Sunday January 26, 2020
Area Test Days 2018 – Dates & Results


B test day Wednesday Thursday 25th October 2018.  Nomination forms here 


B Test Tarka Abraham (West Hants), Sophie Cawley (Jersey Drag Hunt), Tom Griffiths (Wylye Valley), Matilda Jeanes (Portman), Ocean Moore (Wylye Valley), Holly Powell (Banwell), Alex Sluijmers (Mendip Farmers), 

B Test Riding Roberta Cameron Rossiter (Wylye Valley), Kate Prendergast (Wylye Valley)

B Test Care Victoria Bass (RA), Lara Borradaille (Portman), Edith Brazier (RA), Emma Greenaway (Cattistock), Jesse Poyntz Wright (Wilton – Credit Pass)


Lungeing Test Passes Millie Drewett (Mendip Farmers). Freya Snelgrove Brown (Wylye Valley), Emma Pike (Royal Artillery), Megan Blackmar (Wylye Valley)


Leading the field is: Emily Kendall of the Portman Hunt Branch who passed her A TESTEmily A Test

B+ Passes Morgan Wyatt (South Dorset Hunt) Emily Pope (Craven) Hettie Horler (Wylye Valley)

Lungeing Test Passes Morgan Wyatt (South Dorset Hunt) Hettie Horler (Wylye Valley) Georgia Toulson Clarke (Wylye Valley) Nikita Aldom (Banwell) Olivia Robertson (Banwell) Alice Hobhouse (Royal Artillery (SP) Hunt)

B Test

B test passes Georgy Killengray (New Forest Hunts) Mateo Appertino (South Dorset Hunt) Milly Drewitt (Mendip Farmers Hunt) Megan Blakmar (Wylye Valley) Emma Pike (Royal Artillery) Safia Woodward (South and West Wilts Hunt) Hannah Gadras (Avon Vale Hunt) Louisa Harman (Portman Hunt) Alice Uloth (Royal Artillery) Annie Haxforth (Hursley) Rebekah McFarling (Hursley) Isobel Twiggs (Mendip Farmers Hunt) Twiga Drewitt  (Mendip Farmers Hunt) Jasmine Stroud Allen (Portman) Libby Stevenson (New Forest Hunts) Hope Pleydell Bouverie (Wilton)

B Riding Pass Harriet Smith (Royal Artillery)

B Care Pass  Annabel Vickery (Portman Hunt) Jennifer Bland (Portman Hunt) Mary Inns (Wylye Valley)  


Congratulations to everyone who passed their efficiency tests last summer 2015.  Below are those that passed tests run by area:

AH TEST Megan Floyd (Craven) Emily Pope (Craven)

LUNGE TEST    Jasmine Abraham (West Hants) Megan Lockyer (Wilton)  

B TEST Nikita Aldom (Banwell) Alexandra Allen (Poole & District) Holly Bluck (Banwell) Isabelle Dowse (Banwell) Flora Hall (Portman) Lucy Hemmings (Wilton) Hannah Hobhouse (RA) Jordan Phelps (Wylye Valley) Katherine Roe (Hursley) Freya Snelgrove Brown (Wylye Valley) Georgia Toulson-Clarke  (Wylye Valley) Anya Waugh (Banwell) Morgan Wyatt (South Dorset)

B TEST CARE Charlotte Jamieson (New Forest Hunts) Madeliene Jannoe (Blackmore and Sparkford Vale)