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2018 Annual Prize Giving Awards

Congratulations to all our winners…Red merit badges are awarded to the Champions and blue merit badges are awarded to Reserve Champions, look out for them on their sweatshirts … wear them proudly!
Tack and Turnout – awarded on points basis from rally scores
Mini Champion – Lucy Hood (257 points)
Mini Reserve Champion – Amy Miller (202 points)
Junior Champion – Tala Forbes (276 points)
Junior Reserve Champion – Summer Edmond (259 points)
Senior Champion – Alexa Ekin (243 points)
Senior Reserve Champion – Hannah Maxwell (199 points)

Shining Star – awarded to the Senior and Junior rising stars who have consistently ridden well all year
Senior Champion – Erin Young
Reserve champion – Emma Murray
Junior Champion – Maya Anderson Gundel
Reserve Junior Champion – Aoife Willis Cleary
Mini Champion – Daisy Sinclair
Reserve Mini Champion – Robyn Fraser

Outstanding Partnership – Awarded to the member and pony who show great harmony and connection with their pony or horse and have shone out this year.
Mini Champion – Holly Pier and Leo
Mini Reserve Champion – Amy Miller and Bailey
Junior Champion – Sophie Paxton and Cleo
Junior Reserve Champion – Lewis Martin and Oreo
Senior Champion – Emily Maxwell and Rush
Senior Reserve Champion – Heather Young and Toby

Most Improved Combination – Awarded to the member and pony who has shown most improvement either by bringing on the pony/horse or the pony/horse bringing on the rider.
Mini Champion – Amy Miller and Bailey
Mini Reserve Champion – Breanna Muir and Destiny
Junior Champion – Calum Miller and Foxy
Junior Reserve Champion – Tala Forbes and Buttons
Senior Champion – Darren Miller and Rosco
Senior Reserve Champion – Emily Maxwell and Rush

Dedicated to training – awarded to the member who has proven a great commitment to mounted training
Darren Miller and Rosco
Reserve Champion: Melissa Martin and Buster

Dedicated to dismounted training – awarded to the member who has proven a great commitment to dismounted training and achieved a greater level of theory:
Champion: Hannah
Reserve Champions: Alexa, Heather, Erin and Lauren

Newcomer Dressage – open to all newcomers to dressage and have submitted a minimum of four dressage tests from the year, the best four scores are averaged
Champion: Tala Forbes (71.76%)
Reserve Champion: Reece Cunningham (71.03%)

Judy Forrest Dressage Cup – open to all members – awarded on points basis to all tests ridden within the year
Champion: Reece Cunningham (110)
Reserve Champion: �Tala Forbes (70)
3rd Alexa Ekin with Troy (44)
4th Alexa Ekin with Jenson (32)
5th Heather Young (28
6th Emma Murray (22)

Most Successful Team Show Jumper out of 5 team competitions – awarded on points basis e.g. clear round = 10 points 2 points of per fault
Joint Champions on 78 points
Alexa Ekin and Emma Murray
Reserve Champion:
Sophie Paxton (72)
3rd Aimee Paxton (62)
4th E Emily Maxwell and Hannah Maxwell (54)
5th Heather Young (48)
6th Maya Andersen Gundel (46)

Liberton Trophy – to the most successful member at the Spring Show, based on points given to placings: 1st rosette = 6 points, 2nd rosettes = 5 points etc. In a draw situation the points awarded to the individual placings are ranked.
Equal on 17 Points:
Alexa Ekin, Hannah Maxwell and Aimee Paxton
Champion: Aimee Paxton 1st/3rd (ind. 10 points)
Reserve Champions:
Alexa Ekin 3rd/5th and Hannah Maxwell 1st (ind. 6 points)
3rd Emma Murray (16)
4th Heather Young (Toby) (11)
5th Tala Forbes (9)
6th Amy Miller (8)

Double Clear Round on day of show
Breanna Muir, Tala Forbes, Holly Pier, Calum Miller, Daisy Sinclair ***, Amy Miller, Maya Andersen Gundel *** Abbie Stewart ***, Aimee Paxton, Isla Barrault ***, Summer Edmond, Emily Maxwell, Emma Murray, Libby Oliver, Alexa Ekin and Hannah Maxwell

Kerry Trophy – to the most successful member who has been out competing throughout the year being consistently placed highly in Pony Club individual competitions:
Sophie Paxton and Cleo

DC Endeavour Award
Summer Edmond ** for her continued commitment to the club and horse riding within a year where she had to change horses three times yet still managed to attend rallies, enter team events and improve hugely.

Club Captain – Annually a member will be selected as the Club Captain whose role will not only be one on the committee but becomes the voice of the members.
2018 Captain badge awarded to Darren Miller


EPC Spring Show 

Another fantastic Spring show and another excellent attendance. We hope you all enjoyed the day and well done to all those that competed and congratulations to the winners.

