News | 27 March 2024

Area 5 – Winter Triathlon Championships

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On Sunday 24th March, 286 competitors took part in the Winter Triathlon Championships! There cannot have been many hotel rooms available in Grantham, as they were all filled with competitors and their families.

Area 5 had 32 competitors taking part which was more that any other Area in the country.
Twelve achieved a place at the Area 5 qualifying competition – 4 Minimus, 4 Juniors and 4 Seniors. The other twenty travelled the length and breadth of the country, trying to secure a place to the Championship. This is not easy, as to qualify out of your area you have to achieve either first or second place in your class. Some competitors were not successful on their first attempt but persevered and managed to qualify at another Areas event.

The Area 5 Minimus team came in 1st place!

  • Albert Lofthouse (East Cheshire) – 1st place individually
  • George Sherlock (Wynnstay) – 2nd place individually
  • Eliza Caudwell (Cheshire Hunt South)
  • Libby James (East Cheshire) – 4th place individually

Our other Minimus team came 7th.

  • Ryley Pickford (EC) – 10th place individually
  • Brodie Lynch (Tanatside) – 7th place individually – a shooting superstar once again scored the maximum 1000 points.
  • Genevieve Wright (CHS) – 8th place individually
  • Pippa Tierney (CHS)

55 Junior girls took part in the competition and our Area 5 team took 2nd place, just 49 points behind 1st place.

The team was made up of –

  • Bethan Stevens (Berwyn and Dee)
  • Orla Kissane (F&D) – 7th indivdually
  • Sophie Mulcaster (CHS) – 3rd place individually
  • Zara Mcnamara (EC) – 9th place individually
  • Scarlett Gilruth (Wynnstay) came in 8th place individually.

Our other Junior Team came in 8th place. This consisted of –

  • Archie Evans (B&D)
  • Harvey Brown (CHS) – best run in 4 minutes 51 seconds! Fantastic result out of 48 competitors.
  • Daisy Caldwell (CHS)
  • Sophie Davidson (CHS)

There were 34 Open Boys and 48 Open Girls. Our Open Team came in 6th place. This was made up of –

  • Thomas Johnson (CHS)
  • Abigail Mulcaster (CHS)
  • Leah Lamb (F&D)
  • Oliver Loud (Wynnstay) – best shoot and achieved 8th place
  • Annabel James (EC) came in 11th place.

It was a super day with so many team and individual placings. The sun was shining and not a hint of rain in the air.