Thursday October 6, 2022
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Area 2 Test Days and Results 2022

Anyone interested in training for Test in 2022  please contact Marianne or Sheila

B+ Test will be held on the 14th September 2022  Venue  TBC

AH Test will be held on the 7th September 2022 at Blackdyke Farm Carlisle

B Test will be held at the End of August 2022 Venue TBC

B Test assessment Day July 21st at Park End  


Congratulations to Anna  Who has passed all sections of her AH test 


2021 Test

AH test  as we only have 2 candidates they will be taken their test on October in Area1

CONGRATULAION’S to  Emily and Anna who travelled to Scotland for their AH Test.

Emily passed her two sections and now holds her Full AH Test  Well Done.

Anna sat one section and Passed Well done


A test 3 candidates will be taken their test later this month   Waiting for News

28th October at Little Whittington  B test riding  details will be forwarded  later

28th October 7 candidates sat their C+  test 1 sat care only  at Little Whittington from various branches Well done we had 100% pass 

Test Taken in 2021

3rd September   Lunge Test 4 candidates have passed their Lunge test 

Milly, Kimberley,Hazel, and Amy Well done everyone

14th September Well done to Kate who passed her Luge test to day






14th October Fife Scotland AH Results

Sarah. Zetland  has now passed 1 section and has got her full AH

Harrison Cleveland has now passed 1 section and has got his full AH 

 AH TEST 16TH SEPTEMBER  2020 Blackdyke  Farm Equestrian Centre

Sian Wyndham   Pass full test awarded Honours

Harrison Cleveland  3 sections

Abbie  Cleveland      2 sections

Lucy    Cleveland      1 section

Jade   Fieldhouse Farm 2 sections  attained full AH

Sarah Zetland   1 section

Breanne CFH South 2 sections attained full AH

Emily South North 1 section

  4th September  A TEST     AMY   CFH South

B Test  3rd September  at Fieldhouse Equestrian Centre3rd September 

Passed   Full B test  Anna North North,  Tilly Zetland Hunt   HPC  Amy, Hazel and Kimberley   

Lunge Test 7th September  2020 at Houghall College 

Passed   Libby,  Sadie, Jessica, Breanne, Elizabeth, Harriaon, Lucy, and Abbie

Due to Covit19 we are unable to organize  tests at the moment 










2019  Tests

Congratulations to Sian Routledge, Emily Davidson, and Abbie Taylor who passed their Lunge test on 30/05/19

B Test  will be held in after  School exams 

 If you would like any information regarding tests please contact Sheila or Marianne details can be found on Contact us page






December 2018 Lunge Test date and Venue TBC if you wish to take this test please speak to your DC.

B Care  Test 1st November at Stannington by Kind permission of Mrs H Vaulkhard starting at 1:00

Katie, Anna, Emily all passed their B Care

Lunge Test 29th October at Houghall

Congratulations Jenni on Passing your Lunge test.

B TEST 4th September Little Whittington

Cathryn Walby  Morpeth, Lucy Murray Wake Tynedale, Caitlin Gribbon CFH North, all Passed their B test

Libby Colmer South North, passed her B Care and now has  full B. Elizabeth Ann Ryan Fieldhouse, passed her B Care

AH TEST 29TH AUGUST  Kerry Dicken Cleveland branch has  passed  sec C of the AH test

B TEST RIDING  August 28th  Venue Stapleton Manor. 

Results Chloe Bragatzz Field House Centre Tamar Miller, Amy Miller, Breanne Kelson CFH South all passed their B Test  Willow Andrew Zetland   gained her B Riding

B TEST RESCHEDULED  May 31st   Venue High Plains 


Kay Errington, Tynedale. Emily Davidson South North Passed theirB test, Lucy Walby Morpeth and Libby Colman South North passed their Riding  Sian Routledge Wyndham passed her riding and has her full B test


Congratulations to Emi Rowel who has passed her A test


AH TEST  25th April  at Blackdyke Equestrian Centre


Congratulations to Amy Veitch Cumberland Farmers Hunt South who passed her AH test on 25th April