Many thanks to all the sponsors & helpers for the smooth running of another great Spring Show


Edinburgh Pony Club has done their sponsored Teddy Bear rally
for BBC Children in Need

Fundraising efforts raised £1,105.76 to support
disadvantaged children and young people right here in the UK

Edinburgh Pony Club, has successfully raised £1,105.76 for BBC Children in Need, after doing an all day rally at Rockrose Equestrian in East Lothian, riding with their Teddies in their saddles or on their backs and in ‘Pudsey’ style fancydress to support the 2018 Appeal. The money will go on to help transform the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

This was Edinburgh Pony Club’s first time supporting BBC Children In Need and we did a sponsored ride in Pudsey style holding our teddies tightly on our horses and ponies during their morning flatwork lesson and then in the afternoon during the show jumping competition. Pudsey especially loved to canter and was our relay mascot when riding the Mini Major show jumping in the afternoon!

As it was Rememberance Sunday we also respected the two minute silence at 11am, everyone drew to a halt, and all the horses wore Purple poppies in respect for the fallen horses of the World Wars.

Speaking of their efforts, Anne Ekin, the branches District Commissioner said: “I’m so proud and overwhelmed with the response our members have had to do their sponsored teddy ride. On behalf of our Club Members, I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who supported us! It’s been great fun supporting BBC Children in Need and knowing we raised over £1,000 is a fantastic feeling.”

Donations are still being accepted, so to support Edinburgh Pony Club please visit:


Raise money while you shop!

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Don’t forget to look at our easy fundraising page 

You can help raise funds for your club by simply shopping via the easy fundraising page, costs you no extra but makes a difference to you Club. 



2018 Area Championships

We had tremendous success qualifying this year with our teams and individuals, all credit to the dedication to training of our members, our parents and top coaches … Sarah McLean, Pauline Herbert and David Harland. We secured the following qualifier places to the Regional Championships and the Berkeley Pony Club Championships: 

Regional Championships 2018

Dressage Team: Aoife Willis Cleary on Oklahoma (Leo), Reece Cunningham on Inside Out (Lily), Emma Murray on George V (George), Summer Edmond on Indie Cavalier (Indi) (substituted for Championship by Aoife Willis Cleary on Hadewich (Freya))

Show Jumping Team: Libby Oliver on Bounty Hunter (Joey), Indi Hale on Crunchie, Reece Cunningham on Inside Out (Lily), Summer Edmond on Indie Cavalier (Indi) (substituted for Championship by Isla Barrault on Bee)

Eventing Individual Qualifiers: Erin Young on Dark Island (Freddie), Heather Young on Granard Toby (Toby) and Hannah Maxwell on DRB Busy Boy (Pal)

Berkeley Pony Club Championships 2018

Novice Dressage Team: Libby Oliver on Bounty Hunter (Joey), Heather Young on Granard Toby (Toby), Alexa Ekin on Step Up (Troy) and Umbro II (Jenson)

Novice Show Jumping Individual: Alexa Ekin on Umbro II (Jenson)

Results from the Championships were great, our Regional Dressage Team came home in 4th place, with Emma Murray 72.5% placed 8th, Aoife Willis Cleary (on Freya) 67.1% placed 5th, Reece Cunningham 68.3% placed 7th, and Aoife Willis Cleary (on Leo) 65.4% placed 19th.

In Regional Eventing, Hannah Maxwell was placed 18th in her section, Heather Young was placed 16th in her section, both were in the top 5 in their dressage and show jumping sections but sadly the xcountry they both had an error which dropped their placings. 

Regional Show Jumping our team sadly didn’t get placed. 

At the Berkeley Pony Club Championships our dressage team ended up placed 29th, however the team all help their own in their arenas against stiff competition they still all had great scores with an appetite to return next year! Libby Oliver 65.21% placed 25th, Alexa Ekin on Troy 63.33% placed 27th, Heather Young 67.29 placed 21st and Alexa Ekin on Jenson 64.79% placed 15th. 

Alexa and Jenson did really well in the Novice Individual Show Jumping, ending up 21st place after an unlucky pole in the second round, but still delighted as it was a huge class over 60. 

All now looking forward to training for next years Championships, we have proven the more training we do the more likely we can win qualifying places! 


2018 Camp Awards

Stable Group Team Champions league
The members were put into stable groups and over the course of the five days at camp. 
The Lucky Horse Shoes were the Champions! Well done Hannah, Aimee, Summer, Isla, Murren and Amy M.

Group Points League
Within each Group (green, red, yellow and blue) they were awarded points for their individual placings across the three competition disciplines. Rosettes were awarded to 1st to 5th place.

Lead rein ‘Brightest Beginning’ Award
Daisy Sinclair

Lead rein ‘Bravest Jockey’ Award
Murren Wilson

Lead rein ‘Shining Star’ Award
Erin Wotherspoon

Most Improved Mini Rider Award
Lucie Hood

Most Improved Junior Rider Award
Summer Edmond

Most Improved Senior Rider Award
Isla Barrault

Top Pony Club Member Contribution AwardFor the best camp member who has been a positive contributor to camp, helped others, outstanding behaviour and a good role model.
Mel Martin

Senior Harmonious Partnership
Reece Cunningham

Top Camp Tack n Turnout winner – awarded to the individual top scorer of the camp group team challenge league table
Non assisted – Aimee Paxton

Assisted – Breanna Muir

Champion Awards the following three awards are placed from the competition days individual discipline results.

