Monday December 5, 2022
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CAMPS 2021 –

To attend either camps you must have attended 2 rallies in the same year as the camp! This is so we can assess your riding and ensure you are in the right group for you to get the most out of your experience 🐎😀

Senior Camp – Boomerang 5th – 10th August 2022

Senior camp is available for children who are around senior school age. There is an expectation that they will stay overnight in lorries etc so they need to be self sufficient. The children need to be competently jumping 80 cm to gain the most from the experience and have a good knowledge of caring for their pony.

We have some very experienced and enthusiastic instructors to help your children increase their skills and horse knowledge and they will enjoy two sessions of two hour group riding a day as well as unmounted activities throughout their 5 night stay.

There may also be outside speakers and presentations this varies year to year. 

What the kids say about senior camp:

“I particularly enjoyed everyone being encouraging to one another even when riding doesn’t go as well as planned! I also enjoy making memories with my friends (including the four legged ones!!!)” 

Please contact the organiser Victoria Cobden/ Sarah Mosse if you are unsure which camp your child should attend. 

Junior Camp – Lower Peake 1st -4th August 2022

Junior camp is available for children approximately age 5 and up. Your child will experience two 2 hour group rides a day so must be happy to be in the saddle for this time. The horses are brought to Peake on a daily basis with their riders, there is no accommodation on site.

Our aim is too make camp fun but also ensure the children improve their riding and learn lots from the experience. We ask that parents take a back seat and enjoy the day relaxing in the car park, watching from affar or if you are unable to stay we can allocate a senior member to assist your child for the day.

Throughout the day the children will take part in flatwork, pole work, show jumping, x- country and games. At the end the week there will be a low level competition. At the end of camp children are presented with awards in whichever field they have achieved most.

There may also be an opportunity to practise their shooting skills and outside speakers and presentations. 

Please contact the camp organisers if you have any queries about attending camp.

There is also an Area 16+ Camp in July if any of you are interested in that – details on the Area 13 website.