Saturday May 27, 2023
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Working Rallies

Page updated 24 Apr

Contacts: Heather Pearson (Assistant D.C.) 07749 496478

Working Rallies are designed to be fun whilst also improving a wide range of skills and abilities within a one hour group, instructor led lesson. The sessions are split into two thirty minute sessions, one which focuses on you and your pony’s flatwork and the other half focusing on jumping (or poles).

In East Cheshire, working rallies are a fantastic place to start for beginners or those new to the branch due to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, whilst also providing a great place for the older members to improve too. Riders are within groups no larger than five which means there is the opportunity to make friends along the way! 

2023 Dates:

One hour’s group instruction consisting of 30 mins flatwork and 30 mins show jumping (or poles) 

All at Somerford Park Farm (Ash arena) – Mornings*

*Rallies from April to October will start with lead rein & first ridden groups. Rallies from November to March will run the opposite way and start with the 90+ group.

Saturday 13 May Saturday 20 May
Sunday 11 June
Saturday 8 July

Sunday 24 September
Sunday 22 October
Sunday 19 November
Sunday 3 December


Cap £12 for each rally

All entries on Entrymaster

The closing date for all working rallies will be the Monday prior to the event, unless the event is already at maximum capacity, with times being text to the mobile number supplied on the entry the Thursday before the rally. 


Dress code for working rallies:

East Cheshire Dress Code


East Cheshire Branch Clothing

All branch clothing, including hat tags, are available to try and buy at each working rally. Please note that PC ties, badges and manuals are available for purchase too. Payment for clothing is cash, cheque or via online banking (BACS).

For the current list of available items and prices, please see the Parents Information page


Group abilities & considerations:

  • We will always endeavour to ensure the groups are with similar abilities. However, there will always be groups where we have children and ponies/horses with mixed levels of abilities. This supports the pony club’s objectives of “working together”, and sometimes there are not enough entries to make same ability grouping possible.
  • The instructors at working rallies always endeavour to help individuals at their own level, so will liaise closely with your children to ensure they get the most out of each rally.
  • All rides have a minimum and maximum number of children; it is not fair to either under fill or overfill the groups.
  • Please detail as much information as possible surrounding how much your child has done both on the flat and jumping so that we can group rides as effectively as possible. Key indicators include but are not limited to: Does your child jump fillers? Have they completed a dressage test before? 
Thank you very much for your support, Heather.