Camp Top Dressage Rider
Libby Oliver with the highest dressage %

Camp Champion Show Jumper
Aimee Paxton with the fastest double clear

Camp Champion Xcountry Rider 2017
Erin Young with the highest score around the course

Overall Camp Competition Champion 2017
Isla Barrault

Supreme Camp Champion 2017 – Sophie Paxton
Awarded to the member who has achieved a consistently high standard of riding across all three disciplines and their stable management plus been a positive participator over the period of camp. They must have scored 1st or 2nd in two out of the three disciplines and show scoring 4 or 5 within at least 3 of the Stable Group Team Champions Score sheet on a daily basis.





2018 Vogrie Team & Individual 

Dressage Competition Results

Saturday 2 June 2018 held at Vogrie Country Park, Midlothian

Another fabulous Open Team and Individual Dressage Show competition took place last Saturday with members, local riders and even Mums and Dads! The ‘Calcanter Cup’ trophy for the winning Pony Club branch team went this year to Edinburgh Pony Club team, the Trotting Terrors, Lucie Hood, Reece Cunningham, Emma Murray and Alexa Ekin.

Results available to down load from Horsemonkey or here.


2017 Camp Awards

The members all achieved so many personal bests during the four days and everyone who rode at the xcountry competition said it was the highlight of camp along with the Dads water pistol fight!

We ran out of time to award the badges at the end of Prize Giving but I am delighted to announce the following:

D+ level passes:
Summer Edmond
Lewis Martin
Emily Maxwell
Bronwyn Grant

Mini Road Rider and Mini Plaiting
Calum Miller
Lucie Hood
Amy Miller
Daisy Sinclair

Plaiting Badge
Libby Oliver
Bronwyn Grant
Sophie Paxton
Aimee Paxton
Emily Maxwell 
Summer Edmond
Lewis Martin
Maya Anderson Guendel
Aoife Willis Cleary

Road Rider Badge
Sophie Paxton
Aimee Paxton
Tala Forbes
Maya Anderson Guendel

Intro to Dressage Badge
Bronwyn Grant
Sophie Paxton
Aimee Paxton
Emily Maxwell
Summer Edmond


2017 Annual Prize Giving Awards

Congratulations to all our winners…pictures coming soon!! Red merit badges are awarded to the Champions and blue merit badges are awarded to Reserve Champions, look out for them on their sweatshirts … wear them proudly!

Tack and Turnout – awarded on points basis from rally scores

Mini – Amy Miller
Junior – Tala Forbes
Senior – Hannah Maxwell

Shining Star – awarded to the Senior and Junior rising stars who have consistently ridden well all year 
Senior – Jessica Hogarth
Junior – Reece Cunningham

Outstanding Partnership – Awarded to the member and pony who show great harmony and connection with their pony or horse and have shone out this year.
Mini – Lucy Hood with Herbie
Junior – Sophie Paxton with Cleo
Senior – Alex Nairn with Carrie

Most Improved Combination – Awarded to the member and pony who has shown most improvement either by bringing on the pony/horse or the pony/horse bringing on the rider.
Mini – Erin Wotherspoon
Junior – Emily Maxwell
Senior – Alexa Ekin

Dedicated to training – awarded to the member who has proven a great commitment to mounted training
Emma Murray

Dedicated to dismounted training –  awarded to the member who has proven a great commitment to dismounted training and achieved a greater level of theory
Heather Young

Club Captain – Annually a member will be selected as the Club Captain
(Captain badge awarded)
Erin Young

Newcomer Dressage – open to all newcomers to dressage and have submitted a minimum of four dressage tests from the year, the best four scores are averaged 
Chelsea Dowling – 70.3%
Reserve Champion: Lauren Bevis – 69.75%
3rd Leya Bevis – 68.19%

Judy Forrest Dressage Cup – open to all members – awarded on points basis to all tests ridden within the year
Alexa Ekin – 112 points
Reserve Champion: 
Lauren Bevis – 96 points
3rd Aoife Willis Cleary – 92 points
4th Leya Bevis – 76 points
5th Chelsea Dowling – 52 points
6th Libby Oliver – 10 points

Most Successful Team Show Jumper out of 8 competitions – awarded on points basis 
Alexa Ekin – 156 points
Reserve Champion:
Libby Oliver – 134 points
3rd E on 112 points:  
Heather Young and Emma Murray
4th Emily Maxwell – 110 points
5th Erin Young – 90 points
6th Chelsea Dowling – 88 points

Liberton Trophy – to the most successful member at the Spring Show, based on points given to placings
Aimee Paxton – 20 points
Reserve Champion:
Erin Wotherspoon – 11 points
3rd E on 10 points: Amy Miller and Sophie Paxton
4th E on 9 points: Alexa Ekin and Racheal Patterson
5th E on 8 points: Maya Andersen Grundel and Murren Wilson
6th E on 7 points: Libby Oliver and Lucie Hood

Kerry Trophy – to the most successful member who has been out competing throughout the year being consistently placed highly in Pony Club individual competitions
Libby Oliver – Qualified for Dengie Winter Championships by coming 2nd at L&S Dengie Round, 1st East Lothian PC SJ in 1m class, 1st Edinburgh PC SJ in 90cm classes, 1st L&S Dengie Warm Up class, 2nd L&S SJ 1m class, two 2nd places at D&D Summer Show

DC Endeavour Award
Erin Young



2016 Annual Prize Giving Awards

Congratulations to all our winners…pictures coming soon!!

