News | 13 March 2024

Tri Qual Mold March 10th ’24

Thirty fit Flint and Denbigh Triathletes competed in Mold at the qualifier for the Winter Triathlon Championships to be held in Grantham March 24th.

There were 32 Teams competing and one of the FnD teams came a close 3rd which was  excellent. This team was Orla and Casper Kissane, Seren Walsh and Olivia Bexon.  Except for Orla, who shot 940, the shoot scores were not the best for this team today. More practice needed !! A special mention must go to Orla who achieved over 3000 points and was the highest scorer of the day out of 125 competitors..  Well done Orla.

I can’t mention everyone but there were some notable achievements –

Harriet Goodall’s swim 9 lengths 5m, Orla won the Junior Girls class,  Casper ran like a gazelle 3min 16s amazing, Mali did well to come 6th in a strong mini girls class, Jessica Hoyle came 7th. Her score is improving every time, Joseff James came 3rd in the Bean bag class.  In a class of 22 Tadpole Girls we had Seren Walsh 2nd excellent run, Megan Evans 3rd (840 shoot)  , Catrin Morgan 4th, Ellie Phillips 6th, Eos Newton 8th, Alys Evans 9th.

This was a qualifying competition and our FnD Qualifiers were  Harriet Goodall, Leah Lamb and Olivia Bexon(Seniors), Orla Kissane (Junior Girls) and Casper Kissane (Mini Boy).

Congratulations  and Good Luck to them at the Champs. They will have a blast.