Saturday February 24, 2024


The BWY PC has had a great year with Tetrathlon and we continue to grow in numbers and success.


The Tetrathlon is made up of four disciplines; pistol shooting (or bean bag throwing for the Beanies), swimming, riding and running. It’s a great event for those who enjoy a range of sports, develops different skills and is a brilliant social and team atmosphere.


We can enter members to competitions as individuals or in teams. Either way, there is full support from everyone at the competitions in true BWY PC style.


Tetrathlons are mostly over the summer months and held over two days, so to keep us going over winter we also have one day triathlons (without the riding). There are several competitions held throughout the course of the year before the Area Qualifier, so plenty of opportunities to get ready.


We host weekly shoot practice with guns provided and everybody is welcome to join. Please do get in touch if you would like to give it a go!!


Age groups are as follows as at 1st January:


Beanies 7 and under

Tadpoles 9 and under

Minimus 11 and under

Junior 14 and under

Intermediate and Open 25 and under


The PC Tetrathlon rulebook contains further information and guidelines:


Please get in touch for training and competitions or any queries:


Lindsey-Anne Murfin

07860 870863