The following members have been selected by our Chief Instructor as standing out within each award criteria. This is judged from the work done at the rallies throughout the year, so please do make sure you attend as many as you can:

As new members we would like to recognise your great work at your first rally. so ‘Well Done’

  • Aimee Paxton 
  • Tala Forbes 
  • Sophie Paxton
  • Brionny Johnston
  • Lucie Hood 


The Outstanding Partnership

Awarded to the member and pony who show great harmony and connection with their pony or horse and have shone out this year.

The Outstanding Partnership (Mini)  

Emily Maxwell

The Outstanding Partnership (Junior)

Katy Greig 

The Outstanding Partnership (Senior)

Erin Young


Most Improved Combination

Awarded to the member and pony who has shown most improvement either by bringing on the pony or the pony bringing on the rider.

Most Improved Combination (Mini)

Abbie Stewart

Most Improved Combination (Junior)

Jessica Hoggarth

Most Improved Combination (Senior)

Hannah Maxwell


Training Awards

Dismounted is as important as the mounted part of your training and this year we are bringing in two new aways the first being:

Dedicated to Mounted Training Award

This is awarded to the member who has attended the most rallies and shown true dedication to improving their riding and the way their pony goes. – Joint winners

Jessica Hoggarth and Hannah Maxwell

Dedicated to Dismounted Training Award

Alex Nairn


Newcomer Dressage Trophy

Places 1st-6th

Only 3 members handed in the minimum 4 tests sheets and since we judge on the average score over four tests we have only three members who were eligible.

  • 1st    Aoife Willis Cleary
  • 2nd   Hannah Maxwell
  • 3rd    Libby Oliver


The Judy Forrest Memorial

Dressage Trophy

Most successful dressage rider

Places 1st-6th

OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS – points are awarded to % results on all tests ridden throughout the year.

  • 1st   Alexa Ekin
  • 2nd   Aoifee Willis-Cleary
  • 3rd    Hannah Maxwell
  • 4th    Erin Young
  • 5th    Libby Oliver
  • 6th    Heather Young


Most Successful Team Show Jumper 

Places 1st-6th

Open to all members who take part in Team Jumping competitions, points allocated on ridden scores

  • 1st    Chelsea Dowling
  • 2nd   Heather Young
  • 3rd    Alexa Ekin
  • 4th    Emily Maxwell
  • 5th    Alex Nairn
  • 6th    Libby Oliver


DC Endeavour award

This year the award is going to a really good club member who has shown exceptional sportmanship with fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behaviour. Kids who see others behaving in a sportsmanlike way come to understand that the real winners in sports are those who know how to persevere and to behave with dignity — whether you win or lose a competition. Chelsea Dowling, you so deserve this award, congratulations.

Chelsea Dowling


Also below is an extract from our DC’s speach listing some of the many achievements of our current members:

“Personal achievements of our members were plentiful this year both within Pony Club and externally, I will stick to just current members as I have only 4 mins:

Starting with our only Tetrathelete Jessica, a fantastic result coming 2nd up at Deeside, Jessica, you are an inspiration and I hope we can encourage a few more to take part in this growing discipline.

Congratulations also to Hannah, Alex, Chelsea and Heather all earning a place at the Dengie 2nd rounds, well done.

Chelsea has qualified for the Dengie Final and we wish her the best of luck.

At external events our members exceeded expectations, Chelsea had quite a season with BSJA, last summer she jumped with the Scottish under 21’s team. She’s also qualified for the 2nd round British Novice, the Dodson & Horrell National Amateur Championships plus the Stafford Scope Festival. We wish her all the best all these events.

We had four qualify for Blair15: Abbie, Heather, Lauren and Leya.   Leya excelled coming 2nd Inhand and took Reserve Champion and a place in the final. The Bevis team have already qualified for Blair 16 we wish you luck!

Within the year, Abbie was also overall 13hh Champion and went on to the BSPS Championships. 

Dressage, four members qualified for national BRC Dressage finals, Alexa as an individual last July and recently Erin, Heather and Hannah as a team, well done girls.

Finally, Megan and Amy both jumped in 128 teams at Scottish Home Pony, and on the Scottish Academy Teams at Weston Lawns, Megan won the 128/138 handicap class at Southview, and was reserve at Wales and English Home Pony, and both girls have qualified for the Royal Highland Show. And recently Megan has been accepted on the Pony Club Development Pathway Training Scheme and Amy has just qualified for the NSEA Championships held down at Addington Manor. Well done to both Amy and Megan!”

At the AGM the badges that were gained at last camp were handed out: 

Turn out of Pony & Rider

  • Chelsea
  • Erin
  • Alexa
  • Katy
  • Jessica
  • Libby


Understanding training

  • Emily
  • Jessica
  • Libby
  • Alex
  • Alexa
  • Hannah
  • Katy
  • Chelsea


Mini sequence of footfalls

  • Alex
  • Alexa
  • Hannah
  • Erin
  • Katy
  • Chelsea
  • Emily
  • Jessica
  • Libby


Colours and Markings MINI

  • Alexa
  • Katy
  • Heather
  • Ellen
  • Emily
  • Jessica
  • Ellie
  • Chelsea
  • Heather


From our In House Laureate…Rachael…as recited (to Vogue tune) at AGM…

Look around everywhere you see it’s happening

It’s everywhere that you show

You try everything you can to do well

Even if you are a Maxwell

When all others want to be like us

Something better than yesterday

I know a place where we can improve ourselves

It’s called the arena floor

And here’s who it’s for: Emma, Erin don’t be blue Karen,

Catherine we love you Hannah, Tala & Jessica

The Dowling girl, she’ll go far!

