News | 12 March 2024

Week 12 March ’24

Mini Camp

Information and application form for mini camp:

Tetrathlon Dates

Just a reminder that the best place to find out about Tetrathlon and Triathlon events across the country is the calendar on the Pony Club Tetrathlon facebook page

Also to point out that the results from the Winter Tri Champs on 24 March will be appearing on during the day as the competition progresses. So you can keep in touch with the event from wherever you are.


Unaffiliated Show Jumping Competition

Sunday 14th April at Tyddyn Farm.Chester Road, Mold. Entry Fees All Classes £10.00 per entry. Rosettes 1st to 6th place in all classes.

  1. Cross Poles lead rein
  2. 30 cm assistance allowed
  3. 40 cm
  4. 50cm
  5. 60cm
  6. 70cm


  1. Entries open to Pony Club members only
  2. Ages Riders to be 4 years or older on 01 January 2024. No upper age limits.
  3. All Classes to be run over two rounds; the first round will be untimed.
  4. Passports for all horses and ponies must be carried and available for inspection and prove vaccination valid in accordance with the Pony Club Equine Influenza Rules

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: Save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the organisers or anyone for whom they are in law responsible, neither the organisers of this event nor the Pony Club, nor any agent, employee or representative of these bodies, accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, riders, owners, spectators, land, cars, their content and accessories or any other person or property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any way whatsoever

HEALTH AND SAFETY: The organisers of this event have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present.  For those measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable steps to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organisers and all officials and stewards.

Winter League Showjumping

That’s a wrap. Well done to all members and parents for your hard work and dedication during the 2023/2024 season. You have all been fantastic and it’s been a privilege to be part of such talented riders and supportive parents.

Members attended the last competition of the season on Saturday hosted by Aberconwy and Waen Y Llyn Branches.


  • Team placings: F&D Blacks – 2nd; F&D Reds – 3rd; F&D Blues – 5th
  • Individual placings: Catrin Morgan – 1st; Angharad Davies-Cooke – 6th


  • Well done to Meelie for being placed individual 6th.


  • Team placings: F&D Reds – 1st; Mixed team – 3rd
  • Individual Placings: Thea Griffith – 2nd; Emma Owen – 5th


  • Team placings: F&D Blacks – 2nd
  • Individual: Thea Griffith – 1st

There was also non WL classes:

Class 1a:

  • Lead rein/assisted: Halle Rosser – 1st; Nansi Evans – 4th
  • Unassisted: Anni Morgan – 3rd

Class 1b:

  • Individual: Peter Davies-Cooke – 1st; Beca Davies – 3rd; Gweni Jones – 5th

Well done to all members. I’m so proud of you all. You’ve all worked really hard during the season and all your hard work definitely paid off for the overall League results.

Winter League final results:

Team results:

  • Class 1 (60cm): FnD – 1st
  • Class 2 (70cm): FnD – 2nd
  • Class 3 (80cm): FnD – 1st

Individual results:

  • Class 1 (60cm): Catrin Morgan – joint 1st; Elin Jones – joint 3rd
  • Class 2 (70cm): Summer Bellis – 5th
  • Class 3 (80cm): Thea Griffith – 2nd; Emma Owen – joint 3rd

I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the year with your ponies and we will see you again in September to do it all over again.