Saturday May 27, 2023
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Page updated: 5 Apr

Membership: Pennie Drummond –, 07796 202160 
All general questions: Jo Richmond (Member Liaison Officer) – 07748 940748


Upgraded Online Entries System – January 2023

We have upgraded to a new version of our online payment system provided by our long-term partners ENTRYMASTER so please use the NEW LINK below to log on:

You will find that Entrymaster has had a facelift(!) and is now more user-friendly and has a dashboard functionality:

  • Profiles – if you set up your details, riders and ponies, future entries will self-populate.
  • Enter Events – does what it says on the tin! Use the arrows on the right-hand side of the screen to expand/collapse the selection information as required.
  • Entry History – did I enter for the next working rally? You can check now.
  • Transactions – that confirmation that your payment has gone through.
  • Payments – will now go through Stripe and not PayPal.

Now the important bit… each rider entry will now require their PC membership number. Entrymaster now has an integration with PELHAM (the Pony Club membership database) and your rider’s rally attendance will now be listed along with their badge and proficiency test achievements in their Portal with Pony Club. For rally organisers, this will now eliminate us having to search for membership numbers and update PELHAM ourselves. If your membership becomes overdue, you won’t be able to enter our activities until you have renewed. NB – if your rider’s name according to Pony Club is their ‘Sunday name’ ie Penelope but you previously entered Pennie in Entrymaster, you will need to use the PC name from now on.

PC membership number – yikes! Don’t panic search your emails for or or, as a last resort, text me (Pennie 07796 202160), but if I’m out and about I won’t reply instantly.


Sports Rulebooks

Sport-specific rulebooks are available online on the Pony Club website –


Equine Influenza

Please use the link to review the 2023 vaccination policy –


Codes of Conduct

Please select the appropriate policy from the main Pony Club website Policies page via the link below:

  • Members
  • Parents and/or Guardians
  • Coaches
  • Officials & Volunteers

The main Pony Club website also contains other Safeguarding and Duty of Care Policies – see


Dress code

Please see the following document for the branch dress code:

East Cheshire Dress Code

On the whole we have a good standard of tack and turnout within the Branch however discipline heads are noticing we do have room for improvement. Please ensure your tack is clean, fitting correctly and all stitching is in good repair. The pony needs to be clean and well-groomed. All members are to be in EC Sweatshirt with either an EC Polo Shirt or Shirt and PC tie underneath. Beige, Cream, White, Black, or Navy Jodhpurs to be worn NO LEATHER EFFECT, DENIM, or PATTERNED SEATS. Girls to all wear hairnets and long hair to be in a Bun. Coats can be worn either EC Coats or plain black or Navy NO HOODS.


East Cheshire Branch Clothing

Prices correct at 1st Jan 2023:

All Clothing is available to buy at Working Rallies
Payment for clothing is cash or cheque only

Jacket (Adult size 34 – L) £52.00
Jacket (Child size 26 – 32) £50.00
Sweatshirt (Adult size 34 – L) £18.00
Sweatshirt (Child size 26 – 32) £16.00
Polo Shirt (Adult size S – L) £18.00
Polo Shirt (Child size 26 – 32) £16.00
Cross Country Skins (Adult) £27.00
Cross country Skins (Child) £22.50
Cross Country Hat Silks £12.00
Numnahs all sizes £32.50
Ties £6.95
Metal Badge £3.54

Contact: Heather Pearson 07749 496478


Spurs Policy

The Pony Club Training Committee has reviewed the use of spurs at Pony Club activities and the latest guidance can be found here.


Stirrup Guidance

The link below is Pony Club’s guidance on the size and type of stirrups.


Body Protectors

Advance warning that BETA 2009 level 3 standard (purple label) Body Protectors will not be accepted at Pony Club events after 31st December 2023. After this date, only the BETA 2018 Level 3 standard (blue and black label) will be allowed.


Pony Club Members Insurance

I am often asked by members what the Pony Club insurance covers and whether it is restricted to incidents at a PC-organised event or elsewhere.

The brief answer is that

(1)    the insurance is personal liability insurance providing third-party cover – thus what is covered is the liability of a member to others (including other members) for damage or injury suffered by them (and their property including animals) and does not cover damage or injury suffered by the member or the member’s pony/horse;

(2)    and the cover applies 24 hours and in all places

subject to exclusions.

Full details are available on the Pony Club website and there is a very useful Question and Answer page which can be accessed here:


Any questions?

Jo Richmond is now our Liaison Officer if any parents need help with anything Pony Club-related, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jo at 
07748 940748 or Individual Head of Sports listed at the top of discipline pages