Sophie, Alex, Heather too

Ellen, Megan; The Bevis crew Aoife and the Stewart two

You’ve all got style

You’ve all got grace

You do so well so you get placed

Libby, Brionny they do good

Alexa, Amiee, Lucie Hood And Ginger with the attitude

Don’t just stand there

Let’s jump to it

Strike a pose

We all can do it

The club is now so magical

Life’s a ball

We are one and all So mount up and be thankful

Remember girls

Beauty’s where you find it

Not just where the jump and stile is

Soul is where the club is now,

Wow the crowd,

So get those reds and do us proud!


 The new Award season has started.   Submit all results post 20th March for inclusion in league tables.  If in doubt just ask…





2015 News

Annual Prize Giving Awards


Well done to our members who have been awarded the following Annual Trophies

Emma Turner

Most successful dressage rider
Alexa Ekin

Heather Young

Most successful show jumper
Bronny Wilson

Ashleigh Malcolm


MINI AGE GROUP 11 and under
Turnout – Leya Bevis
Harmonious  – Megan Morris 

JUNIOR AGE GROUP 12-14 years
Turnout – Lauren Bevis
Harmonious – Alex Nairn

SENIOR AGE GROUP 15 years and over
Turnout – Karen McAlonie
Harmonious – Erin Young


2014 NEWS


Fun Show 2014 – Results on the Open Fun Jumping Show page

Just wanted to say……….wow what a fantastic day !

Well done to so many of you who came along to support our club who all performed brilliantly in the classes.

From our beginners in the lead rein class to the experts in our open class, plus all those in between, you had the guts and determination to enter these classes, some pushing yourselves well outside your comfort zone but with some fantastic and sometimes surprising results !!!!!There were very many smiley faces throughout the day which makes hosting a Fun Show all the more worthwhile.The day wouldn’t have gone ahead without support on the day itself, plus hours and hours of preparation starting months in advance.For all those who gave up their time to assist with the running of the show or those who donated cakes for our bake off or prizes for our raffle I am truly grateful for your generosity in making our show such a success.In addition I also have to thank our wonderful sponsors who very kindly supported our branch financially, so we can in turn pass that onto you our members through static fees or subsidised camp costs etcI also must especially thank Anne Ekin and Shirley Fraser for their endless amount of preparatory work behind the scenes which made the show run so smoothly – thank you ladies !I’d love to hear any feed back you have regarding the show ( good or bad ) so we can try to make it better for our show in 2015. If you feel you have what it takes to be on the show planning committee Id love to have you on the team.So well done again to everyone who took part, you were immense and I loved watching all of you go round the course having funLynne


Megan Morris off to Olympia!

Following the successful running of the Mini Major competition at last year’s Olympia, The Pony Club have been asked once again to select Members to compete at the 2014 show on Monday, 22nd December. The Mini Major Competition pairs up Pony Club Members on 128 cm ponies with Top International Riders.

Our Edinburgh member, Megan Morris and her pony Brown Sugar III have been selected for the Mini Major class at the London Olympia International Horse Show 2014 in December along with seven other Pony Club members drawn from the whole of the UK. They pick two from Scotland, Megan and Charley Hamilton, from Aberdeenshire Pony Club, two from England, Ireland and Wales to have eight paired up with top international show jumpers. Scotland hasn’t had anyone down for 6 yrs so it’s a huge achievement for the two Scottish members.

Well done Megan, fantastic, a well deserved place and an opportunity to ride with a top international star!

Summer Camp

Our summer camp again was a huge success with the weather being kind. This year it was held at MacLennan Dressage in Fife, with members residing at Fordell Firs Scout camp. Over twenty members and their ponies spent the five days training, having fun and enjoying the holiday. We ran five groups, with numbers in each group being small this allowed each member and their pony to maximise each training sessions. Training covered, flatwork, cross country, show jumping, hacking, and dressage. At the end of Camp the following awards were announced.

Team Stable Award – Liz Fraser, Abby Stewart, Lauren Bevis, Taylor Jenkins

Team Ridden Award – Alexa Ekin, Lauren Bevis, Clare Doyle, Jessica Hoggarth, Erin Young

Overall Turnout – Bronny Wilson

Overall stable – Bronny Wilson and Liz Fraser

Overall Ridden – Katie Greig

Overall Camp Champion – Liz Fraser

Best Improved – Hannah Maxwell and Alex Nairn

Best Stickability – Karen McAlonie

Most Spectacular Fall – Katy Greig

Most Dedicated – Megan Morris

Most Pleasure to Teach – Maddie Denson


Feeding Badge – Sula Callender, Liz Fraser, Karen McAlonie, Alex Nairn, Alexa Ekin, Lauren Bevis, Clare Doyle, Jessica Hoggarth, Erin Young, Amy Morris, Taylor Jenkins, Megan Morris, Bronny Wilson, Heather Young

Grooming and Handling and Mini Points of the Horse Badge –  Maddie Denson, Rachael Stewart, Abbie Stewart, Leya Bevis, Hannah Maxwell, Katie Greig.

