/ 9th July Area Tetrathlon – Mini, Junior, Int & OpenWest LittletonBeaufort 

5th July Step 3 Coaching CourseRectory Farm 

15th July Area Show Jumping Old Berks Hunt 

22nd July Area Horse TrialsDauntseyBeaufort  

26th July Area DressageGatcombe Stroud PC 


      Aug Regional Tetrathlon 

3rd Aug Hickstead Pony Club Teams 

4th Aug Gatcombe SJ – 100+ 

5th Aug Gatcombe SJ – 90cmVWH 

4th-6th Aug Polo Champs Cowdray 

7th Aug ‘B’ & Lunge Tests Rectory Farm 

9th Aug ‘B+’ TestRectory Farm 

10th Aug 80cm/Mini Horse Trials FoxcoteCotswold Hunt 

13th- 16th Aug Tetrathlon Championships 

19th- 23rd Aug Main Championships 

26th- 28th Aug Regional ChampionshipsRectory Farm 


10th Sept Area 9  SJ ChampsRectory Farm 

15th Sept Pony Club Show JumpingBlenheim 

30th Sept ‘B’ and Lunge tests Rectory Farm