Friday October 18, 2019

Some fun team dressage to music at camp. Fancy dress and props!! 

The Craven Hunt Pony Club won the 2019 Grassroots Competition fielding multiple teams who dedicated a lot of training time with Ali Surrey-Dane and as teams in their own time.  Fantastic results placing 

Dressage training for 2019/20

In 2020 we will offer a number of specialist rallies which will help members improve their dressage. You might want to focus on dressage as part of a general improvement in your riding or you may have ambitions to qualify for the National Championships.

Sarah Ward will be preparing members for the Area competitions and Ali Surrey-Dane will be preparing our Grassroots teams which we will be hosting next summer.

In the summer we will also run training sessions for members of our teams competing in the Area 14 competition.

If you want to be considered for Craven teams for the Area competition we have certain expectations of you, and we make some commitments to you in return.

The Craven will provide training sessions with good instructors to give members the very best chance of gaining selection for a Craven team. We will be clear about the selection criteria for teams so that members know what they need to do to give themselves the best chance of selection.

You will gain competition experience and keep us informed of your performance. To be eligible for Area team selection at the end of June you need to have competed in at least 3 events at a standard appropriate to the team you are aiming for. And you must have attended at least 3 mounted rallies for all ages between 1st July 2019 and the date for preliminary entries for the 2020 Areas in June. Camp or Clinic count as one rally.

The very best of luck.

As the season progresses we will post results and reports on the News page.