Saturday December 5, 2020

Emma Whiteford 

Dressage training will be held prior to competitions teams will be contacted in due course.

There will be three training sessions and then a ride off when the teams will be chosen. After this the training will be for the team members.

Area Dressage Competition

The Area 8 Dressage Day is run at three levels: Novice, Intermediate and Open. The day gives each competitor the opportunity to ride 2 tests:

  1. The first test is an optional  warm up test and can be ‘called’
  2. The second test is the Area Qualifier Test

The final Team scores cannot be declared swiftly at the end of the day because of the required Scoring System.

Whilst every competitor is very welcome to stay to the end of the day to attend the Prize Giving (correctly dressed), requirements will be as follows:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd-placed Teams and Individuals will receive their prizes from the podium
  • Other prizewinners will receive their rosettes as part of the formal dismounted prizegiving

Dressage Resources