Monday May 29, 2023
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Rallies and Training

Link to Rally Form  

Paypal username: BurghleyPonyClub

For a list of all current training and rally dates, please see the calendar page. Sign up for all rallies is via the rally form above and should be paid via PayPal. For any questions regarding the rallies please contact the rally organiser. Full details can be found on our Facebook page.  

Once the rally form is submitted a link for PayPal is provided, but if for any reason it doesn’t link through, please use the PayPal username above and add rally details and the child’s name in the notes section. 

What are rallies?

Rallies are group lessons, which can cover all aspects of riding and pony care at all levels. The price charged for each rally covers the cost of coach and facilities for that rally.  The schedule of rallies and how to enter is available on the calendar tab. 

By sharing lessons with top coaches, Pony Club members can access first-class coaching at reasonable prices. At some rallies members work on a specific sport such as dressage, cross country or showjumping. Others are general rallies where several different disciplines are covered.

Rallies are very social events where like-minded youngsters forge lasting friendships. Rallies are open to all ages and abilities unless specified otherwise – this is usually for practical reasons, e.g. the xc fences start at a certain height or the coach specialises at a certain level. 

To make the most of your rallies:

  • Plan to be ready 10 minutes before your rally start time.
  • Make sure the rally organiser or coach knows you have arrived.
  • Find out what group you are in, who your coach is and where you are meeting (we will either email or post on facebook times for rallies).
  • At the end of your rally please remember to thank your coach & organiser before you leave.


Please view our handy Burghley Survivial Guide