Saturday March 6, 2021
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Membership Secretary: Pennie Drummond –, 07796 202160 (texts only during office hours)


New Members to East Cheshire 2020

*Click here to download the 2020 membership form*

Pony Club membership is now on a rolling basis and application/payment is via The Pony Club Central Office.  Membership for 2020 is £80 per member or £200 family membership.

Forward your completed membership form by:

Post to: Membership Team, The Pony Club, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RW
Email a scanned copy to:

Membership Payment

All membership payments are now paid directly to The Pony Club.  Payments can be made via:

  • Cheque – made payable to ‘The Pony Club’
  • Card Payment (call Pony Club office on 02476 698300 to make a card payment)

And finally…. Please don’t forget to complete the Gift Aid section on the membership form.  This is a valuable source of income to the Branch which then benefits the members as we can offer discounted activities.


Membership Renewals 2021

Due to the migration to the new system, the 2021 membership renewal process will not be available until all Branches have migrated – end November.  It is expected that an online payment system will support membership renewals.

Branch membership has changed to a 12 month rolling membership.  This means that, for example, if you joined on the 26th February 2020 then you would be due for renewal on 25th February 2021.

Please note the following points:

  • Members can renew up to 3 months before expiry to ensure there is not break in membership, eg a member due for renewal on 31stJanuary 2021 can renew anytime in January, in which case their subscription would run from 1st February 2021 – 31st January 2022.
  • If a member doesn’t renew before their expiry date, they will need to renew before they can attend any Pony Club activities, eg if a member was due to renew on 31st January and didn’t renew until 15th February, they would not be able to attend any Pony Club activities from 1st – 14th February.  In this case their renewed subscription would run from 15th February 2021 – 14th February 2022.


Jill Walton is our Liaison Officer if any parents need help re membership etc please contact Jill on