Friday February 23, 2024
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Annual Awards and Trophies


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Our Annual Awards

All our awards are intended to encourage, inspire, reward and recognise excellent sportsmanship, skills and practice in our members. They are open to all active members of our Club. That is, as long as you have attended at least 3 full day rallies or 2 full day rallies and summer camp you will be eligible. Clinics, social events etc do not count.


Most successful Edinburgh PC team show jumper

The objective of this award is to encourage a team spirit within our Club whilst encouraging members to go out and compete in a supportive environment.

The criteria applied this year are as follows:

  1. Rider can only submit for 2 classes per rider/horse combination.
  2. Where a rider has 2 or more regular rides the scoring for each rider/pony combination will be done separately.
  3. Where a rider has only one ride, but changes rides mid year then the new combination will be added to the old.
  4. The rider must be representing Edinburgh PC in a team event to gain points. It does not have to be a PC event. This means that only entries entered through our official booking method will be counted as this is how we plan teams, fee due and coordinate travel plans etc.
  5. Single phase is defined as one round and worth 10 points. 2-phase and A7 are defined as 2 rounds and therefore worth 20 points. We will be guided by official schedule as to what type of class it is.
  6. For points to count all team show jumping events must be advertised to all members at least 2 weeks prior to the show and must not be unduly restrictive so that the majority of members are capable of taking part.
  7. If any rider/horse combination rides HC in a team event either as an individual or team member then there scores will not count. This is in line with pony club and BSJA rules and acknowledges that in riding HC they had an advantage. If you want to ride HC, for example, if returning after injury, just speak to the DC or team manager and this can be arranged without impacting the teams results.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Each member starts each competition round with a maximum of 10 points – those achieving a clear round will be awarded the 10 points. 2 points will be deducted for each knockdown or refusal. No points will be awarded for elimination or retiral.


The Judy Forrest Memorial Dressage Trophy

Most successful Dressage rider. The objective of this award  is to encourage members to compete at the highest levels in dressage.  This is to be judged on the results from both Pony Club and external dressage competitions. For each competition the number of points awarded will be determined by the % scored as follows:

50-55%—————2 points

56-60%—————4 points

61-65%—————6 points

66-70%—————8 points

>70%—————–10 points

Results sheets (or copies of these) must be handed in for verification to be included.


The Dressage Newcomers Award

Most successful Dressage Newcomer. The objective of this award is to encourage members to get out and try competing in dressage events.  Awarded to the member who has shown a growing interest in the discipline of Dressage over the year and who has gone out and competed at a minimum of three British Dressage events and done a minimum of four tests at any level.

This is to be judged on the applicant submitting their top four best scores from the year, and an average score will be determined from the submitted test sheets. All test sheets must be signed and dated by the BD Judge. A Newcomer is deemed as one who has not in the past regularly competed in any official BD dressage test/classes/competitions prior to the trophy year.

Results sheets (or copies of these) must be handed in for verification to be included.


DC’s Endeavour Award
Awarded to a member who has been recognised for making a huge effort to improve their riding skills and has shown success.  This will be awarded at the discretion of  the DC in conjunction with the Chief Instructor.


Outstanding Partnership
These will be assessed on performances at rallies based on:

1. Position

2. Correct use and application of the aids and effectiveness of riding

3. Sympathy and tact

4. Overall impression of horse and rider

The number of points scored in each section will be added together to produce a total for each rally. The best average for the year will be taken into account for each member and the Shield awarded to the one scoring the highest total.  A minimum of 3 rallies must be attended in the year on the same pony to be eligible.


Dedicated to Mounted Training Award
This will be awarded at the discretion of  the Chief Instructor in conjunction with the DC.


Dedicated to Dismounted Training Award
This will be awarded at the discretion of  the Chief Instructor in conjunction with the DC.


Most Improved Combination -Mini, Junior and Senior
This will be awarded at the discretion of  the Chief Instructor in conjunction with the DC.


Tack and Turn Out
Mini, Junior and Senior trophies awarded on accumulative scores from Tack and Turn out inspections at rallies.