Mini Muck Badge – Abbie Stewart, Rachael Stewart, Maddie Denson

Mucking Out Badge – Katie Greig

D+ Test Passes – Leya Bevis, Katie Greig, Hannah Maxwell, Amy Morris, Megan Morris, Taylor Jenkins

D Test Passes – Maddie Denson, Rachael Stewart, Abbie Stewart


Hopetoun House Horse Trials

Fabulous result today at Hopetoun Horse Trials…..
Erin, Lauren, Chelsea & Alexa took 5th place in the 70cm relay. And HeatherKarenTaylorBronny took 1st place in the 80cm relay and 2nd place in the 80cm team event. You all were absolutely wonderful!

Sula’s trip to the Championship

It was an amazing trip with lots learned and amusing memories. We hadn’t managed to get stabling at Moreton Morrel so we went down to the college the night before to check out where to park and were to go etc. and ended up helping to build the course. The jumps and wings were all very loud, potentially very spooky and crammed in to a narrow arena. I thought the course looked impossible to remember. (A few riders didn’t!)

On the day we were probably too calm, cool and collected resulting in Sula hardly having time to warm Minstrel up, we just didn’t realise how slick the operation was being run and most riders were in and out in under a minute. Unfortunately she had four faults in the warm up class.

For the championship class the course was changed and even more jumps were added. This time they started warming up too early and then had an extra wait while the arena was groomed. The number immediately before her was missing, so I nearly missed her by the time I got round to the seated area which was full, about 200 people. It wasn’t the best round she has ever done, she lost both stirrups and jumped three jumps with out them, finishing with eight faults. She did well to stay on. Over all she finished about in the middle of the 86 jumpers, so still a very proud mum.

I had been so worried about the travelling but it went very smoothly and Minstrel didn’t seem to mind at all, he is still happy to get back in the trailer. The only thing that we hadn’t planned on was him catching a cold!


Our Royal Highland Show qualifier!

Megan Morris came second place at Inchcoonan on 27 April which qualified her for the Royal Highland Show. She must be on a roll as she came second again the following weekend jumping outside at Strathallen Castle. Good luck Megan for the Royal Highland Show!


April was Riding and Road safety month!

Congratulations to all our Edinburgh members that sat their BHS road safety test and passed.

Presentations of Annual Awards

The Judy Forrest Memorial Dressage Trophy – Most successful dressage rider – Alexa Ekin The Kerry Trophy – Most successful show jumper – Karen McAlonie and Bronny Wilson The most Harmonious Partnership (Mini) – Alex Nairn The most Harmonious Partnership (Junior) – Alexa Ekin The most Harmonious Partnership (Senior) – Lizzie Fraser Tack and Turnout Trophy (Mini) – Leya Bevis Tack and Turnout Trophy (Junior) – Ellen Craig Tack and Turnout Trophy (Senior) – Lizzie Fraser There was a special presentation for the most happy, friendly and attentive member who attended most rallies and was a real asset to the club. –  Jessica Hoggarth


February Dressage event at Cousland Park

Alexa Ekin competed on Step Up (Troy) at the East Lothian Pony Club Open Winter Dressage series on Sunday, and came 8th in her class with 61.4% in her first Novice Dressage test … well done, especially as a tesco carrier bag blew into the arena as she rode her test and followed her about then blew under Troy’s back legs! He was a super boy and didn’t fluster! Quite a test!


February Team Jumping events

Its great to see Edinburgh Pony Club out competing at the team events, with some great results. Whether the teams come back with rosettes or just more experience, everyone had fun over the two events.

On Saturday 1 February, we had two teams, with new members, Ellen Craig and Hannah Maxwell, competing for the first time.

Lizzie Fraser,  Karen McAlonie, Bronny Wilson and Taylor Jenkins all had super rounds and finished with a team score of 8 faults and just missing the placings in the 75cm class.

On Saturday 8th February the day was filled with four teams competing in all classes, our 70cm team were 6th and the 85cm team were 6th! Well done, Amy Morris, Megan Morris, Karen McAlonie, Clare Doyle, Erin Young and Chelsea Dowling.


January Dressage Rally

January started with a great turnout at the Dressage rally with Carol Stanley. Three classes took place and all members really enjoyed their classes. Here’s what Bronny’s thought!

“I thought the dressage lesson was really good, because I wasn’t looking forward to it much – I prefer jumping and my pony is really fast. I liked Carol a lot, she was strict but didn’t shout. I had my pony going the nicest I’ve ever seen her, she taught me to count the rhythm of her feet and she went beautifully. I was so pleased.”

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2013 News

Lochore Games tournament   28/12/13

What a day was had!   We had two teams at lochore for some friendly games competition. the Racing Reindeer were, Lizzie, Sula, Bronny, Taylor and Alex. winning 3 out of 5 games in the first round but unfortunatley the final two games proved far too exciting for the ponies and we were pipped to the winning post. The supersonic Santas were, Hannah, Heather, Alexa, Ellen, Jessica.  They won 2 of their 5 races but again were pipped at the last by the Robins of Lochore. A rematch on home turf is definately required in 2014!   A very good attempt and some future games stars in the making!!


