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Parents Information

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Contact: re Membership –        Pennie Drummond –, 07796 202160 (texts only during office hours)

Pennie Drummond
Pine View Farm
69 Northwich Road
Nr Knutsford
WA16 9LE


Membership Renewal Form for 2019  and Membership Form for new members 2019  – East-Cheshire-Pony-Club-Branch-Membership-Form-Autumn-Winter-2019


Just a polite notice and this is to cover all disciplines. On the whole we have a good standard of tack and turnout within the Branch however discipline heads are noticing we do have room for improvement. Please make sure your tack is clean, fitting correctly and all stitching is in good repair. The pony needs to be clean and well groomed. All members to be in EC Sweatshirt with either a EC Polo Shirt or Shirt and PC tie underneath. Beige, Cream, White, Black or Navy Jodhpurs to be worn NO LEATHER EFECT, DENIM or PATTERNED SEATS. Girls to all wear hairnets and long hair to be in a Bun. Coats can be worn either EC Coats or a plain black or Navy NO HOODS.

All hats need to be retagged this year and hat silks must be plain black or navy –  Louise Cairns or Heather Pearson will be retagging. So please bring your hats to Working Rallies or SJ Rallies.


Information for Parents 2018

EQUINE FLU  – action needed NOW!  Members will be well aware of the concern created throughout the GB equine world following the discovery of the equine flu virus in a number of vaccinated race horses, both in Cheshire and further afield.  You may also be aware that last year The Pony Club (PC), in line with a number of other leading equine organisations, announced that they intended to step up their checks on passports/vaccination records in respect of horses/ponies attending the national and Regional Championships and asked Areas and Branches to increase their checks at Area competitions. The PC  have also made it clear that checks this year will be much more stringent and there will be an absolute ban on horses/ponies taking part at any of the PC Championships if they cannot prove that they have a current and valid vaccination certificate. They say that the leniency which was applied last year will NOT be repeated.  With this in mind, the East Cheshire Branch Committee have resolved to set up a database of all horses/ponies which are used (or likely to be used) by EC members at events, including rallies, competitions, camps and the like, to ensure as far as possible that our members and their equine friends are, as far as possible, protected from the threat to welfare and disappointment from being excluded from competition. The database we propose to use is one currently in use by our friends at the East Cheshire Combined Training Group, the local riding club, who have been using is for some time. We are grateful to them for allowing us to adapt their software and experience. We are also grateful to our Membership Secretary, Pennie Drummond, for heroically volunteering to set up the system – it will be a massive task. We expect there to be at least 200 hundred equines used by our members and it would be great if we could register every one of them on the database.    The database will have a complete record of the vaccination of all animals registered on it and will provide an early warning system for both members and officials where there may be issues or queries.
What we need you to do NOW:
Send a scanned image or photograph of the relevant pages of the passport for each and every horse/pony you expect to use at a PC event this year. The relevant pages are:
(a)  the front page of the passport(s) showing the name and passport number for that animal; and (b) every other page from the 1st preliminary injection to current point in time. DO NOT SEND JUST THE LAST PAGE – the record has to begin with the 1st injection of the current series – and DO NOT SEND THE PASSPORT ITSELF
Please send the scan/photos to and she/we will do the rest. You will be told if there are any issues which we think need to be resolved.  For those who prefer to mail the information, Pennie’s address is Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 9LE
Please note:

  1. The rules have NOT changed – the current PC Vaccination Policy can be seen here:
  2. The establishment of the EC database is intended to assist members and ensure that they do not get caught unawares;
  3. Even if your horse/pony is included on the database, you should still carry the passport when travelling with the animal – you are likely to be asked for it when arriving at non-EC Branch events and may well be excluded from participating;
  4. By registering on the database, you and we can be confident that our members are up to date. 
  5. If we find that anyone’s passport is incorrect, don’t panic, we have time before the Area qualifiers to put it right. You can compete following the first and second primary vaccinations and these can be completed within a month;
  6. Although inclusion of horses details on the database is NOT compulsory, it is unlikely that non-registered animals will be selected to represent the branch on teams or as individuals;
  7. Do NOT expect your Vet to have picked up on any mistakes years before your annual boosters unless you have specifically asked them to check
    Brief summary of the current rules:

No Horse may take part in a PC Event (which includes entering competition stables) unless it has a current vaccination against equine influenza which complies with the following conditions:

  • Two injections for primary vaccination, not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days apart, are required before being eligible to compete
  • A first booster injection must be given not less than 150 days not more than 215 days after the second injection of primary vaccination
  • Subsequent booster injections must have been given at intervals of not more than one year, commencing after the first booster injection

If you are competing at the Winter Dengie Area Finals for Show Jumping and Dressage, we are happy to rush your checks through, as passports will be checked at the Area and the Championships at Addington Manor. Please contact EC Head of Dressage Corrie McLellan, if you have any doubts or queries –  PLEASE NOTE – INCLUSION ON THE DATABASE IS ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY – HAVING AN UP TO DATE VACCINATION RECORD IS NOT!
Regards  Geoff

Jill Walton is now our Liaison Officer if any parents need help with anything Pony Club related please contact Jill on  – 07958 213757 or 01606 227274  or Individual Head of Sports



East Cheshire Branch Clothing

Prices correct at 1st January 2018:

