About Area 5

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The Pony Club is divided into 19 geographical areas throughout the UK. Each Area has an Area Representative and a Centre Coordinator assigned to them who oversee their Branches and Centres.

The Pony Club has recently appointed Susan Goodridge as the new Area Representative for Area 5 assisted by the Area 5 Area Committee which is made up of experienced volunteers who are able to support the Area Rep in carrying out their role.

Area 5 covers North Wales north of Aberdyfi and across to the Peak District in the East. It is sub divided into 13 Branches that can better reflect the cultural diversity across the region.

Branches are focused on providing Equine education and learning experiences for those members that own their own horses, ponies and transport (though not exclusively).

Pony Club affiliated Riding Centres provide a similar experience of Equine learning for those members who do not own equines and transport!

Being a Pony Club Member brings some fantastic opportunities:

  • Having Fun – There are always lots of great things to do, with social events and activities, you will meet lots of new friends!
  • Sports – You can take part in NINE different Pony Club sports!
  • Competitions – You can enter competitions near your home and at Area Level. You also have the opportunity to qualify for the National Championships, the Spring Festival and the National Quiz.
  • Learning and Training – You can work towards Achievement Badges, Mini Badges and take The Pony Club’s internationally-recognised Tests
  • Insurance – Membership automatically provides you with personal liability insurance. Members are covered every day for a full year, up to £30m.
  • Help by Volunteering – Make your Branch or Centre even better by offering to help. It is a great way to build personal development skills for the future!