Area Competitions

August Felix and Charles (Opposite Reflection) qualified for both the intermediate dressage and eventing  at Area so made the long journey to Cheshire to take part  in the pony club Championships. The dressage was on the Friday and in a large 20m by 60m arena. There were several sections and some amazing horses and very talented riders. Felix and Charles did a lovely test to finish 12th and only 4% out of the placings. Saturday was the dressage for the eventing and again held in the big arenas. They did a great test and were sitting 8th out of 42 in the section going forward to the next day of show jumping and cross country. The show jumping proved tricky for a lot of competitors and Felix rolled a few poles and came away with 12 faults. The cross country course was very technical and there were some really challenging fences. Felix and Charles managed many of the tricky off set skinny doubles  but Felix felt Charlie was just not himself and not jumping how he normally would. He decided to pull up two fences from home which is always a difficult decision but the right one rather than pushing a horse cross country when it is struggling.  So whilst it was disappointing not to finish it was good to be all home in one piece and be ready to look forward to another event.

24th July 2013 was the Area Show jumping competition at Ingliston Equestrian Centre. Sorrel, Sula and Felix made the journey through to  Glasgow. Unfortunately, despite best efforts they didn’t make the ribbons but they rode very well over challenging tracks. Well done to all for having a go. 30th July was Area Dressage. 2 junior riders took part and rode wonderfully to be rewarded with placings in their respective arenas.  Alexa Ekin was 6th in her arena which was 6th out of 60 riders. Bronny Wilson was 5th in her arena which was 22nd out of 60 riders. An amazing result for both girls at their first area event. Sorrell Feather rode in the Novice dressage and came a very respectable 8th in a very large class, with a score of 65.6. Felix Feather was in the Intermediate class and was placed 4th in his arena, 6th overall and managed to secure himself a qualification for the Championships at Chomondary. Well done to all riders!

31st July Eventing Unfortunately the heavy rain forced the Junior and Novice events to be postponed. The Intermediate event did go ahead and Felix riding Opposite Reflection had a wonderful day. Finishing with 26.4 in the dressage, 4 faults in the show jumping and a clear cross country round. Felix bagged himself another qualification for the Championships. We wish Felix lots of luck for the championships. We will be routing for you Felix!!

Annual awards

Our Annual Parents meeting on the 14th April was well attended. This is when we give out the annual awards for achievements in Dressage and Show Jumping and also from rallies points over the year. A very Well done to all those receiving awards this year. The results as follows; The Dressage Cup –  Felix Feather. The Show Jumping Trophy –   Sula Callender. The most Harmonious Parnership mini – Joint, Amy and Alex The most Harmonious Partnership (Junior) -Sula The most Harmonious Partnership (Senior) –Lizzie Tack and Turn out Trophy mini-  joint Megan and Bronny Tack and Turnout junior – Alexa Ekin Tack and Turnout Senior- Lizzie Fraser

Easter Polo Camp at SNEC

Four Edinburgh members taking part, Alexa Ekin, Bronny Wilson, Jessica Hoggarth and Liz Fraser. This was the first time for most but by the end of the two days all four girls were taking part in chukkas. A fantastic time was had by all and could be the start of more polo for these members.

Annual Dressage Competition

Well Done to our junior members.  Alexa Ekin rode Troy in a lovely dressage test at Tower farm taking the first place rosette. The scores were all very close and second went to Jessica with Dusty, 3rd to Bronny and Ruby, 4th to Heather and Candy and 5th to Hannah and Zara. Well done girls you all rode very well!


Dengie Dressage Final

Congratulations to Edinburgh Pony Club member, Felix Feather. He qualified the lovely Opposite Reflection for the Dengie dressage final at Stonleigh. He had a very successful day at SNEC also taking a place in the BD Novice class.



2012 News

Team News

Sunday 2nd December 2012 was team show jumping at Gleneagles. The nursery novice team, had a very early, cold wake up call to be there for an 8.15am course walk!  Erin Young and lexie had a tricky first round and did a lovely clear jump off. Younger sister Heather Young had 2 super clears and a very fast jump off with Candy as did Ellis Taylor and little Dori.  Bronny Wilson’s new pony Ruby was feeling the chill ( -6) and was determined to go as fast as possible much to Bronny’s displeasure ! However they finished a very respectable 6th place overall so well done girls.

The novice team finished on 0 faults and an overall time of 83 seconds to claim a fourth prize.Clare Doyle jumped a perfect double clear with Bertie. Sula and Minstrel were double clear with a fast jump off, pulling off some great turns. Liz and Harry had 2 lovely clears and Karen and Joker had an unlucky pole in the first round but a fast clear in the second.  A fantastic result and super riding by all.

Dressage Competition held at Strathblane Branch over at Sandyflats

  • Pony Club Dengie Novice Qualifier Class – Sorrel Feather on Opposite Reflection 5th (just missing out on qualifying for the Area final)
  • British Dressge Novice 27 (2007) – Emma Anderson on Tullibardine Jubilee Quadrille 4th
  • Pony Club Dengie Open Qualifier class – Emma Anderson on Tullibardine Jubilee Quadrille 5th
  • Felix Feather on Opposite Reflection 4th (qualifying for the Area final)
    The standard of dressage was very high so these three did really well to be placed in these classes.

Area 2012 Nov SJ team[1]



Team News

The 2012 competition season got off to a bad start with the severe weather causing chaos with all the pony club events. The annual area eventing and dressage at Auchinleck had to be cancelled and a scramble for other locations took place between various clubs.

