Tuesday November 29, 2022
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Eventers League 2022 Final scores

Eventers League Final Top 10

Thank you for registering with the New format Eventers league in 2022.

You all seem to enjoy being able to score points at lots of different types of events over the event season.   As this is the first season using this format, any feedback or ideas for 2023 will be considered. 

We are already looking at changes for 2023.

Our only disappointment was the lack of branch members who registered for the leagues.  At Area 14 Eventing this year over 50% of those representing their branch were not registered with the leagues.  So please pass the message on to your branch friends, to register next year.  There is no fee like other leagues.  A great way to see your progress over the season against other in our area.

The presentation evening for the top 10 in each of the three leagues will be on December 11th, in North Dorset.  More details will be sent to the top 10s.  We hope this date will mean that those at Uni or boarding school will be able to attend.

Please see the final scores for all registered (who submitted results) and the Top 10.

I hope you have enjoyed being part of the leagues and spread the word for 2023!!  

Thank you for taking part & look forward to seeing the winners on 11th December.