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Each Branch covers a geographical area and is organised using the Purposes and the Rules of The Pony Club. Every Branch is led by a District Commissioner helped by a Committee of people assigned to specific roles to support the running of the Branch. Please note every member of the Branch Committee is a volunteer, dedicating spare time to support every Member.

Here you will find the contact details for Committee Members able to help with enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Anne-Marie Kethro

District Commissioner – Acting and Secretary
Currently running as an Acting DC until I either move areas or we decide to stay when I will be happy to take on role fully. My daughter joined the club 6 years ago and has grown in confidence . Not one to stand on the side-lines I decided to get more involved 3 years ago. I love watching the young riders develop and hone their skills building relationships with their ponies and peers and having fun.