Thursday November 30, 2023
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Tetrathlon is a fun and challenging sport, comprising shooting (with an air pistol), cross-country running, swimming and riding  cross-country.  It is well-supported in the Cotswold Vale, with a strong group of riders of all ages taking part in training and competition, with several members going through to compete as juniors at regional level and higher.  In previous years, we have had members competing at the Pony Club Championships.

During the winter months, competitions do not include the riding element, and become triathlons.  Some competitions offer ‘tiddlers’ (under 8 years old) a chance to run and throw bean bags (instead of shooting), and ride a very small enclosed course. ‘Tadpole’ classes are also run for 8 & 9 year olds with the shoot, run and swim the same as the ‘minimus’ class, but the ride is under 60cm.

Tetrathlon-related coaching

SHOOTING: Robbie Dee will be running shoot coaching for anyone aged 8yrs + who is thinking of competing at triathlon/tetrathlon this season. Sessions will be run as 1 hour training for max 3 children at a time, at cost per child of £15. Robbie is an excellent coach, and its well worth taking up the opportunity for this specialist coaching. We have club guns that your child can borrow, and adults are encouraged to learn how to load safely and support their child’s shooting as this is required for competition. Younger siblings MUST be supervised closely, and we will aim to get the bean bag throwing target out so any younger ones can have a practise too.   Please check the forthcoming rallies page for dates.

CROSS-COUNTRY: members  join the eventing rally sessions to improve their cross-country riding skills.

Please check the regular e-mail newsletter, Cotswold Vale facebook page,  or Area 9 website for details of upcoming events. Competitions are also listed on the main Pony Club website here.