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The LHPC runs flatwork and dressage discipline training with the aim to improve the horse and rider’s way of going. Development of the flatwork will enable riders to improve general riding as well as work towards specific dressage competition levels, hence all levels are catered for and welcome to training. All members who hold an interest in dressage, eventing, show jumping or any other PC discipline are welcome.
Throughout the winter training is via general rallies and also you can take part in training offered at Area 9 level, this is promoted via facebook and signed up for on HorseEvents website.

The Pony Club Area Dressage competition will be held in July, with the Championships in August. Teams and individuals to represent LHPC are typically selected in June for the Area competition. If you would like to compete for Ledbury Pony Club in Dressage we offer training throughout the spring/summer months, typically on grass at Gadbury – this is open to all members at an appropriate level for their ability. If you are hoping to be selected for any team, we would encourage you to attend as many training sessions as possible in order for that sport manager to accurately assess your ability and select the best possible teams to represent our club. Competition experience is also important and if you are unable to attend much training you can submit competition scores to the Sports manager as evidence of your level and ability.
Complementing this training is our own Dressage Series of competitions that run in April/May/June, where you are also encouraged to compete and gain experience.
All training will be advertised and booked on the calendar through the Ledbury PC website Often they are also advertised through email or on the LHPC Facebook page.

It is a real honour to be selected to represent your Pony Club and great fun to compete in a team at any level, by offering training to all, we hope that everyone has a chance to be selected at an appropriate level if they want to.

Dressage Manager : Lucy Middlecote