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The Cambridgeshire Hunt Branch of the Pony Club (CHPC)

Our club was founded in 1934 and is part of Area 8. We have almost 100 members, and we warmly welcome newcomers.

In addition to the Pony Club’s stated vision, values and charitable purpose, our further aim at CHPC is to provide the best value possible to our members.

We remain indebted to our wonderful landowners: the Pemberton family at Trumpington Hall, the Shaw family at Tetworth Hall and the Morris-Lowe family at Haggis farm. With their kind support, we are able to manage costs and provide best value rallies and training sessions.

For the most up to date rally, training and competition information, we recommend that you join our closed Facebook and Instagram pages. Please see links to side and below.

Social Licence to Operate – What it means and what it means for CHPC.

You may / may not be aware of the Social Licence to Operate which has become more of an issue over recent years. We are in the public eye and are therefore not immune from social opinion and all have a duty to uphold and maintain the standards that the wider public would expect of us.


Please find attached an email sent to the Branch 12/2/24, explaining what social licence to operate is and what it means for CHPC.

Just a reminder, in case you were wondering……..

All of our coaches are fully accredited.

All of our organisers and committee are unpaid volunteers.

Please respect accordingly.

We believe that CHPC is a fantastic community to belong to. We expect that all those affiliated to the club, adhere to the Code of Conduct rules as laid out by PCUK.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the PDF’s attached.

CHPC Refunds

Should you be unable to attend an event or activity, refunds are only given if, in the first instance, you find a substitute or failing that, we have a reserve. This applies to all rallies, training sessions, camps, competitions and events.

If a rally, training session, camp, competition or event must be cancelled, a full or partial refund (where costs are incurred) may be given at the discretion of the CHPC committee.

Reasonable Adjustment.

The Pony Club has recently updated their Reasonable Adjustment Policy. Please take time to read the document that is linked and contact any of the committee if you’d like further help or advice. We’d love to help in any way.