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Contact: Pennie Drummond 07796202160 – text please during office hours –

Polocrosse – is a fun activity for you and your pony, no experience necessary.

Congratulations to Polly Walton and Alex Vickers who have been selected to play for Wales and Scotland respectively at the Pony Club Home International Tournament on 20th/21st July at Backford, near Chester.  Congratulations!



Playing equipment will be provided.  Ponies are required to have boots/bandages and overreach boots on all round.  Members will have the opportunity to work towards their ‘Introduction to Polocrosse’ badge, if not already held.


Please find below the latest view of the winter training schedule for those interested in polocrosse.  Celyn is our local UKPA polocrosse club and their training sessions are also open to Pony Club members.  With the availability of their dates, I can now organise more East Cheshire training – watch this space!  We are also investigating running some on foot sessions too.

If you are interested in attending any of the Celyn dates please contact me – Pennie Drummond (07796202160 – text during office hours).



Pennie Drummond (07796202160 /




What is Polocrosse? 

As the name itself implies, polocrosse is a combination of polo and lacrosse. It is a team game played on horseback, where each player has a polcrosse stick. The players pick up, carry and pass a sponge ball from player to player, with the aim of scoring goals. The team that scores the most goals in a match is the winner.

All age and abilities can play and mounted games ponies adapt extremely well. Polocrosse can be done on any pony (so long as it doesn’t kick) and even the nervous ones will usually be persuaded.

A team is made up of three players on the pitch. The three players in each section play the positions of No. 1 “attack”, No. 2 “midfield”, or No. 3 “defence”, each one of these players is allowed in particular areas of the pitch and so to score goals the players have to work together.

Polocrosse is great fun and teaches members a number of very useful skills, while also improving their balance. Come and give it a go!