Daisy Anderson made the journey up to Aberdeenshire to ride as an individual in the Intermediate Eventing.  Daisy rode a challenging cross country course and finished on her dressage score of 29.2, taking the 1st place rosette and a qualification to ride at the championships in England.

The novice team event was relocated to Tyningham in East Lothian on the 8th August but again had to be cancelled at the last moment due to rain. Lanark & Renfrewshire PC hosted the area Show Jumping competition at Ingliston Equestrian and Edinburgh branch had Sorrel Feather riding Peggy Sue in the junior 75 cm event individually. Sorrel had a lovely clear in the first round and an unlucky pole down in the second round. Edinburgh’s novice 90 cm team was Felix Feather, Emma Anderson, Janine Hickman and Mary Pearson. Some great riding was demonstrated and the team came in a very respectful 5th place in a field of over 20 teams. Both Janine riding Alma and Emma riding Melody were double clear and took part in the jump off for individual placings. Emma and Melody were again clear and achieved 4th place individually and a qualification to the championships.  Daisy Anderson rode Celidah in the 1m Intermediate class and had an unlucky 4 faults in the second round.

The Intermediate Dressage competition was re-organised to take place at Ingliston the day after the Show Jumping.  Our team was Mary Pearson, Felix Feather, Emma Anderson and Daisy Anderson.  Felix rode a lovely warm up test to be placed 4th in the warm up competition.  All our members rode very well in the main competition in the afternoon to be placed 4th as a team against some stiff competition with Daisy and Celidah placed 2nd individually and Felix and Charlie just missing out on an individual rosette coming 7th.

Our junior dressage team made the short journey to SNEC on the 12th August.  Bronny Wilson, Heather Young, Lauren Bevis and Sorrel Feather made up the 12 years and under team. The team finished in 6th place overall. Clare Doyle and Bertie also took part as an individual entry in the main competition and went home with the 4th place rosette. A very well done to all the competitors that took part in the various events and good luck to Daisy and Emma at their Championships.



Camp 2012

Everyone had a great time at this years camp and even the weather was kind to us. Alex and Alexa tell us below how they got on at camp. There are too many photos to put here but follow this link to see them: Camp Photo album

Alex, age 10 – I really enjoyed camp 2012 because I met and became friends with lots of people and because it was really fun staying with Apache day and night. The cross-country was one of the best things because I haven’t done much XC before. I cann’t pick my favourite part because I loved it all !  Can’t wait until next year’s camp.

Alexa, age 10 –  I absolutely loved pony camp this year because it’s my first time and it was the most fun I have had in months with my pony (Sparky). I really can’t say which was the best part because it was all fantastic!! The food was delicious and the activities were so much fun!!! I have learnt so much about XC and SJ and I’am bound to do more! Sparky has enjoyed her stay and loved her stable!! Can’t wait till next year! I will probably have a different pony but sure it will have fun too!! Thank you for organising the week!! Thanks, Alexa and Sparky.


The branch would like to Congratulate Daisy Anderson on passing her B test on 5th June 2012. This is a huge achievement as the standard of riding is extremely high. The test includes riding various horses, schooling with dressage movements, jumping and cross country. All the time maintaining balance and rhythm over some very tricky obstacles. Daisy also had to understand and articulate how each horse performed. Prior to the ridden test there was theory which took a great deal of study and dedication. Well Done Daisy!

Dressage Rally Friday 16 March Results

Class 1 PC Introductory Dressage Test 2007 Pony/ Horse Mark Collective marks Position
  Neve Watson Gino 157 45 1st
  Alex Nairn Apache 147 45 2nd
  Sula Callender Minstrel 146 44 3rd
  Lauren Bevis Copper 143 44 4th
  Alex Day Jeffrey 142 42 5th
  Teigon McGhee Bracken 141 40 6th
  Sorrel Feather Guinness 140 42  
  Jenna Milne Mr Joey 128 37  
Class 2 PC Intermediate Dressage Test 2009        
  Ailsa Bruce Ollie 199 49 1st
  Daisy Anderson Celidah 198 47 2nd
  Cara Baillie Sergeant 192 47 3rd
  Emma Anderson Melody 190 47 4th
  Mary Pearson Woody 178 44 5th
  Anna Hudson Impy 178 41 6th
Class 3 PC Novice Dressage Test 2009        
  Becca MacMillan Dylan 173 47 1st
  Felix Feather Charlie 167 47 2nd
  Janine Hickman Alma 154 43 3rd

SNEC team Jan 2012Edinburgh Branch Novice Team at Fife Pony Club Team Jumping Competition, SNEC Congratulations to Olivia, Megan, Amy and Alex who were the only clear round in the class (and the youngest!)

British Eventing Dates
There is now a very useful page (see bottom of list of pages) with dates for BE training activities and local BE competitions. Thank-you Kate for supplying this information.

Edinburgh Pony Club Member at Olympia!

Congratulations to Sandy, the youngest in his class at Olympia!

snow and Olympia 134[1]

Hat Tagging

Can members please remember that all hats must be tagged for rallies and competitions. If you have a hat that is not tagged please arrange with Shirley, Sally or Anne to have it tagged and don’t wait until the next rally in case they are not available. Information about hat standards are shown on the essential information page.