Friday September 25, 2020
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Well done and congratulations to Callum Robertson from the Hursley. He has qualified for the  Virtual Windsor Dressage Competition, the  final is on 27th September #GoTeamEngland  👏👏👏

Tuesday 15th September

A little something to bring a smile to our faces…
Starring on the front page of  The Times Newspaper today…A two year old member of the Tedworth



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Friday 4th September

Great news!!

An important update on group size:

The grassroots / sport and leisure guidance has been updated, including horse stables and arenas and, in England, the group size can now be increased from the existing 5 riders + 1 coach (total group of 6) to a number that is deemed manageable through an effective risk assessment. There is no specific number set, but it is recommended that gatherings are in separate and discrete pods of no more than 30 and everyone keeps within local restrictions / guidance.

This will be a great relief for organisers of lead-rein rallies in particular as they can now be run viably, with riders, leaders and coach in total exceeding 6.

The BHS has published some very useful advice which can be accessed here, including guidance on risk assessment for larger groups.



The decision has been taken centrally that all 2020 Rule Books are going to be re-used in 2021. There will be no rule changes for any Pony Club Sport. There are a few dates in the rule book which are 2020 specific and these will be updated on the website to reflect the dates for 2021. 

Saturday 25th July

Clarity about the proposed new AH test.  I have been in the process of setting up more AH training with Sarah Macdonald via zoom, and now will take this further.  Also please note CPD available on the PC website


AH Test


There are problems in approving the AH 2020 syllabus so that it continues to map across to BHS assessments in the same way that the 2016 syllabus does.


In short, if we want to offer the same access points using this new syllabus, we will need to carry out an overhaul and retraining of our AH Assessors as the process of assessment for the 2020 test will be regulated by Ofqual. Sarah Macdonald and I need to go back to Alex Copeland, Director of Education at the BHS and have more discussions. For the time being we should delay offering the 2020 test and all members should continue to train for and take the 2016 version.

I understand that this is not the news you were hoping to hear, and I realise that members have been training towards the new test. That learning will not be wasted as there are not too many differences in the actual content of the two tests, so members training on the 2020 version should be able to revert without too much difficulty. I have attached two documents which might be helpful to share with your assessors and trainers – they show what came out of the 2016 syllabus against what went in so that assessors will be able to cover any content which may not have been covered when preparing for the 2020 version.

Katy Downing is doing an audit of the badges held with Harry Hall. There are 22 mini badges available and they are on the website. A test dates are now live on the website, as is an updated list of CPD opportunities.

I will ask Pleasance to send me an invitation so that I can join you for half an hour on 3 August, look forward to seeing you then.




Monday 8th June

We have now been given the go ahead to start training and we would like to inform you of the guidelines that we all need to follow:-

  • A maximum of 6 people in the one gathering eg : 1 coach, 1 rally organiser/first aider, 4 members. The only exception to this is one-to-one flat work lessons (no poles) where the coach can act as the first aider.
  • One group in an arena, paddock or field area. There will be no dividing of arenas.
  • Rallies must have a 10-15 minute hand over period to allow members to leave the teaching area. The rally organiser will then indicate to the next session that the area is clear to enter. Members must be tacked up and waiting beside their vehicle until called to avoid delay.
  • Parents/driver/groom/siblings are requested to stay clear of the teaching area, preferably in their own vehicles. Only members of the same family should travel to the rally together. We would prefer where possible only one member of the family accompany the riding member and that siblings are left at home where possible.
  • No dogs.
  • Coaches are asked to keep a 2m distance from the member, therefore stirrup length and girths must be checked by the riders accompanying person before starting the lesson.
  • Do not help with poo picking and pole lifting, this will be done by the coach in the arena. However please ensure the area around your trailer/lorry is cleared before you leave.
  • No indoor schools can be used, unless it is very well ventilated with no sides.
  • Parking of vehicles must be at least 10 metres apart.
  • All attendees at the training must observe the 2 metre rule.
  • All payments for training must be made in advance online, no cash will be accepted on the day.  
  • PPE will be provided for the first aider only. Please ensure you use hand washing or hand sanitiser before and after the session.
  • No photography on social media please, unless approved.
  • Please respect the venue we are using by not touching gates or fencing etc where possible. Be aware that there will be no toilet facilities so you must make your own provision for this.
  • Vaccinations will be accepted as long as they are within the 12 month period. Please be aware that should competitions start again, the 6 month rule may apply.

I am sorry there are so many rules, however we want to keep you safe by following official guidelines. The committee, rally organisers and coaches are all working hard to bring to you a variety of training so please check the programme and our Facebook page for information. 

The Pony Club is an international voluntary youth organisation for those interested in ponies and riding. It was founded in England in 1929 and is now represented in 15 countries and has a membership exceeding 102,000 world-wide.


The Area Rep tack checking in the rain.

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Please book all training through Horse Monkey UK.  Click here.



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