Sunday September 20, 2020
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Achievement Badges

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Working Dogs
To recognise at least four working dogs, e.g. Spaniel, Labrador, Terrier and German Shepherd.
Have knowledge of what a working dog does; e.g. gun dog, guide dog, or police dog.
Collect pictures from a magazine or draw the working dogs or  use photographs  and say what job they might do.  

Working Dogs Achievement Badge. Please use the link for details of the Working Dogs BadgeImage result for Pony club working dogs badges

Trip  to the hunt kennels can be one of the 12 dogs for this badge, postponed until further notice.  As soon as we can we will arrange a trip to Holcombe Hunt Kennels 


Working dogs Quiz 

Please use  link for      Pony Club working dog quiz[4486]



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Achievement Badge  – Understanding Training – this badge is for members ready to  take C  test and  above    Please use link for details of syllabus       Understanding_Training  Members need to familiarise them selves with the training scales. Once you have used the link click on the centre of the image 


Butterflies  & Moths   Achievement  Badge             

Use the links to down load the information sheets and  Quiz sheets for the Butterflies and Moths Badge.  Parents can keep with the work when needed.  May be a competion to post as many Lepidoptera ( LEP-i-DOP-tər-əon the FB page.

Information sheets on Butterflies  & moths

information sheets

Quiz Sheets

ACHIEVEMENT BADGE Butterflies and Moths



Flags of the Equestrian Nations

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Any body completing achievement badges there is a £2 charge for the badge . To pay the link is on the Events tab