Monday December 11, 2023
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Here is the link for the online course  D and D+ tests What’s New.  To be held on Zoom on 7th December.

This course is for DCs, Coaches, Assessors, Young coaches and Centre Proprietors.  The differences between the two syllabi explained.

D and D+ What’s new

  Area 14 D AND D+ WHAT’S NEW….7th December Entry and Online Booking at Horse Events

D AND D+ WHAT’S NEW….Provided by Area 14 training committee Looking at the 2023 syllabus for all; DC’c Coaches Assessors Young Coaches (steps 1, 2, or 3 ) Bookings to be made via Cost:… Read more »


Below is the link to Area 5 B Test Assessor/Coach training on 20th November

Assessor coach training


Nikki Forbes

Fiona Crutchley

Steph Buchanan

Sue Stevenson

Jane Uloth