All Clothing is available to buy at Working Rallies

Jacket (Adult size 34 – L) £48.00

Jacket (Child size 26 – 32) £42.00

Sweatshirt (Adult size 34 – L) £16.00

Sweatshirt (Child size 26 – 32) £14.00

Polo Shirt (Adult size S – L) £15.00

Polo Shirt (Child size 26 – 32) £13.00

Cross Country Skins (Adult) £21.00

Cross country Skins (Child) £17.00

Cross Country Hat Silks £10.95

Tetrathlon Tops all sizes £20.00

Mounted Games Tops all sizes £15.00

Numnahs all sizes £29.00

Pony Club Ties – £5.50

Pony Club Badges – £2

Manual of Horsemanship – £16.95

Contact: Heather Pearson 01625 584226 or 07749 496478

Branch Dress code

Dress Code updated 2018 (2)


New Members 2019

The annual subscription is now £74 for each member.  Family membership, where there are more than 2 members in one family, is charged at £185 regardless of the number of children in the family.  The subscription normally covers the period February 1st 2019 to January 31st 2020.  However, members joining for the between September 1st 2018 and August 31st 2019 will receive Membership until January 31st 2020.

Make cheques payable to ‘ECBPC’.
Please send the completed application form, with correct payment, to Pennie (address above)
Welcome to East Cheshire pdf 2 2017


Competition Entry Forms

Those members who may be new to the Pony Club, or who haven’t previously entered competitions organised by other branches, may be wondering how to most easily go about obtaining the DC’s signature on the entry form.

The most usual way is for the form to be fully completed (all except the DC’s signature that is!) and sent to my home address (below) enclosing a SIGNED cheque for the entry, payable as instructed on the entry form, together with a stamped addressed envelope to the person receiving the entries on behalf of the organising branch. I will then sign the form and send it on, together with the cheque, in the SAE.

BEWARE! I have been known to have a holiday occasionally so, if time is tight, make sure that I will be able to forward it in time. It is usually acceptable for the secretary or other branch official to sign the form – it is a matter for the organising branch, the form itself will usually state.

Geoff Bell
District Commissioner

ECBPC Spurs Policy Mar19  – New Spurs Policy for 2019


The Pony Club Hat Rule revised 2014

HAT RULE 2014 revised June 2014 v2


Area 5 Respect Code of Conduct

 Area 5 – Respect Code of Conduct – Notice format – May 2011 



Branch fixtures and how to enter:

All our rally and competition dates are listed on the 2018 Fixtures page. To view further details (venue, entry fee/cap, organiser, approx times etc) click on the fixture heading and you will be redirected to the web page for that discipline or to a dedicated schedule.

To enter a rally or branch competition fill in an entry slip and send to the organiser, with your cap or entry fee, before the closing date or enter via Entrymaster (links are on the fixtures page).  Cheques should be made payable to ECBPC unless otherwise shown. Please use one cheque per fixture.

Some rallies may require you to ring the organiser for your times – make a note and please ring within the times shown. Times may also be posted on the website or be sent via text message to a mobile phone.

Inter-branch competitions are also listed, and those with a * have a schedule attached to download. 


Team Selection Policy Jan 2011





Directions to venues

Alsager Equestrian Centre: Whitegates, Betchton Lane, Lawton Heath End, Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 3RJ

Somerford Park Farm: Holmes Chapel Road, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4SW. 01260 299888

Kelsall Hill: Organsdale Farm, Middlewich Road, Kelsall, Tarporley, Cheshire, CW6 0SR

Huntersgate: Byley Lane, Byley, Cheshire, CW10 9LW

From Knutsford: Take the A50 towards Holmes Chapel for approximately 7 miles. After Woodside Golf Club on the right, turn right into Middlewich Road towards Byley. At the crossroads go straight across. Huntersgate is 100 metres on left.
From Holmes Chapel: Take the A50 towards Knutsford. Go past the first Byley turning then take the next left turn onto Middlewich Road. Directions as above.
From M6: Leave the M6 at junction 18 and head towards Holmes Chapel. At the mini roundabout, turn left on to A50 and follow directions as for Holmes Chapel above.

Smallwood Livery Centre: Brookhouse Farm, Brookhouse Green, Smallwood, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 2XE. 01477 500605 or 07889 041269

New Barn Livery: Chelford Road, Ollerton, Knutsford, WA16 8SZ 01565 632784


The Pony Club Body Protector Rule

The Pony Club does not make the use of body protectors compulsory, except for all cross-country riding and Pony Racing whether it be training or competing. The responsibility for choosing body protectors and the decision as to their use must rest with Members and their parents. It is recommended that a rider’s body protector should not be more than 2% of their body weight.

Body Protectors 2012 


The Pony Club Test Training System

Click here to download The PC Test Training System 


Pony Club Members Insurance

I am often asked by members what the Pony Club insurance covers and whether it is restricted to incidents at a PC organised event or elsewhere.

The brief answer is that

(1)    the insurance is personal liability insurance providing third party cover – thus what is covered is the liability of a member to others (including other members) for damage or injury suffered by them (and their property including animals) and does not cover damage or injury suffered by the member or the members pony/horse;

(2)    and the cover applies 24 hours and in all places

subject to exclusions.

Full details are available on the Pony Club website and there is a very useful Question and Answer page which can be accessed here:

Geoff Bell


Further information is available on The Pony Club main website.  Follow the link below: