Friday February 26, 2021
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Achievement Badges

Contact: Emily Barnes,
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Achievement Badges

Main Achievement Badge Workbooks

To work towards the following badges, download the relevant workbook. Do some research to complete the workbook – Emily can point you in direction of places to look if you are stuck. Once a workbook is complete, please send to or in post to Emily at 610 Crewe Road, Sandbach, CW11 3RY. Emily will then be in contact with a few fun quiz questions, small group activity or other as appropriate, and badges will be awarded when possible.

Native Breeds

Equine Behaviour


Points of the Horse

Poisonous Plants

Working Dogs

Bird Watching


Mini Achievement Badge Workbooks

Care of the Foot

Colours and Markings

Horse Clothing

Mucking Out


Poisonous Plants



Achievement Badge Special Awards

Gold Achievement Badge Award

Awarded for achieving 21 main circular-shaped badges

Mini Gold Achievement Badge Award

Awarded for achieving 14 mini circular-shaped badges

Blue Cross Equine Welfare Merit Badge
Awarded for achieving the following 10 welfare-related badges:
Bandaging & Rugs / Care of the Horse’s Foot / Feeding / First Aid (Equine) / Handling & Grooming / Lorinery / Mucking Out / Perfect Paddock / Saddlery / Shoeing



For a full list of achievement badges see The Pony Club website