Saturday July 20, 2019

The Holcombe Hunt Branch was established in 1931 and is part of Pony Club Area 4.

The Pony Club is the number  one organisation for young people who love ponies and riding. There are more than 43,000 Pony Club Members in Great Britain, belonging to either a Branch or a Center – there are more than 350 of each of these.  Membership  of  The Pony Club offers fun,  friendship,  training, events and competitions.

 Internationally The Pony Club has a membership of over 110,000 across 18 countries, making it the largest association of riders in the world. Most British equestrian medal winners at The Olympics and World Championships have been Members of The Pony Club.

Latest photographs and reports check out FB page. Please note this is a closed group page should you  wish to view please contact DC Lesley Jenkinson  FB Admin


Next Badge training planned is the Carriage Driving. This will be a Tuesday Evening in August.For mini badge – members need to name 5 parts of the harness and name the following parts on a vehicle Swingtree, shafts ,wheels and seat. Then be able to recognise the difference between a 2 and 4 wheeled vehicles.

The Achievement badge involves harnessing and unharnessing a pony and fit harnessed pony into a vehicle and to be able to drive off at walk and halt. All with assistance if needed




Congratulations to Harriet, Nuala & Niamh on passing their D test at the Training day at Bolton Show Ground.

Congratulations to Alfie, Ava, Eliza, Eva, Gracie, Izzy,  Sofia  & Poppy who between them collected Mini badges in Care of the foot, Horse clothing, Pet sense  and Points of the pony


                                               Have a go at designing a cake  and you  could have it made for you




Equine Flu  Latest
With cases of equine influenza continuing to be reported, Members are reminded that it is essential to have their horse’s flu vaccinations up to date before attending any Pony Club activity. If a horse has not been vaccinated appropriately, it may not attend a Pony Club event to protect the health of the other Members’ horses and those of the hosting venue. 

The seven-day clearance period, between having the vaccination and attending an event, continues to apply (see point 7 of the vaccination rule on page 30-31 of the Health and Safety rulebook).

If it has been more than six months since your horse has been vaccinated, then the British Equestrian Federation recommendation is to consult your vet. Find out more by clicking below:

Please check Main Pony Club Web site for latest details on  Equine Flu and requirements 


Pony Prep on the main pony club web site is helpful for all aspects of pony care and will help those members who are looking to take their next efficiency test or achievement badges.   The Pony Club Manuel is a great place to get information ready for tests and achievement badges.

The Pony Club and Just chaps have an offer on at the moment check out the chaps with 40% savings –  great for keeping members dry



ease check out Pony  club Area 4 page for details of events happening in Area 4.

Please use the link below .






Details of dress code can be found in the activities section under working rally

Also details for the hat and body protectors required can be found in out section in index.



Important Hat News

If you are buying a new riding hat  please be aware of the changes to the standard for hats.  All clubs , organisations and the Pony Club are using latest  rules.  Please ensure any hat that you use at any pony club event is checked and then tagged





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