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Training and Tests

Please read all the Information below before booking to make sure you enter the right test/s:

E TEST – approximately 1 hour – Your child needs to be over 4 years old to take this test but they can take it on or off the lead rein,

D TEST – Suitable for 8 years old upwards, lasting about 1 hour – You MUST have done the Mini Road Rider badge before you can take your D test.  

D PLUS TEST – takes about 1-1.5 hours, the recommended age is about 10 years old.   The instructors will help train your child at the working rallies BUT you must also commit to reading the syllabus and the recommended reading books with your child too.  On test day you will need a clean pony and safe tack and your child needs to wear shirt, tie, cream jods and a jacket.

C TEST – minimum age 11 years, You must have taken your Road Rider Badge before you take this test. You can now do this test in two parts – care and riding.  You are expected to have a secure seat without relying on the reins.

C plus TEST – minimum age 13 years, You need to riding on the flat, show jumping and cross country.  Again you can split this test between care and riding.  You would be expected to have the skills and knowledge to look after horses independently. 

The tests are progressive, you need to do them in order (except for the E which is voluntary), if your child had not done any tests before they need to start at D test and work upwards.  Depending on their age they could possibly do D and D plus on the same day, or E and D on the same day.  There is no need to do E, D and D plus on one day though.  You can find out more information about the tests HERE

Riding and Road Safety

There are several different levels:
Pre D test  –  mini road rider achievement badge
–  riders need to answer a few questions and demonstrate control in walk, observation and signalling at a simple simulated  junction
Pre C test –  full road rider achievement badge
–  riders have to answer a short theory paper, demonstrate control in walk and trot, observation, signalling, negotiate simple turns and hazards and show awareness and courtesy and how to dis-mount and lead.  The training for this is about 5 hours including access to the Junior Road Rider Book, we often give out the books and start the training unmounted a couple of days before the training/test day so that you have time to read them beforehand. 
PC Road Rider Test (Certificate) is now optional
Any riders who are contemplating a career with horses and want to do the BHS stage exams as well as PC can do the BHS Riding and Safety Test as it saves you having to do the exam at another stage.  It is also very useful as you are tested on the road rather than in a simulated environment.


September 2023

Well done to Millie and Jacob who trained for, and passed their Road Rider Achievement Badge.



A big congratulations to Red and Aidan, who both passed their B tests. Very proud of you both.

June 2023

Congratulations to Ameila, Harriet, Maisie and Millie who all passed their D+



April 2023

Well done to our members who passed  tests this weekend. 

D Test – Amelia, Harriet P, Charlotte, Zoe and Millie

Mini Road Rider – Maisie, Ava, Harriet B, Charlotte






December 2022

Well done to Aidan who  has passed his B test riding this month. 

August 2022

Congratulations to Florence and Alice who have passed their C test and to Red who passed her C plus test.

25th July

Well done to Poppy, Amelia, Lilly and Jess who all trained for and passed their Road Rider Achievement Badge in preparation for their C test next year.  Well done all! 



25th June 2022
Well done to our members who passed their PC tests today:
E test- Pippa, Thomas, Harriet and Matilda
D test – Ben and James

D plus test – Jess, Amelia and Jacob


31st May 2022 – Congratulations to Imogen, Thomas, James, India, Zoe, Ben, Matilda and Harriet who all passed their Mini Road Rider today


Congratulations to our members who passed their Mini Road Rider today (24/4/21) 

Amelia P, Amelia R, Millie,  Harriet, Poppy R, Eliora, Charlie, Zoe, Beth and  Martha 

2020 – Congratulations to the following who passed their tests this year after training via Zoom during lockdown:

C test – Ruby

C plus care – Millie, Sophie and Megan 

2019 – Congratulations to those who have passed their tests this year:

  • D test – Izzy, Harley, Jacob, Dylan, Poppy and Jessica
  • D and D plus test –  Alice 
  • Izzy, Harley, Jacob, Poppy, Jessica and Alice all passed their mini road rider badge and Megan and Sophie – big road rider badge. 
  • C plus test – Daisy and Aidan
  • C test – Millie, SophieS, SophieB and Megan

Congratulations to all our members who passed their Achievement tests on 5th May 2018, including Megan, Sophie, Ruby, Sophie and Hope who passed their D plus tests. And to Lilly, Isabella, Matilda, George, Megan and Sophie who passed their D tests and George and Charlie their E tests, well done all.

D plus test

E test

Congratulations to George, Sophie B, Megan, Isabella and Matilda who all passed their Mini Road Rider badge and to Hope and Sophie S who passed their Road Rider Badge this weekend.  Well done!


OctoberWell done to Millie Seymour who passed her Riding and Road Safety Achievement Badge, special congratulations as it was on a horse she had never ridden before.  WELL DONE!

16th July 2017

Well done to all who passed their achievement tests – Jessica and Jacob E test, E testFlorence, Charles and George D test,

D testSam and Evie D plus Test.

D plus testWell ridden everyone!

May 2017

Well done to Toby, Rose and Connie who passed their C test and Emmi who passed her C plus test riding.

Congratulations all!

November 2016

Congratulations to everyone who has passed tests this Autumn;

C test 

Allisya, Sebastian, Tilly, Josie, Amy, Lily, Freddie, Rosie, Aidan, Lahni, Emmi, Olivia, Amelia, Daisy

Harry C test model

C Plus test

Eleanor, Julia, Jess, Tilly, Alice

C Plus Riding  Test



Well done to the following who passed their Riding and Road Safety tests this month

  • Jess – Certificate
  • Ruby, Lauren, Eva and Maggie  – Mini badge
  • Olivia, Fred, Ruby, Eva and Rose – Achievement badge


JULY 2016

Congratulations to the following who passed their tests today – Amelia K (D, D+ test), Hope R (D, D+ test), Josie B (D, D+ test), Maisie P (D, D+ test), Lilly J (E test), Kelcey H (E test), Gabreilla F (E test), George S (E test), Grace P (E Test),  Viva M ( D test), Sophie S (E, D Test),  Holly K (E, D Test)   After all their hardwork they celebrated with a picnic and a fun lesson on the XC course.  Poor Lilly had a dunking in water at the beginning of her XC hour and then carried on for the rest of the hour squelching as she went but smiling until the end!

Wet lily


JUNE 2016

Well done to Amelia, Chloe, George, Anne, Viva, Kelcey and, last but by no means least, Grace who all passed their Mini Riding and Road Safety badge, doesn’t Grace look pleased with her first badge!  Congratulations also to Amelia, Chloe, Josie, Maisie and Red who passed their Road Safety Achievement badge the next day too.

Grace RRS