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Area 6 will be holding an Eventing League during 2024 for both individuals and branches at PC 70, 80, 90 and 100’s (incorporating PC 100, Chairman’s Cup and 110) Levels. There is no fee or entry form required and all individuals and their respective branches will be automatically included in the league for entering the below competitions. Standings will be published each month on the Cheval Liberte Area 6 Eventing League page . The aim of the league is to encourage members to compete at all levels of eventing. All League Classes will be run strictly under 2024 Pony Club Eventing Rules. Please note for eligibility in the PC70 section riders must be aged 13 and under on the 1st January, 2024.

April 21st – Blankney Hunt ODE (70, 80, 90 and 100)

May 12th  – Quorn Junior ODE (70)

May 19th  – Burghley ODE (70, 80, 90 and 100)

June 1st  – Cottesmore ODE (70, 80, 90 and100)

June 16th – Fitzwilliam ODE (70, 80, 90 and 100)

June 22nd and 23rd – Fernie ODE (70 and 80 – 22nd June, 90 and 100 – 23rd June)

July 20th and 21st  – Belvoir and Area 6 Eventing (Sun 21st 70 & 80, Sat 20th -90, 100, Chairman’s Cup & 110)

Aug 26th TBC – South Notts (80, 90, 100)

TBC – Blankney Intro ODE (70)

Please note further dates may be added if any Area 6 Branches announce future ODEs during 2024.

Please check The Pony Club Area 6 website or Facebook Page regularly as dates/venues may change due to unforeseen circumstances.


Riders must be Members of an Area 6 Branch of The Pony Club. Open to any horse/rider combination at any level. Riders may ride more than one horse at any or the same level as each horse/rider combination will be awarded points separately. Please note you must enter each event using the same name for your horse/pony at every ODE you attend, otherwise your points will go to each horse name you use.


Area 6 Eventing League Points will be awarded to each horse/rider combination as follows:

All Competitors:

Finished on Dressage Score – 5

Double Clear (with time pens) – 4

Clear SJ only (with/without time pens) – 2

Clear XC only (with/without time pens) – 2

Placed Competitors:

1st   – 10

2nd  – 9

3rd  – 8

4th  – 7

5th  – 6

6th  – 5

7th – 4

8th – 3

Unplaced completion – 2

Non completion – 1

Points will be awarded solely to the finishing place within Area 6 entries. For example should an Area 6 Member finish 2nd to a non-Area 6 member, the Area 6 member would receive the points for first place. This will also be the case in mixed sections of Pony Club and Non Pony Club Members.

All points will be allocated by The Area 6 Rep.

At the end of The League Series the winner from each height section will be the horse/rider combination with the most points. In the event of a tie the combination with the greatest points accumulated from The Area 6 Area Eventing Competition  will be deemed the winner.

The Area Branch League will be determined by the addition of all the points from individuals representing that branch across all four levels, PC 70, 80, 90 and the 100 and overs.