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Cotley Achievements

We had a busy June half term with members taking various test and achieving their road rider badges. Thank you to Jane Reed for Examining and Liz Russo letting us use her facilities.

Many Congratulations to the following for passing their


Full C Test

Well Done

Mia Morris

Olivia Lemon

D+ Test

Well Done

Bella Corrin

Freya White

D Test

Well Done

Archie Legg

Sophia Legg

Phoebe Ayling

Ellie Furnish


Here is the link to all the test syllabuses included the progressive tests,A%20Test%202023

E TEST [Voluntary]     Pale Yellow Felt

Mini Road Rider Badge Syllabus

D TEST                               Yellow Felt         Recommend Age 8yrs

D+ TEST                            White Felt          Recommended Age 10yrs

Road Rider Badge Syllabus

The Following Test can be spilt into 2 parts

C TEST                                Green Felt         Recommend Age 11yrs

  • Riding – Silver Grey Felt 
  • Care- Meadow Green Felt

C+ TEST                             Pink Felt           Minimum Age 13yrs

  • Riding – Burgundy Felt
  • Care- Turquoise Felt

B TEST                                Red Felt              Minimum Age 14yrs

  • Riding – Beige Felt 
  • Care- Brown Felt

B+ TEST [Voluntary]   Purple Felt     Minimum Age 16yrs

The Lunging Test         Light Blue Felt Minimum Age 16yrs

AH Test                             Pink Felt            Minimum Age 16yrs

A Test                                  Blue Felt            Minimum Age 17yrs

Note ; there are some voluntary tests the rest are compulsory

there is now an introduction to coaching course

For further information on any test please contact Holly at

Over the Summer there will be C and C+ training available dates are coming soon, keep checking the EntryMaster page