Philippa Nixon South Northumberland  passed section A, Becky Ross Tynedale Hunt passed section A and B, Kerry Dicken Cleveland Hunt passed section B

Well done Girls

LUNGE TEST 18th April 2018  Houghall College  Durham


Following members passed their Lunge test  Sophie Weedall South Northumberland, Becky Ross Tynedale, Sarah Bartlett Zetland Hunt, Breanne Kelso CFHSouth  Rachel Valks  Field House Centre Christine Buckle from Area 19  Well Done Girls


B RIDING TEST   10th April Venue This test was postponed due  to weather conditions


15th February following members hold Intro to Coaching level 1 Jennifer Kane Tynedale, Kerry Dicken, Cleveland Megan Smart, Laura Gray, Sarah Frank South Durham  and Christopher Westropp  Bennett Roxloe Centre

Congratulations to Ben Spraggon Braes of Derwent South, Samantha Elliott Zetland Hunt, and Emi Rowel South Northumberland on passing their AH test

They have all worked so hard over the past months training with Marianne Watts Well done.

Lunge Test Philippa Nixon, Amy Veitch, Sally Braithwaite.  Kerry Dicken, Jade Butterworth.

B Test Care   Tamar Miller and  Dan Joyce , Lettie Wareing, Lili Dickinson, Sarah Bartlett, Megan Smart, Jessica Walton, Sadie Abel Breanne Kelso,April Jackson

B test Riding William Quinn, Daniel Joyce, Rebecca Ross, Heather Crow, Sarah Bartlett Lily Dickinson, Lettie Wareing, Rachel Valks, Megan Smart, Jessica Walton,Sadie Abel

B plus Test  Philippa Nixon,  South Northumberland Samantha  Elliott Zetland Hunt, Amy Veitch  CFHS


 Tests 2016

Congratulations to LUCINDA ELLIOTT on passing her A test on 21st September, Lucinda is a member of the Zetland Hunt

B test riding at Stapleton Manor 11/09/16

Issy Andrew, Jessica Crompton, Zetland  Alex Tweddle BOD Jennifer Kane Tynedale   passed their B riding and now hold Full B test

Sarah Bartlett Passed her B Riding  Congratulations everyone

B Care, William Quinn Racheal Mellow, Sain Routledge, Rachel Valks, Gilly Frances,

Test Results 2015

Congratulations to the Following who members

02/08/15  Georgina Clarkson, Suzie Whites,  passed B test Emily Holden, Honor Gartland  B riding and now hold full B test Emily Rowell B care all members of South Northumberland Branch

B O D Ben Spraggon  B riding and now hold full B . Jo Beattie Wyndham passed B riding and now holds full B

13/09/15  B Care, Jessica Crompton Zetland, Jade Butterwick Field House Centre, Kate Poole Morpeth Hunt

B test  Samantha Elliott Zetland Hunt, Emily Rowell, South Northumberland


Congratulations to Helen Berry South Durham Hunt  who has passed her AH test

Congratulations to the following members

Lunge Test  10th April Laura Holliday, Nina Smith CFHS, Sarah Beattie, Jo Beattie Wyndham Sam Elliott Zetland Hunt


Test Results 2014

Congratulation to the following area 2 members who have attained, Lunge, B and AH tests Well done everyone

Lunge  Test Braes of Derwent  South   Ben Spraggon, Alex Tweddle, Frankie Pitt, Emily Bowden.

Full B test  South Northumberland Gemma Burvill  CFHS Laura Holiday, BOD Becca Nicholson.

B Care  South Northumberland  Georgina Courge, Emily Holdon, Honor Gartland, Field House Centre Abigail Richardson

Zetland  Sam Elliott. CFHS Amy Veitch, Caitlin Fox

AH Test   Tynedale Hunt   Christopher Grant, Amy Lawson Croome  Feildhouse Centre Ellie Moralee Morpeth Kirsten Cribbon who travelled to Kent to take her test in the spring

B Test  25/10/14  CFHN  Jenni Graham.  Riding who now has attained her full B  test. West Cumberland Charlotte Nicol  Wyndham

Jo Beattie and  Bronya  Macartney who have all attained their Care