Wednesday June 29, 2022
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Head of Discipline – Sally Harris 07775 882632

Grassroots Eventing – Sam Tweats 07762 809151 

The Cheshire Shield Horse Trials 2022

Saturday 16th July
At Somerford Park, CW12 4SW

We are again running our annual horse trials open to all PC members (any branch) and non-members (including riding club, BE and BHS members) at Somerford Park

For all details, schedule and entries, please go to the Cheshire Shield page.

We do hope you will come and join us, whether as a competitor, volunteer or spectator.

XC Rallies – 80, 90, 100, 100+

The rallies will be for those members who are confidently jumping solid XC fences 80, 90, 100 & 100+.  

Dates 2022:

Sunday 19th June
At Somerford (80 Acres)
Instructor: Liz Lyonette
Cap: £39

Saturday 9th July
At Somerford (80 Acres)
Instructor: Amy Lennon
Cap: £39

Entries on Entrymaster


Mini XC Rallies 60-70cm

Aimed at building skills for all budding eventers. MUST able to control their pony in open spaces.

Dates 2022:

Thursday 21st July
At Smallwood Livery
From 6pm
Instructor: Mary Goodridge
Cap: £33

Entries on Entrymaster


XC Course Walk Rally (inc. course walk for Cheshire Shield) 

Friday 15th July
At Somerford Park
Time – early evening. Start time: TBC
2 Groups: Classes 80 & 90 / Classes 100 & 110
Instructors:  TBC

If you intend to enter this year’s Cheshire Shield and  would like to attend the course walk please register your interest with Sally and advise which class you intend to enter.  Also open to those interested in learning about cross country.

Expressions of interest ASAP to


Eventing Fitness Training

Your Eventing organisers are looking at booking some fitness training on the gallops at Kelsall (under instruction) for those planning to Event at 80cm +

Cost is likely to be around £20 per session

Expressions of interest ASAP to


2021/22 Spring Festival Qualifiers & Championships:

For 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 100cm Levels

Full details and rules can be found here: 
Spring Festival Arena Eventing Details & Rules

Area 4/5 Preliminary Rounds:

Sunday 17th October – Kelsall Hill (Chipping & Haydock Park)
Saturday 27th November – Kelsall Hill (Chipping & Haydock Park)
Sunday 6th February – Kelsall Hill (East Cheshire) – Cancelled
Sunday 20th February – Kelsall Hill (Chipping & Haydock Park)

Area Final – Sunday 13th March at Kelsall Hill

Spring Festival Championships (70, 80, 90 and 100) – Friday 8th to Sunday 10th April 2022 at Arena UK


Summer Eventing Qualifiers & Championships:

Annually, branch teams from our area (Area 5: Cheshire and North Wales) compete against each other, and members can qualify individually for the Regional & National Championships detailed below:-

Area 5 Eventing Qualifier (Team & Individual) – Incorporated into our annual Cheshire Shield Horse Trials – Saturday 16th July 2022 at Somerford Park

Regional Championships (PC80) – 

National Championships (PC90, PC100 and PC100+) – Saturday 12th to Sunday 21st August 2022 at Offchurch Bury 

To be able to be selected to represent the Branch at Area (Cheshire Shield) both horse and rider must fulfil ALL the eligibility rules on the day of the competition.  These rules can be found in Section B of the Eventing Rules (Rule 33).  Rule 33 (6-12)  relates to the 3 Rally Rule which will be strictly applied.  It is helpful to keep a record of the rallies you attend so, if asked,  you can provide this information.  In addition please see Rule 34 which sets out who qualifies at Area for the Championships and the Regionals.
Eventing rallies are held every month and if you wish to be selected for a team, it is important that you (horse and rider combination) attend some of the xc rallies so you can be considered.
For all details on Pony Club eventing, including the current rulebook, click the following link:

XC Rally Information

All entries will be via Entrymaster.  Please provide as much information as you can about your experience so we can make sure you are grouped appropriately.

Entries will be limited and will be taken on a first come first service basis.  A wait list will operate once the classes are full so please text your details to Sally Harris – 07775 882632.

Refunds – we are unable to offer a refund or carry over any entry, if withdrawn after the closing date.  An exception to this is where we are able to find a replacement.   If you do need to withdraw please provide as much notice as possible.

If the venue cancel the event as result of the weather or for any other reason, we will move your entry to another XC rally of your choice.


Times will be text 2 days before each rally – but we will indicate on Entrymaster the time slot for each height i.e., 2-3pm 80-90 cm so you can plan your rally.


The Cap will vary depending upon the location of the Rally

Dress , Tack and Attendance

Please see the Parents Information page of the website in relation to dress for all PC rallies.  In addition, long sleeves must be worn together with the correct standard of SKULL CAP & BODY PROTECTOR. 

Please ensure your skull cap complies with the 2020 Hat Rule and has been tagged (aquamarine), and that your body protector complies with the 2020 Rule (BETA 2009 Level 3 standard – Purple tag).

There will be a tack check at each Rally.

Please make sure you are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Relevant Rules

Pony Club Eventing Rules  –

Pony Club Dress and Tack Rules  –

2020 Hat Tag Rule  –

2020 Body Protector Rule  –