Thursday October 6, 2022
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The Young Equestrian Leaders Award (YELA) is an award scheme designed to recognise the time and effort young volunteers give to equestrianism and shape their experience, so they become equestrian leaders of the future.  The award is open to all young people between the ages of 13 and 25.

YELA is a hugely rewarding experience, and through volunteering you’ll be able to help others enjoy equestrian sports and feel a great sense of achievement in return.

From Bronze to Gold, the award is a challenging journey which develops not only equestrian knowledge but the skills for life that everyone is looking for from employers to colleges and universities.



Why should I sign up?Learning new skills
We believe that the YELA award demonstrates commitment, leadership and responsibility and could provide a springboard  to a whole host of fantastic experiences in equestrianism. YELA may lead candidates down many different paths: coaching, horse care, fundraising, training and mentoring volunteers and much more besides.

YELA seems to be similar but perhaps a little simpler than the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, and could look really impressive on your UCAS form/personal statement.


Where can I volunteer?
You can volunteer at any of the  Member Bodies which make up the British Equestrian Federation (BEF). The BEF is a federation made up of 19 independent member bodies (15 full and 4 associate), each of which is an equestrian organisation in its own right.  Its member bodies work closely together to co-ordinate policy on a wide range of issues such as equestrian facilities, coaching and volunteering.  Between them they represent over 210,000 people with a wide range of equestrian interests from elite competitive sports to trade and leisure activities.
The Pony Club is probably the easiest place to start for, or the RDA who accept volunteers from 12years of age, but there are plenty of events locally and nationally that need volunteers.

How does it work?
The award  runs over three progressive levels, bronze, silver and gold awards. All candidates must start at Bronze which requires just 20 hours of volunteering and introduces skills in responsibility, organisation and Communication, Silver  (40 hours) and Gold, each developing these skills further. The Gold Award requires 120 hours of volunteering, encouraging leadership, taking the lead on the planning and delivery of a volunteering project. Full details of Award stages
Your hours are recorded in your Log Book, which must be signed by the volunteer body you have completed your hours at. When you have completed the required hours you must complete a short set of questions about your volunteering experiences.
When both of these stages are complete, you send them back to YELA  for assessment. Once you achieve your award they will send you your certificate and pin badge and you can apply for the next level.

When can I get started?
We’d be delighted to support any members who are interested in starting the Award. Take a look at the website and then if you want to take part please, Register and as soon as you have your logbook you can get in touch with any of our event organisers to start building your hours. Hours may be counted from volunteering with any centre/event/branch or group affiliated to one (or more) BEF Member Body.