Sunday May 29, 2022
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Eventers League 2022
The Eventing Season 2021 has now started!!  Registration for the Area 14 Eventers Leagues are Open!  
For 2022 we have amalgamated our Area 14 Leagues.
You can now score points at any event that can have it’s scores verified via certain on-line scoring websites.   This means if you are competing at Pony Club events not in Area 14, NSEA, BE or the Cotswold Cup, you will still be scoring points in the Area 14 Eventers Leagues.
There will still be a split of Open and Restricted, and if numbers are good enough in the restricted league it will be split again.
See below for the new points table for 2022, and the rules.  
To register please use this link Area 14 Eventers League 2022 Registration Form
This year as the events that you can score points at are so varied, you must to submit your results each month to have them be included in the Leagues.    Area 14 Eventers League Results Form