Tuesday August 16, 2022
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Parents Information

Page updated: 30 Jan

Contact: re Membership – Pennie Drummond – pennie.drummond@btinternet.com, 07796 202160 


Tack & Turnout

Just a polite notice to cover all disciplines:

On the whole we have a good standard of tack and turnout within the Branch however discipline heads are noticing we do have room for improvement. Please make sure your tack is clean, fitting correctly and all stitching is in good repair. The pony needs to be clean and well groomed. All members to be in EC Sweatshirt with either a EC Polo Shirt or Shirt and PC tie underneath. Beige, Cream, White, Black or Navy Jodhpurs to be worn NO LEATHER EFFECT, DENIM or PATTERNED SEATS. Girls to all wear hairnets and long hair to be in a Bun. Coats can be worn either EC Coats or a plain black or Navy NO HOODS.


Equine Influenza

The current PC Vaccination Policy can be seen here: Pony Club Vaccination Rule 2022 


Any questions?

Jill Walton is now our Liaison Officer if any parents need help with anything Pony Club related please contact Jill on jillwalton1306@gmail.com  – 07958 213757 or 01606 227274  or Individual Head of Sports


East Cheshire Branch Clothing

Prices correct at 1st Jan 2022:

All Clothing is available to buy at Working Rallies
Payment for clothing is cash or cheque only

Jacket (Adult size 34 – L) £52.00
Jacket (Child size 26 – 32) £50.00
Sweatshirt (Adult size 34 – L) £16.00
Sweatshirt (Child size 26 – 32) £14.00
Polo Shirt (Adult size S – L) £15.00
Polo Shirt (Child size 26 – 32) £13.00
Cross Country Skins (Adult) £22.50
Cross country Skins (Child) £18.50
Cross Country Hat Silks £12.00
Tetrathlon Tops all sizes 
Mounted Games Tops all sizes £15.00
Numnahs all sizes £31.50
Ties £6.05
Metal Badge £2.75

Contact: Heather Pearson 07749 496478 heather.pearson30@btinternet.com

Pony Club ties and stocks, metal membership badges, the Manual of Horsemanship and many other items of official Pony Club merchandise are available to buy from the Pony Club Shop: https://harryhall.com/ponyclubshop NOTE: clothing available from the Harry Hall Pony Club Shop can not be worn instead of East Cheshire branch clothing at rallies. The items listed above MUST be purchased from Heather to count as branch uniform for the dress code.


Dress code

Please see the following document for branch dress code:

East Cheshire Dress Code


Spurs Policy

Spurs may be worn at branch rallies and events. However, their use will be monitored. Please see the following document for our current spurs policy including guidance

East Cheshire Spurs Policy 


Area 5 Respect Code of Conduct

 Area 5 – Respect Code of Conduct – Notice format – May 2011 



The Pony Club Body Protector Rule

The Pony Club does not make the use of body protectors compulsory, except for all cross-country riding and Pony Racing whether it be training or competing. The responsibility for choosing body protectors and the decision as to their use must rest with Members and their parents. It is recommended that a rider’s body protector should not be more than 2% of their body weight.

Body Protectors 2012 


Pony Club Members Insurance

I am often asked by members what the Pony Club insurance covers and whether it is restricted to incidents at a PC organised event or elsewhere.

The brief answer is that

(1)    the insurance is personal liability insurance providing third party cover – thus what is covered is the liability of a member to others (including other members) for damage or injury suffered by them (and their property including animals) and does not cover damage or injury suffered by the member or the members pony/horse;

(2)    and the cover applies 24 hours and in all places

subject to exclusions.

Full details are available on the Pony Club website and there is a very useful Question and Answer page which can be accessed here: