Tuesday September 29, 2020
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Area Results 2015


Open Team

1st Hursley

2nd B&SV

3rd Craven

Open Individuals

Section K – 1st Julian Hill (Hursley), 2nd Victoria Leabeater (Hursley), 3rd Phoebe Locke (B&SV)

Intermediate Team

1st = Wilton

1st = South & West Wilts

3rd Wylye Valley

Intermediate Individuals

Section I – 1st Alexandra Allen (Poole & District), 2nd Imogen Hays (Wylye Valley), 3rd Catherine Bristol (South & West Wilts)

Section J – 1st Millie Toulson Clarke (Wylye Valley), 2nd Bethany Puzio (Wilton), 3rd Alice Elgar (Wilton)

Novice Team

1st Poole & District

2nd Hursley

3rd Avon Vale

Novice Individuals

Section E – 1st Alisha Coombes (Poole & District), 2nd Mia Ralph (Wylye Valley), 3rd Lauren Govier (West Hants)

Section F– 1st Aimee O’Hara (Poole & District), 2nd Lydia Bishop (Hursley), 3rd Chloe Brown (Avon Vale)

Section G – 1st Lucy Dennett (Poole & District), 2nd Lauren Burrows (Hursley), 3rd Francesca x (RA)

Section H – 1st Jack Barter (Mendip Farmers), 2nd Josie Clarke (Hursley), 3rd Jessie Bentley (Avon Vale)

Junior Team




Junior Individuals

Section A – 1st Camilla Read (Wilton), 2nd Izzy Colwell (B&SV), 3rd= Georgia Newby-Vincent (Wylye), Abbie Cowley (Tedworth)

Section B – 1st Rosie Doe (Poole & District), 2nd Isla Read (Wilton), 3rd Evie Puddy (Mendip Farmers)

Section C – 1st Pippa Royle (Tedworth), 2nd Lauren Blackmar (Wylye Valley), 3rd Pheobe Lyon (Banwell)

Section D – 1st Lily Ryder (South Dorset Hunt), 2nd Megan Bevan (Wylye Valley), 3rd Jess Nicol (B&SV)


Open Team

1st Portman  Q

2nd Mixed Bag 1

3rd Craven  Q

Open Individuals

Section A – 1st Julian Hill (Hursley), 2nd Louise Chamberlain (Craven), 3rd Archie Lowe (Portman)

Intermediate Team

1st Wilton White

2nd Tedworth

3rd Avon Vale

Intermediate Individuals

Section B 1st Hope Pleydell Bouverie (Wilton), 2nd India Ryder (Tedworth), 3rd Megan Brown (Wilton)

Section C 1st Beth Johnson (Portman), 2nd Hannah Gadras (Avon Vale), 3rd Charlotte Walters (Cattistock)

Novice Team

1st Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Black

2nd South Dorset Sun

3rd Wilton

Novice Individuals

Section D – 1st Georgia King (Tedworth), 2nd Millie Hughes (RA), 3rd Bailey Andrews (Poole & District)

Section E – 1st Emily Wall (RA), 2nd Millie Toulson Clarke (Wylye Valley), 3rd Emma Jowett (Wilton)

Section F – 1st Chloe Chamulewicz (Avon Vale), 2nd Lydia Bishop (Hursley), 3rd Alisha Coombes (Poole & District)

Section G – 1st Maddy Taylor (SDH), 2nd Tess Townsend (Mendip Farmers), 3rd Tamsin Peto Dias (B&SV)

Junior Team




Junior Individuals

Section H – 1st Zoe Kibbey (Cattistock Hunt), 2nd Ellie Slack (South Dorset Hunt), 3rd Abbie Cowley (Tedworth)


Novice Team

1st Cattistock

2nd New Forest

3rd Tedworth

Novice Individual – 1st Tania Abraham (West Hants), 2nd Freddie Fagan (South & West Wilts), 3rd x (Poole & District)

Intermediate Team

1st Avon Vale

2nd New Forest Hunts

3rd Portman

Intermediate Individuals – 1st Hannah Gadras (Avon Vale), 2nd Bess Mann (New Forest), 3rd Laura Sheate (Avon Vale)

Open Team

1st Craven

2nd  Mixed Team

3rd Portman

4th Royal Artillery

Open Individuals – 1st Archie Lowe (Portman), 2nd  Jordan Phelps (Wylye Valley), 3rd  Holly Watson (Syston)

Junior Team 

1st Cattistock Crackers

2nd Cattistock Crunchies

3rd New Forest Hunts

Junior Individuals – 1st Olive Nicholls (B&SV), 2nd Tamsin Joy Jennings (Portman), 3rd Rosie Read-Wilton


Senior Girls Team – 1st Wilton

Senior Girls Individual – 1st Jemma Jones (B&SV), 2nd Hannah Stevenson (New Forest)

Intermediate Boys Individual – 1st George Buden (Hursley), 2nd Sam Tooley (New Forest), 3rd Alex Tooley (New Forest)

Intermediate Girls Team – 1st New Forest, 2nd Wylye Valley

Intermediate Girls Individual – 1st Isobel Twiggs (Mendip Farmers), Libby Stevenson (New Forest), 3rd Georgie Killengray (New Forest)

Junior Boys Individual – Ist George Case (B&SV), 2nd Monty Podger (Wilton), 3rd Will Mitchell (New Forest)

Junior Girls Team – 1st Wylye Valley

Junior Girls Individual – Millie Toulson-Clarke (Wylye Valley), 2nd Kara Hughes (Wilton), 3rd Katie Duffy (Wylye Valley)


Senior Team

2nd Wylye Valley

3rd West Hants

Junior Team

3rd Poole & District

4th West Hants


1st Portman


Seniors – Avon Vale

Juniors – Portman


1st South Dorset Hunt Branch – Strictly Come Dancing

2nd Cattistock Hunt Branch – Joseph and his technicolour dream coat.

3rd Wilton Hunt Branch – A question of sport.


1st Team of Talent (Poole)

2nd Hursley Harriers

3rd RA Purple

Best Turned Out Team – Hursley Harriers

Highest Individual – Amy Lane (Hursley Harriers)