Friday October 18, 2019

What are Tetrathlon & Triathlon?

Tetrathlon is a sport which involves taking part in four phases: running, shooting, swimming and riding. The score in each phase is added together to produce an overall score. 4000+ points is very good. Triathlon involves three phases: running, shooting and swimming. Mandy Denton organises Tetrathlon for the Craven. If you require more information please contact her at

Throughout the winter months, Area 14 holds a Triathlon Winter League Competition. There are about six competitions held across Area 14 which are organised by the Pony Club branches. There are various age groups – and everybody is encouraged to get involved, whatever your level. We have competitors from ages 7 to 18.

We also hold training sessions for Craven members over the winter, mainly shooting and running, but hoping to do swimming soon too. New Members are always welcome.

Here are the basics!


The faster you run the better! There is a bogey time which equates to 1000 points. For every second faster or slower, points are added or deducted. Minimus – run 1000m. The bogey time is 4 minutes. Juniors – run 1500m. The bogey time is 5 mins 40 secs. Intermediate and Open Girls – run 1500m. The bogey time is 5 mins 20 secs. Intermediate Boys – run 2000m. The bogey time is 7 mins. Open Boys – run 3000m. The bogey time is 10 mins 30 secs


10 shots (5 on each target) scoring 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points. Maximum score 100×10 which equates to 1000 points.


The further you swim the better! Any style you wish and points are scored for every metre completed. Minimus – swim for 2 mins. Juniors and Intermediates – swim for 3 mins. Open Girls – swim for 3 mins. Open Boys – swim for 4 mins.



This usually takes place over cross-country fences and includes a gate to open and close mounted, and a slip rail. A clear round in the time allowed equates to 1400 points (Minimus competitors are not timed). Height of fences: Minimus 76 cms, Junior 91 cms, Intermediate 1.00m, Open 1.10m

Penalties are deducted from 1400 points as follows: 1st refusal – 60 pens, 2nd refusal 100 pens, 3rd refusal – 500 pens & retirement, plus 50 pens per fence thereafter.

See the national Pony Club Tetrathlon website for the rulebook and more information.