Sunday August 18, 2019

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In a state of shock and disbelief, it is with great sadness and regret that The Pony Club Championship Committee has had to make the utterly heart-breaking decision to abandon the 2019 Pony Club Championships, scheduled for 16 – 20 August at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire.

Due to heavy rainfall over the weekend and an exceptionally wet summer, there is now standing water on many areas of the site, with the stabling area and lorry park in particular being totally inaccessible. With more heavy rain forecast over the next week, the organising teams were faced with the horrifying fact that there was no option but to abandon all competitions at Cholmondeley Castle on the grounds of safety. Hours of agonising deliberation have been spent exploring any possible option to run the event safely, but this has not been viable.

The Pony Club National Championships will be held at Cholmondeley, Cheshire on the 16th to the 20th August.


The Pony Club Regional Championships will be held at Eland Lodge on the 24th to the 26th August.


East Cheshire Branch will be taking 20 of our horses and ponies and their riders to perform their brand new 90th celebration musical ride”Ninety Years From Now” on Friday 4th October at 1.50 pm. More details will follow about coach trip and discounted tickets.  Also the Musical Ride Team would like to thank everybody who supported our cake stall at the Cheshire shield.”



There has been a very slight change to the pony club sport rules regarding spurs and therefore we have updated the ECBPC Spurs Policy to reflect this change.  Please see the new (March 2019) policy.ECBPC Spurs Policy Mar19

Equine Flu vaccine information is now on the Parents Information Page


Any members interested in any training – please contact EC Chief Instructor Louise Cairns before booking.


Jill Walton is our Liaison Officer if any parents need help with anything Pony Club related please contact Jill on or Individual Head of Sports


Just a polite notice and this is to cover all disciplines. On the whole we have a good standard of Tack and turnout within the Branch however discipline heads are noticing we do have room for improvement. Please make sure your tack is clean, fitting correctly and all stitching is in good repair. The pony needs to be clean and well groomed. All members to be in EC Sweatshirt with either a EC Polo Shirt or Shirt and PC tie underneath. Beige, Cream, White, Black or Navy Jodhpurs to be worn NO LEATHER EFECT, DENIM or PATTERNED SEATS. Girls to all wear hairnets and long hair to be in a Bun. Coats can be worn either EC Coats or a plain black or Navy NO HOODS.

All hats need to be retagged this year and hat silks must be plain black or navy – Louise Cairns or Heather Pearson will be retagging. So please bring your hats to Working Rallies or SJ Rallies.



ECBPC Spurs Policy Mar19  –   Please all have a read of the new spurs policy for 2019



Entry slip for rallies if not entering via Entrymaster  –  EC-Entry-Slip-2019