Bedale & West of Yore Pony Club

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Bedale & West of Yore Pony Club provides a full and varied calendar of events for members of all ages and capabilities. We run One Day Events, Tetrathlons, Dressage, Endurance, Fun Days, Mounted Games, Polo, Achievement Badges, residential camps, day rallies, the list goes on.

We also run various fund raisers through the year which helps to pay for equipment, hire of venues and subsidise some of the instruction your children get. We would love to see more people volunteer to help at the above events and activities. If anyone has any new ideas please let one of the committee members know and we will raise it at the next committee meeting and try to fit it in into our calendar.

To give your children so many opportunities takes a phenomenal amount of work and time and at branch level Pony Club is a volunteer led organisation.

We are very lucky to have a core team of people we can always rely on to give their time and very importantly their energy. Some of these people are past members or parents who are giving back to Pony Club to ensure that the next generation have the same opportunities that they did. Going forward we need to strengthen this team and have more members contribute to Pony Club life in some way.

We appreciate that just having a pony/horse takes huge amounts of time and that people have family and work commitments too. Some people are unable to help at particular times of the year or during the working week. We do not expect everyone to volunteer every time we put out a request for help, but we would like more people to volunteer more often and spread the jobs around.

 If you can’t attend an event or are struggling for time we are more than happy for your extended family to offer their help. I’m sure there must be many young at heart grandparents and older siblings who would be happy to jump judge, tack check, write for dressage judges, creosote fences, etc. It can be a fun day out for them as well as supporting the Pony Club, any help they can give will be very gratefully received.
To ensure we can continue to organise and run a full calendar of events throughout the year we need support from families. To help make sure this happens and make it so every family takes a fair share in helping the branch we would like each family to commit to helping with a minimum of 3 events throughout the year.  Like most things in life, the more you put in the more you get out, your children and you will make some lifelong friendships whilst being involved with Pony Club.

 Thank you for your anticipated help and support, it is much appreciated and goes a long way to ensuring we keep the Pony Club spirit going. Who knows, we may even have the next William Fox Pitt or Mary King amongst our midst.

We look forward to seeing you and your family in the coming year.