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Achievement Badges

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Badge Rallies 

Badge rallies are set to return in January 2020 and we are very excited to be planning for an action-packed year

What are Badge Rallies?

The Badge rallies are a great way to make friends and learn a wide range of skills.

The main achievement badges (larger size) are aimed at members aged 10+ or those who have already achieved the mini badge and reach the required level of knowledge. The mini badges are aimed at our younger members from approximately age 4 and above.

Members will work towards the appropriate badge and if they reach the required level of knowledge, they will be awarded with a badge at the end of the rally. It is not a pass/fail and no pressure will be put on members, some members may just benefit from revisiting the badge again. Once achieved, badges can be sewn onto the sleeve of the branch sweatshirt.

Members are dropped off for the duration of the badge rally, unless otherwise stated in the event details. A medical form will need to be received before the member’s first badge rally. After this, it is the parent’s responsibility to notify the organiser of any changes or specific requirements.

Useful links: Medical Consent Form

Upcoming Rallies

Watch this space…


Achievement Badge Special Awards

Gold Achievement Badge Award

Awarded for achieving 21 main circular-shaped badges

Mini Gold Achievement Badge Award

Awarded for achieving 14 mini circular-shaped badges

Blue Cross Equine Welfare Merit Badge
Awarded for achieving the following 10 welfare-related badges:
Bandaging & Rugs / Care of the Horse’s Foot / Feeding / First Aid (Equine) / Handling & Grooming / Lorinery / Mucking Out / Perfect Paddock / Saddlery / Shoeing



For a full list of achievement badges see The Pony Club website